11 Best Typing Software to Increase Typing Speed

You all will agree that now we are living in a high-tech society where knowledge of electronic devices is a must. When it comes to computers, the first thing is your typing speed. So, in this article, I have listed some of the best typing software that includes free typing programs and paid software also that you can use to increase your typing skills, which will eventually help you in whichever carrier you are.

This software will help you develop the best of your typing ability that will help you to do your work skillfully. These apps have some of the best features that will help you to become a great typist.

11 Best Typing Software / Tool [Free & Paid]

So, let us move to the list of typing software, which includes free typing programs as well as paid.

1. KAZ Typing Tutor

The full form of this abbreviation is keyboarding A – Z. This is considered to be the most advanced and best typing program that you can try. It is based on the latest brain research done by engineers.

It has an elegant and efficient structure. This software also has games that will help you increase the typing speed. The classes are based on training modules. The cost of the software is $24.99 

KAZ typing tutor
KAZ typing tutor

2. Typesy

This is an industry-leading typing software that has fantastic features. It has almost 520 lessons of typing. It also includes videos and will teach you numerous typing strategies.

The certificate that you will receive after the completion of these lessons is verified. This software requires subscription only once; then, you can install the software as many times as you want.  


3. Typing.com

This is another amazing typing software for beginners. This software contains videos that assure you easy learning and also include gaming programs that will help you gain the typing speed.

If a teacher uses this software for other students, it is considered to be more beneficial than any other typing software as it is quite fun and has interactive classes. Almost 15 international keyboards can support this software. 

4. Ultrakey

This is the perfect software if you want to learn touch typing skills. At the end of the program, you will also get a verified certificate that will be helpful in the future.

You can get access to emails, web, and phone once you have created an ultrakey. It also has tested in between the classes that to of just 5 minutes. It may not be that interactive for children as it does not contain games.

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5. Rapid Typing

This is an amazing software that will even tell you the fun in improving your typing skills. The software has courses that are divided into beginners, advanced, and experts. Various keyboards support the software.

This is a free typing software and is rated 4 on the rate chart. But one of the problems with the software is that it sometimes lacks the instructions so the new users can sometimes face problems.

6. Key Blaze

This is one of the best typing software that is designed, keeping in mind people of all levels of skills from beginners to experts. It has an easy interface, so it will more accessible for all the new users to understand and develop the skills.

A verified certificate is also provided at the end of the program.

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To make the lessons interactive, the software has videos and games so that the user does not get bored and remain engaged.

It has a separate class for the troublesome words or characters that the user needs to practice more than once. It is a free typing software but has a premium version that is $ 29.99. 

7. Typing Instructor Platinum

This is an unusual and quite popular app for increasing typing speed. Besides just giving you lessons to improve your typing skills, it will also keep you motivated.

It has almost 20 typing plans that you try; apart from these, you can even add your typing plan and even personalized your private lessons. 

The app provides you with 100+ lessons to improve your typing skills. It is one of the best free typing tutor.

free typing programs
Typing instructor platinum

8. GS Typing Tutor

This is the perfect software if you want to be an expert in typing skills. You will get lessons that have categories like beginners to expert levels.

It will also keep a record of your achievements and even your weakness so that you can work on them. It is free of cost, but its full version cost us $29.95.

It has an easy interface to non-technical so that even the new user can quickly get the best from the program. 

9. Typing Master 10

This is a fun-loving, interactive typing software that is inbuilt with quite unusual features. The exercises are available in a bite-sized format that will be easy to access.

You will also get information regarding various materials that can be helpful for you to improve your typing speed.

The interface of this software is not that attractive as the rest of the software discussed. Its rating is 4.3 on the rate chart.

10. Master Key

This is another fantastic typing software that I will add to your list. It has an excellent interface. It has more than 400 exercises that will help you improve your typing skills; the software will also keep a record of your improvement and weakness points.

But the drawback of the app is that the graphics and interface are not up to date, and the software is not compatible with Windows 10 platform.

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11. Rapid Typing Tutor

This is another exciting app for increasing the typing speed that I would lie to add to the list. It has been a straightforward interface, with interactive lessons and many games that will keep you engaged.

These games and interactive lessons make the program suitable for both adults and kids. It will keep track of your progress through the chart so that you can also judge yourself at the end of the lessons. 

Eleggible’s Final Words

All the apps that are mentioned above are amazing and have quite interesting features that will make your learning process even more fun. These apps have an easy interface and are not that costly.

The best part is that you will get a verified certificate also. Download the apps and give them a try to improve the typing skills that will surely help you in the future, hope this article was a help.

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