11 Best Wishlist Apps for Android & iOS (2022)

In this ultra fast world, people tend to forget these things but, with the development of technology, everything has become possible! You can try wishlist apps, for your device, that will make a list of things you wish for, along with other notes, links, post-script texts, etc. Another category of apps, another huge pile to pick from.

Who does not plan for their future?! Everyone does! Everyone has tonnes of wishes for future. Some plan for a trip, while some plan to save some money to buy something they have always wished for, like a home, or a car, or something trivial like a dress or anything. Or, are you holding a party, and want some specific gifts from your inner circle?

Top 11 Wishlist Apps for Android & iOS in 2022

So here’s our list of 13 Best Wishlist Apps for Android & iOS:

1. Ultimate Wishlist Apps

Using this Android app, you can make a wishlist of your own, by adding the items, along with its description, price, store description, URL or store address, notes, etc of your wished item, and save it to create a reminder, just keep it saved in the app for later review.

Moreover, these wishlists can be sorted out according to the type of want, priority, price range, etc and segregate them. You can share your wishlist to your friends, and get them aware of your wants in just one tap.

2. WISHUPON – A Universal Shopping Wishlist

An app, available on both platforms, Android and iOS for free, WISHUPON. Using this app, you can create a list of your wished items via popular online stores.

The best feature of this app is that you can get access through more than 1000 online stores like Zara, Shein, Amazon, Sephora, etc.

This app also provides you auto notifications about sales, discounts, etc regarding the item you have saved in your wishlist. This app also allows you to share your lists to your friends via social media!

3. Smart Wishlist Best Deals App

An app available on iOS platform, is a free app to use and has been renown on the iOS platform for its simplicity.

This wishlist app helps you enlist your wished items, and get notifications about any updates regarding their price drops, sales, discounts, etc.

The app works perfectly for the one task it has been provided with and it has a simple and lite user interface, that makes the execution smooth.

4. Wish List App

Wish List Application is a wishlist creator and gift registry mobile application. You can create your personal wishlist and add up your wishlist or gift items from popular online stores like Amazon, eBay, etc.

You can log in this app using your Google or Facebook account, to retrieve your account whenever you want, and even access that account on different accounts. Use Facebook proxy sites to unblock Facebook.

And yes, this app also allows you to share your wishlist to your friends via social media!

5. i-wantit

This is a popular app, available for free on both platforms, Android and iOS. It can be used as an app for setting up your wishlist from various sources.

If you connect your wishlist with some other user, that maybe your family member, or your friend, you can view their wishlist too!

Moreover, aside from being a good wishlist app, it also helps as a notepad app!

6. Wish Explorer

An app available for Android and iOS, just like any other app, this app contains all the basic features required in a wishlist app.

This app has a super simple user interface, using which, you can post your wishes instantly and use the adjoining features provided by this app, like reminders, sharing, segregation, etc.

7. WishMindr

Another similar app, WishMindr, available for free on Android and iOS platforms. Using this app, you can create your personal wishlists and share it to your friends!

It has its plethora imbued around various popular online stores, so there is a good possibility that your most favourable online store would be supporting this app.

One unique feature of this app is that, even after sharing the wishlist, your friends can view which items have been now bought buy you, so there will not be any problem of double gifts!

8. Gift Buster

This app, available for free on both platforms, is an app that helps you create your wishlist, and then share it to your friends or family! If you are planning to keep a birthday party, or a house warming party, then use this app and send everyone your wishlist, so that you can get what you really wish for.

This app is popularly used for donations and fund raising too, by various organizations worldwide.

So, begin searching for your wished items and then circulate them using the wishlist creator of this app!

9. Estimate

The perfect wishlist, or we can say, the perfect shopping list creator is here, Estimate.

You can quickly create yourself a shopping list and share it the concerned people, and you can slash out items you have bought. So, using this, you can be sure that there’s no double of a commodity.

The best feature of this app is that you can get the real price of a commodity, that is, you can access the retail price of every commodity, so you can get a rough total of your bill even before shopping!

10. Giftster

An app, available on both platforms Android and iOS, Giftster. Using this app, you can create and share your wishlist to another specific individual user or your group.

The unique feature of this app is the ‘fetch’ feature, where you can get information about the availability of a specific commodity around your locality.

You can use this app daily household purchase, and also for any events where you are about to receive varied gifts!

11. GettaGift

The last app in our list, GettaGift, Another free app, available on both platforms. You can use this simple and hassle-free app to create yourself a wishlist, and access and customize whenever you wish to!

You have to segregate your list into personal, private or public. Personal where only your user can view the list, private where your list is visible to the people you wish to make it visible for and public if you wish it to be available for all.

Eleggible’s Final Words

So, here’s our list of 11 Best Wishlist Apps for Android & iOS. Selecting one out of these 11 wouldn’t be that difficult since all these apps have specific specializations in the field of maintaining wishlists. Pick the one that suits you the best! Happy Wishlist-ing!

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