5 Of The Best VPN For Surface Pro 3 (2022)

VPN will undoubtedly be beneficial to Microsoft Surface Pro users, and they should use ExpressVPN as their provider because they have the most exemplary Windows VPN client available. But if you don’t want to use ExpressVPN then you can go through with our list of best VPN for Surface Pro 3.

You may use Windows 10’s native free VPN provider to build VPN profiles and connect to VPN to access a PC over the Internet remotely.

Microsoft conceived, developed, marketed, and produced the Surface Pro 3, the third-generation Surface-series 2-in-1 detachable. It is powered by an Intel Core CPU from the 4th generation. For students, the Surface Pro 3 is ideal. This is a treasure to work with because of its functionality and current pricing. Positive feedback and reviews have flooded the Internet for the Surface Pro 3.

Have you ever thought about do you need a VPN? VPN software secures your data by concealing your device’s IP address, encrypting it, and routing it across secure networks to servers in other states or countries. As a result, your online identity is hidden, allowing you to access the Internet safely and anonymously. In any event, especially while working with sensitive data, a VPN is strongly advised.

You can use it to protect yourself against hackers, data breaches, leaks, and invasive snoopers like ISPs or ads, you should keep it on the majority of the time. Some VPN companies, on the other hand, give a free connection. This post will go through some of the best VPN services for the Surface Pro 3.

While using a VPN is lawful, engaging in criminal activity or even browsing sites that the government has blocked is not. A VPN provides a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and the Internet, offering a private tunnel for your data and conversations while you utilize public networks.

VPNs have been approved to prevent terrorist and criminal activity. Most VPN companies charge a monthly subscription if you wish to access their secure server network. However, certain VPN companies, which are detailed further below, provide a free connection.

How Do I Set Up a VPN on my Surface Pro?

A VPN profile must be installed on your computer before you may connect to it. And to do so, you must do the following steps:

  1. After pressing the Start button, type settings. Select Settings > Network & internet > VPN > Add VPN from the drop-down menu.
  2. Do the following in Add a VPN connection: Choose Windows as your VPN provider built-in. Put a name you’ll remember in the Connection name field, for example, My Private VPN. This is the name of the VPN connection you’ll use to connect. Enter the VPN server’s address in the Server name or address box.
  3. Choose the Type of VPN connection you wish to make under VPN type. You must know what kind of VPN connection your firm or VPN provider utilizes.
  4. Choose the type of sign-in info or credentials to use for the type of sign-in info. If you’re connected to a VPN for business, this may be a login and password, one-time password, certificate, or smart card. If necessary, enter your login and password in the appropriate fields.
  5. Select Save after that.
  6. You may now connect to the VPN with ease. Select Network & Internet> VPN from the Settings menu. Select Connect next to the VPN connection you wish to use. Enter your login, password, or other sign-in information if requested.

Top 5 Best VPN to Use With Surface Pro 3 [2022 List]

#1. Express VPN

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service provided by Express Technologies Ltd. The program is touted as a privacy and security solution that encrypts online traffic and hides users’ IP addresses. ExpressVPN offers better speeds than nearly any other VPN service, with over 3,000 servers in 160 countries, an online VPN speed test, and unlimited bandwidth.

According to reports, 3 million people were using the program as of September 2021. The only drawback is that you may only run five connections at once. It has a robust privacy and security policy and an intuitive user interface. You may learn more about them by clicking on the link provided above.

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#2. Nord VPN

Nord VPN is a fantastic VPN service with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, and Android TV apps. By disguising your IP address and channelling your internet traffic over an encrypted connection to a privately owned VPN server, NordVPN keeps you private and secure online. This VPN is a trusted and safe alternative for boosting your online security.

Depending on the price point, it costs $11.95 per month or $99 per year. The best thing is that NordVPN does not save any of your personal information. They promise to protect your privacy and to keep your business private. You may just relax while surfing the web, watching broadcasts, playing games, or working. For additional information, visit their website.

#3. Bullet VPN

BulletVPN is a firm established in Estonia that provides VPN services through a limited network of servers. BulletVPN offers a secure service with a number of valuable features. It allows you to access geo-restricted streaming material such as Netflix and torrents secretly. Its key selling points are speed and security, both of which are important to many VPN customers.

The best part is that it protects your information with 256-bit AES encryption, which is incredibly safe. It offers a robust set of security measures and a strict no-logs policy and top-tier security. For additional information, see their website.

#4. Surf Shark

Surfshark VPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service that focuses on privacy, but it also contains a variety of other security measures in addition to data encryption. It works by directing your device’s internet connection via your VPN’s private server rather than through your ISP (ISP).

Surfshark is a solid and trustworthy VPN. Surfshark is also available for free for seven days on Android, iOS, and macOS. It comes with Chrome and Firefox extensions, a Linux client, and support for a variety of routers. You may learn more about their work, monthly plans, and other statistics by visiting their website.

#5. Ivacy

Ivacy is a Singapore-based VPN that bills itself as an “award-winning best VPN,” according to its website. It offers outstanding protection and privacy, unblocks Netflix US, offers live chat 24 hours a day, and is quite affordable. Ivacy is a reliable VPN solution when it comes to encryption and security because it is safe and does not leak.

Ivacy VPN is a completely free VPN that requires no signup and is a must-have for all of your streaming demands and secure internet access. Overall, it’s one of the finest VPN apps for private internet access that’s free, limitless, fast, and safe, and it works on both iOS and Android. To learn more, go to their website.

Eleggible’s Final Words

The best VPN services need a thorough examination of how each VPN performs in terms of speed, security, and privacy. It also necessitates an analysis of usability and value for money, among other external aspects, which is why we have carefully compiled this list of best VPN for Surface Pro 3 for you today, keeping in mind what is currently the best rated and compatible with all devices and models.

We hope you found this post informative; please leave your essential comments and feedback so that we may be inspired to publish more similar stuff for you in the future.

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