11 Best USPS Barcode Generator Websites (2021 List)

Imagine your postman turning to an automated square of black dots over white space. Imagine you know how your post is being sent by your near and dear ones path or you are sending. You can easily track its path. Well, you do not have to imagine any further, as here we have listed down the best USPS- the United States Postal Services barcode generator website for you.

Yes, we have customized your postman into this barcode. This barcode is responsible for assuring the mail to you. Wondering how? Then go on reading.

Barcode is essentially a series of long and short bars representing ZIP codes, ZIP+4 codes, and delivery addresses. The barcodes are read by Postal Services equipment, and mails are processed. The barcode would notify the automated equipment about the delivery addresses. This is the modern-day postman.

It provides absolute flexible mail stream visibility. You can also use a single barcode for conglomerate Postal service programs concurrently. Imagine you have sent your fee paid confirmation receipt via mail to your university. After the deadline is crossed to pay the fee, they notify you that your fee receipt has not been obtained for verification purposes. Now, what will you do?

In this havoc, the only thing you could imagine about is where your mail went? But you realize about the barcode facility, and you track it down and display it before the authorities, by God’s Grace you are saved again. This is one such impact of this extremely user-friendly and reliable service. Go on to collect more applications of this amazing helpful service.

11 Online USPS Barcode Generator Websites [All Free]

1. Intelligent Mail Barcode

Intelligent Mail Barcode usps barcode generator

Primarily used in the United States for domestic mail delivery. It is a 65 bar barcode. With its better performance, it is referred to as One Code Solution and a 4-State Customer barcode. It includes the routing ZIP code and tracking information.

Barcodes are printed directly on the envelopes/documents. Its usage has delivered promising results with increased efficiency. Improved deliverance and new services are incorporated. This approach satiates many business needs.

2. Postnet Barcode Generator

Postnet Barcode Generator barcode maker

Postnet stands for Postal Numeric Encoding Technique. Essentially a barcode symbology is employed in the United States. Particularly used for assistance in directing the mail. The file types supported are PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, SVG, and EMF.

Working with Postnet is extremely easy, hence user-friendly. You just have to enter the code text, choose size and output format, and click on the ‘Generate Barcode button. The ZIP Code is encoded in half and full-height bars. The delivery point is also mentioned, using the last two digits of the address or PO box number.

3. Code 128 (standard)

Code 128 usps tracking barcode generator

Want a USPS Barcode Generator for alphanumeric or numeric-only barcodes? Then Code 128 (standard) is your pick. It is a high-density linear barcode symbology. This is capable of encoding 128 characters of ASCII by using the extension symbol (FNC4).

It produces compact barcodes. This also includes 108 symbols: 103 data symbols, 3-star symbols, and 2 stop symbols. It is divided into 7 sections: Quiet zone, start symbol, encoded data, check symbol, stop symbol, final bar, and quiet zone. Employed in shipping and packaging industries for product identification and also for pallet levels.

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4. Code 39

Code 39 usps intelligent mail barcode generator

Keywords: Variable length and discrete bar code symbology. It has 43 characters defined. They include- upper case letters ( A-Z), numeric digits( 0-9), special characters, and a delimiter ‘*.’ It does not provide any labeling for very small items. Some postal services still employ it.

They can be decoded virtual by any barcode reader. It does not generate a check digit. Hence can be easily incorporated into a printing system. You can achieve it by adding a barcode font to the system or the printer. Then have a happy printing.

5. UPC-A

UPC-A usps zip code barcode generator

UPC-A stands for Universal Product Code. Primarily used to track trade items in stores. It consists of 12 numeric digits. They are uniquely assigned to different trade items.

It is also employed for scanning the items at the point of sale. They follow global GS1 specifications. Its incorporation can boost international retail supply chains. It provides a wide spectrum of modified versions based on the user’s needs.

6. Data Matrix

Data Matrix usps barcode generator online

Have you ever noticed those white and black dots arranged in matrices over various goods? Those are the data matrix. It is a two-dimensional code. Encoded information involves text or numeric data.

Encoded data’s length depends on the number of cells in the matrix. The maximum data size is up to 1556 bytes. It is scalable. Highly recommended for labeling small electronic components.

7. Channel Code

It is primarily single-dimensional. Encodes numerical strings of two to seven digits in a single symbol. Keeping in view the shortest length possibility. Six different channels make six different channels.

Each digit encodes a range of values. It is defined in AIM BC12 Uniform Symbology Specification. The bar code reader must be tuned to a specific channel of the symbol. Just to ensure scanner compatibility for a given Channel Code symbol.

8. MSI Plessey

MSI Plessey intelligent mail barcoding

Developed by MSI Data Corporation. A continuous sort of symbology, based on Plessey code symbology. Also labeled as Modified Plassey.

Not at all self-checking. It does not support letters or symbols. Represents only 0-9 digits. Used for inventory control, marking of storage containers, etc.

9. MicroPDF

MicroPDF intelligent mail bar code

It is essentially a 2D multi-row symbology. It was derived from PDF417. Capable of encoding 150 bytes. Majorly created from ISO/ IEC 24728.

It is used for Composite Codes in GS1 DataBar. Other applications involve improving area efficiency. Several methods are available for printing and generating these barcodes. Suitable for commercial and government purposes.

10. Aztec Code

Aztec Code intelligent mailing barcode

Want a quiet zone-free barcode? Then go for Aztec Code. It is essentially a 2D barcode. This uses less space than other matrix barcodes, obviously from the question asked prior.

It is modeled via a centrally placed bulls-eye pattern with a square grid around it. Data is encoded in square rings around the bulls-eye. Widely used for commercial and government purposes. Majorly for transport ticketing.

11. Code 16k

Code 16k usps barcode generator

It is primarily a 2D stacked symbology. This is based on Code 128. It is defined in AIM-BC7-2000 Uniform Symbology Specification- Code 16k. Essentially developed to print and develop multiple row symbology.

The Code is continuous. Primarily a variable-length symbology. Encodes complete 128 ASCII Character set. Wide implementation in the healthcare industry.

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Eleggible’s Recommendation

We know it’s a bit perplexing to go with one website. Options are too many and loaded with unique features.

  • Let me help you out. Prioritize your needs. Analyze why you intend to use it?
  • Is it for health purposes? Then definitely go for Code 16k
  • Want it particularly for ticketing hassle-free usage? Go for immensely compatible – Aztec Code.
  • Commercial inclination? MicroPDF, Aztec Code is best suited.

For postal services/ delivery confirmation – Code 128, even recommended by Universal Postal Union, is great for you. Even the Intelligent Mail barcode is amazing. Go ahead, analyze and pick.


1. What Barcode Does The USPS Use?

USPS or United States Postal Services employ EAN- 128 barcode. Commonly termed as Code 128 and GS1- 128. Helpful in delivery confirmation.

2. How Do I Scan A Barcode With USPS?

Simply using your mobile phones. The smartphones are equipped with a QR code scanner. Go on scanning and accomplish relative tasks.

3. How Do USPS Barcode Generator Work?

Barcode identifier, Service type Identifier, Mailer Identifier, and Serial Number are among digital tracking codes. The Routing Code (ZIP Code) up to 11 digits is also included. Hence the USPS employs this automated equipment to read, track, and route (process) and sort the concerned mail.

4. What Does The USPS Barcode Look Like?

Overall it has 65 vertical bars, representing the following states:

  • Full bar
  • Tracker
  • Ascender
  • Descender

These bars encode a string of 31 digits. They divide further into- 20 digit tracking code and 11 digit routing code.

Eleggible’s Final Words

So, we have reached the end of the discussion over our top picks for you.

Now it’s your turn to try these USPS Barcode Generator!

Tell me which software appealed to you the most.

Or maybe you know about the software we haven’t covered here.

Either way, leave a comment below to let me know.

Happy Posting and Scanning!