How to Fix Canon Printer Not Responding Error [8 Ways]

Is your Canon Printer showing a “Printer not responding” issue? Do you find your Canon Printer not responding at a very urgent point of time? 

We use printers almost every day, especially today when things have become more and more shifted to digital platforms. Moreover, when we need to read something or want the image, document, or anything in hardcopy for any reason.

Then, the only thing that comes to our mind is the printer. But, what when our favorite and especially preferred Canon Printer doesn’t helps us. When we have an issue of “Canon Printer not responding”?  

In this technologically driven era, it doesn’t shock anyone anymore how machines have become a necessity of our lives. ” i.e., food, clothes, and home are no more the only necessities of one’s life.

However, Printers are necessarily needed these days. From a school student to college, one to a teacher to an employee and even an employee, everyone requires a Printer for print work. Sometimes you also need software to print high-quality images, cards, envelopes and for this, you can use envelope printer software. There Canon is a preference. More and less, believe it or not, the “Canon Printer not responding” issue kind of sticks the work.

Nonetheless, where there is an issue then, there is the solution too. Yet, before going to the answer, we need to know about the cause of the problem. The case that our Canon Printer is not responding.

So, let’s get to it:

What Are The Possible Causes Of The Canon Printer not Responding?

Canon Printer Not Responding
How to fix canon printer

There can be so many possible causes that are making your Canon printer not responding. It can be network issues, connectivity issues, Port issues, print spooler, device issues, 3rd party issues, etc. 

1. Maybe your Canon printer isn’t connected to the network, or perhaps the network speed is slow, that is why your Canon Printer is not responding.

2. It is also possible that the Print spooler in your system, i.e., the computer, isn’t working correctly. Therefore, there is a need to fix it.

3. Maybe the drivers aren’t updated, and now, they are troubling this issue.

4. This, too, is possible that the selected USB port of your printer is wrong. Therefore, you will need to reconfigure your printer.

8 Ways to Fix Canon Printer Not Responding Error Easily

Nevertheless, you can solve every single issue out of this just by making a little effort. So, let’s start making efforts.

Method – 1: “Troubleshooting Method”

It is possible that you haven’t connected your Canon printer to an internet connection. Not connecting our printer to the internet is the most common mistake most of us commit. Therefore, one should always check for the internet connection while facing issues of Canon Printer not responding for print.

You can check your USB cable if it’s here. Check whether it is properly connected. Try reconnecting it.

However, if it’s a wireless printer, you can check the printer connectivity and the devices to know the cause. Again you can try reconnecting with your printer.

So, this was some basic troubleshooting. But, it doesn’t fix the issue then, you need to do some advanced troubleshooting.

Step#1 – Open Windows 10 and search for troubleshooting. There is an option available in Windows to troubleshoot. 

Canon Printer Not Responding
Search for troubleshooting

Step#2 – Just search for troubleshooting and then look for the printer in it. 

Step#3 – Click on the option of the printer and then “run the troubleshooter.”

Canon Printer Not Responding
Run the troubleshooter

Step#4 – Nonetheless, in Windows 7, it is available to use a Printer option. Just follow the instructions that are appearing on the screen, and you are done.

You will find that your Canon printer starts responding from the status of Canon Printer not responding. However, if it doesn’t respond, then the issue is somewhere else. 

Method – 2: “Reboot Your Network Connection” 

Rebooting your network connection is another way you can effortlessly try to fix your Canon printer, not responding. It is a fundamental yet effective method to resolve the issue.

Step#1 – First of all, make sure that the Canon printer is correctly connected to the same wireless network from which your computer is connected. If you’re using a wired network connection, make sure the cable checks out. 

Step#2 – Once you have checked it out, restart your canon printer, and then continue your network connection.

Step#3 – The simplest way to do this is by physically plugging the power cable out of the modem or router.

One can also reset the home network if he/she knows how to do it.


Method – 3: “Restart the Print Spooler”

The service that manages print jobs and the communication between the printer and computer is known as the Print Spooler. Canon printer not responding issue can occur because this service of Print Spooler is not running correctly on the computer. You can restart the Print Spooler if that is the case.

To restart the Print Spooler :

Step#1 – Press the Windows logo key along with the R key at the same time to invoke the Run box.

Restart the Print Spooler
Press the Windows logo key

Step#2 – Type “services.msc” with the help of your keyboard and press Enter. It will open the Services window.

Restart the Print Spooler

Step#3 – Now click Print Spooler. Then, click on restart.

Restart the Print Spooler
Click Print Spooler

Step#4 –  Now check if the printer has started responding or not

Method – 4: “Change USB Port”

It often happens that the Canon printer is not responding because there is an issue in the USB port, as we have shared above in the possible causes. Therefore, try changing the USB port of your printer and the device it is connected to. After all, even a little reason can cause a big issue. Similar is the case with the USB port and Canon printer not responding.

Printer port
USB Port

Method – 5: “Disable 3rd Party Firewall”.

3rd party applications do help. At the same time, most of them bring Viruses and other issues and cause problems in our devices. Similar is the case with Canon Printer. 

However, you can disable them to solve the issue.

Step#1 – Firstly, invoke the run box. Then, type “appwiz.cpl” in the box.

Canon Printer Not Responding

Step#2 – Now, locate your 3rd party application in the Programs and Features window.

Step#3 – Then, right-click on it and select Uninstall to remove it from your system, i.e., computer.

Method – 6: Uninstall Canon drivers via DELDRV64.EXE”.

Firstly, insert the WEP key on your Canon printer, and then reinstall the appropriate canon driver from the official download page or website. Here is the step by step guide to do the same,

Step#1 – First of all, open a run box by pressing the Windows key + R key simultaneously.

Canon Printer Not Responding

Step#2 – Then, enter “DELDRV64.EXE” and hit Enter to open uninstaller of Canon.

Step#3 – Then, follow the on-screen instructions to remove or uninstall the driver from your computer or the system. Afterward, restart your computer to complete the process.

Step#4 – Now enter the WEP key (password) of your wireless network and make sure it’s appropriately connected to your home or work network.

Step#5 – After this, download the applicable printer driver according to your OS version.

Step#6 – Open the installer of the driver and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Finally, restart your computer and see if the issue is resolved or not.

Method – 7: Update Your Drivers

If you find your Canon Printer not responding even after trying the above mentioned six methods, the issue can be in the drivers. It is possible that the driver of your printer is of the old version and needs an update.

Step#1 – Therefore, open Device Manager on your pc.

Canon Printer Not Responding
Open Device Manager

Step#2 – Then, reinstall or either update the Canon Printer driver to update it to the latest version.

Canon Printer Not Responding
Update the Canon Printer driver

Method – 8: Reconfigure the Port Correctly

You can also change the port type of your printer in Windows by following the steps provided below: 

Step#1 – Just invoke the run box by pressing the Windows logo key along with the R key. 

Canon Printer Not Responding
Press the Windows logo key

Step#2 – Then, type control. Afterward, the press Enter via the keyboard.

Canon Printer Not Responding
Type control

Step#3 – Now in view by, select large icons.

Step#4 – Then, click devices and printers.

Canon Printer Not Responding
Devices and printers

Step#5 – After this, right-click on Canon Printer. Then, click on printer properties.

Canon Printer Not Responding
Printer properties

Step#6 – Now, click on Change Properties.

Canon Printer Not Responding
Change Properties

Step#7 – Here click the port tab. Now, check if the port name is similar to yours or not, i.e., “USB or DOT4” for USB. And “Network, IP or WSD” if yours is a wireless canon printer.

Canon Printer Not Responding
Port tab

Step#8 – After doing this, click on apply. Then, click on the print test page to see if the changes you have made are working and useful or not.

Suppose the changes are not appearing yet. You will then need to check again and check the port settings and then click apply to observe the changes and make your Canon Printer work properly.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Undoubtedly, these were the 8 fixes that you can always try whenever you find your Canon Printer not responding without delaying your print work. Along with this, we have also shared the possible causes that make your Canon Printer not responding. Moreover, we hope this article will help you with this issue of Canon Printer. 

After all, Canon Printer is a machine, and machines do need a little care too. So, take care of your devices, clean them properly, and check all the things mentioned above to fix your Canon printer’s issue if you find it unresponsive.

We hope your issue will resolve.

Happy Printing!!

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