Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Profile? (See How?)

As we all are the one who lives in the well-known Facebook community and attached to it sincerely. Facebook is one of the secure social media platforms through which you can connect with your friends recedes over any corner of the world. However, there are many airy questions that you might be wondering and wishing to explore it.

Which people can see you? Can you see who checking my Facebook profile? Are some of the items that you supposedly are fond of! Amongst them all, who viewed my Facebook profile? It is one of the most unanswered questions that many people have wondered!

Eventually, in this article, we will discuss who all have viewed your profile picture and how we can know about that. There are many ways to do so. Here are some ways, and they are more superior to others, and you can go through them and check on which people stalk you frequently. So without wasting a single while, let us get started with this and answer our question “who checking my Facebook profile?”.

How To Find Out Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Here are some of the best four methods listed below, and you can find the people who viewed your Facebook profile, and they are distinct from each other, and you can also go with steps that we have mentioned for your most convenient experience. Gradually you can follow these steps and complete the whole procedure efficiently. 

Method 1 – Use Google Chrome Extension

You can find that who stalks your profile or have visited it recently through Google Chrome Extension. Follows these steps, and you will get all those people who view your profile.

Step 1 – On the Google search box, type social profile extension, and visit this page.

who viewed my facebook profile
social profile extension

Step 2 – To add it, you first need to download the extension and then click on Add to Chrome.

who viewed my facebook profile
Add to Chrome

Step 3 – Now, login in to your Facebook account, go to your profile page, and then click on your profile picture.

who viewed my facebook profile

Step 4 – Here, there are people who have viewed your profile.

This method is one of the easy ways to find the people who visited my Facebook profile

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Method 2 – Check Manually

Now, this is the manual way through which you can check out. Follow the mentioned steps below.

Step 1 – Firstly, log in on your Facebook account and visit the timeline page. Please wait for the page to load it completely.

how to see who visited my facebook profile
Log in

Step 2 – Then, right-click anywhere on the page, and you will find an option there naming View Page Source, click on it.

can you see who views your facebook
View Page Source

Step 3 – You will be automatically redirected o a new tab having some source code in it. This page consists of all the information on your profile.

Step 4 – Now press and hold Ctrl + F; this will open a search box to enter text. Copy-paste InitialChatFriends List into the search box.

can you see who watched your facebook video
Ctrl + F

Step 5 – When you do this, you can see the profile ID of those who visited my Facebook profile

Step 6 – Now go again to your Facebook account, and then paste the ID number that you see in the source code form along with “\.”.

how to see who viewed your facebook

Refer this: If the ID you got is 1562, then you have to put it as\1562

Step 7 – The first ID that you see on the source code is the person who visited my Facebook profile for the most times.

In this way, you can see the people who visited my Facebook profile.

Method 3 – For iOS Users

Now moving with iOS users is there any specific way through an iOS user can find the people who have viewed their profile. Yes, we have something for you guys too. For the iOS users, a feature is looped deeply into your Facebook profile, which lets you know about the stalkers that view you.

To find where the feature is present, go on to the Setting option and then click on the Privacy option. Now with the drop-down menu, you will find Privacy shortcuts, click on it. Now over there, you will find an option naming the Privacy checkup feature. Click on it further, and this will let you know about the people who recently viewed your profile. 

how to see who viewed your facebook
iOS Users

Method 4 – Using Android App

Now moving on to the Android users, one of the best applications lets you know who visited your Facebook profile. This application is on only an Android device that keeps track of the people who finds your face and stalk it frequently. 

Profile Tracker is one of the best applications that let you do so. You can easily find this application in the Play Store and download it easily without costing any penny. It provides the list of the people who visited your profile lastly.

It is one the best Android app that can track every user that certainly surfs on your face. Along with that, it also gives you some specialized notifications via emails that make you aware of every update. You can get this application quickly, but it lacks some of the other but overall quite adequate.

Profile Tracker
Profile Tracker

How Can You View Your Facebook Story?

It is effortless to know who viewed my Facebook story, and many people use the story feature widely. It is one of Facebook’s features that lets you know. To understand who views your story, firstly, you need to have a story that is upload. When you upload the story, there is an option that shows the whole list of people that viewed your story. In this manner, you can see who views your story in just some clicks. 

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Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Page?

Facebook doesn’t allow you to see the people who viewed my Facebook page but make you available on how many people have viewed your Facebook page. It counts the number of people that keep on visiting your page. It counts the number of views on and concludes the popularity of your page. Also, some of the users can like your page, and you may also count the number of likes on the Facebook page that you have created.

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Page?
Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Page?

Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Videos?

Another similar sort of question to the previous one, But the answer to this is identical to the previous one itself, who viewed my Facebook video. Due to some security reasons, Facebook does not allow anyone to find who has seen your Facebook video.

However, it can count the likes and comments on your video. It also shows how many people have seen your profile; it only shows the number and does not reveal the people who have seen it.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Moving on to the conclusion part, you should be aware of what you wish to do. Facebook is very secure and precise at its side, but as a user, it’s your responsibility to confirm that your Facebook account is secured correctly. Having some of the third party application that lets you know, can you see who views your Facebook is might exciting but also risky at the same time.

You should know that you might be the victim of hackers who probably launch such an application to gain personal information. There are some reasons why Facebook’s community has kept them secures and is one of the users.

It would be amazing if you accepted that fact instead of going to some illegal malware sites that will undoubtedly harm your device or leak your personal information. You can check out the methods given above, but we recommend not installing any application that allows you to do so. I hope this article helped you.

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