10+ Best Virtual Router Software for Windows 10

Are you looking for virtual router software for your Windows 10 PC or laptop? If yes, you are at the perfect place. Read this article till the end and find out for yourself.

In this modern era of communication and technology, the internet plays an integral part in connecting with people around the world. So accessing the internet requires different devices. One of them is a router.

As we might know there are two types of switching, circuit switching and packet switching. Circuit switching was used in the pre 2G era which was just for calling processes. But now packet switching is used for communicating via the internet.

Data sent through the internet is in the form of data packets. A router is a device that connects two or more packet-switched networks or subnetworks. Routers perform the traffic directing functions on the Internet.

The ISO OSI model has 7 layers to perform the communication process. The router is a part of the Network Layer. So there comes the virtual routers.

What is a Virtual Router?

A virtual router is the virtualized router software that replicates the functionality of layer 3 of the model which performs the routing function.

You may have one question in your mind.

What key advantage does a virtual router have over a physical router? 

Let me explain it to you.

The main advantage of virtualized wireless router software is that it cuts off a huge amount of expenditure that could have been used for the hardware required for the actual router.

A virtual router software can hence provide the total functionality of the physical router by performing the transfer of data packets via a software application.

Another advantage of the virtual router over the physical router is that the physical router gets damaged due to the voltage fluctuations that might occur frequently in some areas. The repairing costs of the physical routers are too high. Virtual routers are easily accessible and safe to use.

Now that you know all the advantages of a virtual router over a physical one, let’s see the best free virtual router for your Windows 10, 11, 8, and 7.

11 Best Virtual WiFi Router Software for Windows (Free & Paid) 2023

All the windows virtual router software are listed according to their popularity and features.

YOU just have to download the software from the respective website and install it. Every software has its paid plans also if you want then you can upgrade to their premium plans.

So, let’s start.

#1 Connectify

Connectify Hotspot is one of the free virtual router software available. The best part is that it doesn’t show any ads either. The number of users is a whopping 150 million. Now, of course, this app has some good qualities to gain such a large user base. 

The free wifi hotspot app lets you connect all your devices to your laptop. Thus, it makes your laptop’s wifi a portable hotspot device and you don’t need any wifi hotspot device. The number of devices you can connect is unlimited, just make sure that the devices are personal internet devices to avoid hacking. You can easily create a wireless hotspot with this app and turn your phone into a wifi hotspot.

It lets you turn your phone or laptop into a wifi hotspot. It works similar to a mobile wifi hotspot. Thus, making work easier and devices happy. Since the devices are connected to just one device, you won’t have to think of internet access restrictions.

Connectify windows router software


  1. It is free
  2. Blocks ads
  3. The internet access shows only one device


  1. Has in-app purchases ranging from $20 to $50
  2. Your laptop might be prone to cyber attacks
  3. The speed might decrease as the number of devices connected increases

#2 My WiFi Router

You can turn your computer into a wireless wifi connector with this. It lets you share basic wifi and a few more things.

The app comes with built-in security features so you don’t have to worry about hacking.

You can share videos and watch them simultaneously with others on the devices that are connected. The app doesn’t let the number of devices connected affect the speed.

My WiFi Router virtual router software
My WiFi Router


  1. It is fast
  2. It has basic security features
  3. Has whitelist/blacklist feature


  1. The security features aren’t too secure
  2. Might show ads
  3. Isn’t entirely free

#3 Free WiFi Hotspot

Absolutely free and easy to use, Free WiFi hotspot, stands up to its name. Not only will you be sharing your wifi but also you can combine it with your mobile data. Be it 2G, 3G, 4G or even 5G.

You can also share a USB tethering connection and GRPS. This is a lot to take from a free Wifi Virtual Hotspot. 

Forget about buying a new hardware device and start using Free WiFi Hotspot.

Free WiFi Hotspot virtual router software
Free WiFi Hotspot


  1. Let’s you share 2G/3G/4G with WiFi
  2. Free
  3. Easy to Install


  1. Not secure
  2. If your laptop dies, you can’t use the WiFi on any other device
  3. Might give you ads

#4 mHotspot

This portable WiFi for laptops works fine on Windows as well as on Mac. Available especially for android and windows devices, mHotspot is a virtual WiFi router that can make your Windows 7, 8, or 9 into a portable router.

This is the best hotspot for laptops. Easy to install and use, it also lets you play multiplayer games over its services. Not only WiFi, but you can also share single internet connections like LAN, Ethernet, Data-Card, and 3G/4G. 

Also, don’t forget that it connects up to 10 devices at one time and see the connected devices too.

mHotspot virtual wifi router


  1. Connects up to 10 devices at a time
  2. Easy to use
  3. Easy to install


  1. Is not available for Apple users
  2. Not entirely secure
  3. We will have to install external security

#5 MyPublicWiFi

It is a WiFi network repeater that amplifies the WiFi Network so that it doesn’t start lagging. Your connector device could be anything and you can connect any device to your Virtual WiFi hotspot.

Its wifi sharing prevents the connected devices from downloading files from unsafe sources, as these files will consist of viruses.

MyPublicWiFi wifi sharing


  1. Free
  2. Easy to install
  3. Blocks other networks if not secured


  1. PC has to be restarted
  2. Has to download an external security app
  3. Needs you to put passwords a lot

#6 Virtual Router Manager

The name itself is Virtual Router Manager. And it does the work too. This VPN virtual router manages all the devices and you don’t even have to restart your device. 

It shares the network only when you permit it and shows the connected devices too. The WPA2 encryption makes the network more secure.

The interface is pretty simple to understand and navigate. This router virtual machine is free, small in size, and easy to install app does wonders.

Virtual Router Manager vpn virtual router
Virtual Router Manager


  1. Has WPA2 Encryption
  2. Shows all the connected devices
  3. Easy to install and lightweight


  1. You have no control over operating
  2. Might slow down if you don’t have Windows 7
  3. You cannot change the settings

#7 Maryfi

Designed for Windows 7,8 and 8.1, the Maryfi does the same work as others. But, the unique selling point of the product is that it is not limited to just a few devices. It is compatible and easy to use on almost every device. 

Moreover, the WPA2 security gives it an edge over the others. 

Also, you can run Maryfi without any active WiFi connection. It repeats the connection to increase its speed.

Maryfi best free virtual router


  1. Compatible with many devices
  2. Has WPA2 security
  3. Repeats the connection to increase speed


  1. Isn’t entirely free
  2. You cannot change the settings
  3. Might become too complicated

#8 Ostoto

Ostoto is a driver updating software and a virtual Wi-Fi router that lets you connect your laptop to any device. 

It is a free tool and along with helping you set up your Wi-Fi, it finds out the old and corrupted drivers in your device and asks you to update them.

It is easy to install, easy to use, and takes very little space. Thus, is not so heavy on the RAM or CPU.

Ostoto virtual wifi router


  1. Update the drivers too
  2. Easy to install
  3. Takes less space


  1. Might not be very secure
  2. Too simple interface which might confuse you
  3. Shows ads

#9 Bzeek

This virtual Wi-Fi router helps you in transforming your PC into a Wi-Fi router so that you can connect two different devices. The number of compatible devices is unlimited. 

You can also use your 3G/4G for connecting other devices. It is very easy to use. You can also earn money through this virtual Wi-Fi router by sharing your bandwidth.

Bzeek free router software


  1. Let’s you earn money
  2. Uses 3G/4G too
  3. Insecure


  1. Makes You prone to Cyberattacks
  2. Free download is with some limitations
  3. No control over settings

#10 WinHotspot

Another of the best virtual Wi-Fi router maker. It not only amplifies the connection but also shows the connected devices through their SSID. 

It makes a Wi-Fi hotspot out of your basic Windows 7 or 8 devices. There is no fixed number for connecting devices. 

WinHotspot virtual router for windows 10


  1. Shows connected devices
  2. Is for Windows 7 and 8
  3. Has regular updates


  1. Not entirely free
  2. Not entirely secure
  3. Only available for Windows

#11 Virtual Router Simplicity

Virtual router simplicity is as the name suggests simple and stable. You can create your own Wi-Fi router without any installation. 

You get full control over the settings and can tweak it in whichever way you want. It also lets you make changes in SSID and the number of connected devices. 

The virtual router just needs one click to develop a WiFi Hotspot out of your device


  1. Easy to use
  2. Simple and Stable
  3. No installation required


  1. Not entirely safe
  2. Not entirely free
  3. Doesn’t amplify the speed


Q1. What is a Virtual WiFi Switch?

A1. A virtual WiFi switch is ordinarily an item device, which can be downloaded, presented, and ran on your PC.
It can make a hotspot, bestowing WiFi signs to confer the current association relationship with other WiFi-
enabled devices. It from a genuine perspective makes your PC work like a certifiable WiFi switch.

Q2. How might I use a virtual switch?

A2. Using the application is extremely direct. Essentially head over to Virtual Switch, and the presentation page and snap the Download button out of the way.

Download, present, and run the application to start using it. Right, when you open Virtual Switch up, you’ll see the single window you’ll need to start broadcasting a far-off sign.

Q3. How might I make a WiFi hotspot?

A3. Investigate to Settings, Remote, and associations, and Tethering and adaptable hotspot. Versatile Wi-Fi hotspot.

Pick Arrange Wi-Fi hotspot to set a name, security setting, and mystery word for your hotspot, by then tap Save.

Eleggible’s Final Words

There you go!

Now you have a list of the best virtual router software for your Windows 10, 11, 8 & 7.

You can now take all the benefits that virtual software offers.

If you are still in a situation that which one to select then OUR RECOMMENDATION is to go with connectify and hotspot. These software’s are easy to use and easy to set up.

Now you can save all your valuable money by using these Virtual routers rather than the physical ones.

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