11 Best Car Customize Apps 2021 (Android & iOS)

Everything is available in a single app these days. It has become a trend, you see. There are apps to track your exercise, music, food and almost every other thing. Speaking of which, how about we give you a tour of ‘Car Customize Apps’. Car Customize Apps have made the life of car enthusiasts easy and interesting.

You can design your car with various simulation software available in the market. Car Customize Apps use augmented reality to give you a virtual experience of a car designed by you. This cool technology will help you to decide if your customizations suit your car before actually buying them. How cool is that! You can design your masterpiece with the help of awesome technology.

11 Of The Top Car Customization Apps For Android & iOs

This app will show you how small changes like upgrading your steering wheels, changing your mag wheels or behemoth other things can transform your car completely. Before spending a hefty amount on upgrading a car physically, you can test things, change them through the medium of Car Customize Apps. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. NFS Heat Studio

Electronic Arts Gaming Studios developed NFS Heat Studio. This is, so far, one of the Car Customize Apps available in the app market. You can put your imagination into the picture and customize your race cars.

NFS Heat Studio has a distinct feature where you get weekly drop collections that help you with customizations. To begin with, you need to simply log in to your EA.com account. This will give you designs to start the customization. Inside this app. The car tab gives you access to all of your car collection.

You can view/showcase all of the cars customized by you with the showroom feature. Your virtual showroom. Very exciting, isn’t it? The best thing is, you can own and customize as many cars as you want. Inside the NFS Heat Studio workshop, you can use all of your craziest and wildest imagination and virtually custom-build your car model.

You can change the exterior colour with the help of a colour selector and share your final design with your friends via Instagram and Twitter. If not, simply download and save it to your gallery.

Car Customize Apps

2. Tuning Car Simulator

Ahoy! The car racing enthusiasts, this one is for you. Tuning Car Simulator gives you an experience of how a car race with your favourite cars feels. In this game, you can try all the things inside a car and control it via touch or phone movements. The controlling process is simple, and users can get hold of it quickly. You will have a near to real experience of all the visual effects and the car engine’s sound. This is the reason many users love Tuning Car Simulator.

Once you complete at least one race, you will have a good knowledge of what kind of improvements are required. This will help you to choose the better car/interiors of a car in the game. Post each race, and you win some amount in this app with the help of choosing other cars and redesigning the interiors.

3. 3D Tuning

3D Tuning lets you change and test many features like upgrading the suspension, painting your car, changing the external appearance. This app has a wide library of options to select, so the chances of getting bored narrow down to zero.

3D Tuning app has more than 10 million downloads, so you know this app is worth a shot. There is a huge range of car models available, including the latest and most popular cars of all brands. To make your app experience even better, 3D Tuning App with 3DTuning.com

Your devices will receive constant in-app update notifications, and this will help you stay upgraded always. If you work in the automotive sector, you can customize your Model here and share it with your friends/colleagues. 3D Tuning also has a huge range of front and rear wheels, mirrors and bumpers and other many more alike things, which is another feather in 3D Tuning’s hat.

Car Customize Apps

4. Car++

Car++ has unique 3D rendering techniques for designing your car, allowing you to enjoy excellent quality graphics on your phone. The customized models look so excellent that it gives you a near-to-real experience of actually customizing the Model with your own hands. Car++ lets you customize your car lights too. Many options are available in the library, which includes brake lights, fog lights and much more.

There are a lot of wheel rim options available too. Car++ have a feature of some awesome body kits that add more fun to your customizations. Currently, you can play with around 80+ car models, and more models are added to the app every week. Currently, the app is available only for iOS users and is available for $2.99 on the apple store.

5. FormaCar

You can communicate with your friends from all over the world and get experts’ opinions inside the FormaCar app. FormaCar lets you customize your cars in 3-D mode. FormaCar configurator has some fantastic built-in features that support Augmented Reality. So you can get the experience of simulating and tuning your cars in reality.

Just aim at a certain place with your smartphone, and you will be able to see what your customized car will look like in reality. There is an addition of a new car model every day in FormaCar. This will help you to stay updated and will keep you hooked to the app. FormaCar has in-app updates for the news from all over the world, various catalogues, and tuning simulators. The latest available lets you register with Social Networks, making FormaCar more interactive and fun to explore.

6. Fix My Car

This app was developed by FireRabbit and had 5 Million+ downloads to date. In this app, you will pick a normal car and convert it into a racing car. The concept is very interesting, and it gives users a feeling of converting a car from rags to riches. With these cool in-app features, you can polish your mechanical skills and know more about what goes inside a car and how it works.

By learning this, you can also get an idea of how things like installing, modifying, and customizing car work in real life. You get a built-in hint system that guides you while making changes. You can complete designing and customizing your car with the free version available by watching ads, which can be a bit annoying. To enjoy more features, users can upgrade to the full version, which is paid.

7. Overdrive City

Gameloft developed an overdrive city. This app provides you with an incredible experience of customizing car models as per your wish. In this app, you have a facility to import/export or trade car parts and broaden the horizon of your business in-app. You also get to manufacture your car parts like steel bolts, carbon fibres and many others.

The best part about Overdrive city is that it allows you to create your very own car town, build your car factories and showcase your work. Currently, you can customize many top luxury cars like Porsche, Lamborghini, and others. In here, cab design your dream car. Doesn’t this app have everything that a car enthusiast wishes for? You can also play car races in Overdrive City if you a fan of car racing.

8. Turning Voyagen Quadrado

Just like the name says, in this game, you get to tune the famous Brazilian car Voyagen Mark 1, which is a special vintage car. This car is rare to find, and this app lets you customize it your way. Isn’t that the best thing ever?

Car Fans are usually fond lovers of rare vintage cars. This app is just tailor-made for them. In this app, you can buy, sell, and customize cars. Not only this, but you can also change the colour of the car, add your customized wheels.

Here, you can also design your car with a lower suspension. Post designing your models, you can put them for further sale and earn currency in-app. With this, you can upgrade your current models and have fun. Tuning Voyagen Qudrado also lets you save your final result on your device. You can keep it as your masterpiece and flaunt it in front of your friends.

Car Customize Apps

9. Car Mechanic Simulator 18

This app is mostly preferred because of its well designed Ui, making it easy for the users to get hold of the in-app features. PlayWay SA developed this game. There are many great features in this application that will help you to polish your customizing skills. In-car Mechanic Simulator 18, you can pick an old car and give it a new life.

You get to work on the gearbox, chassis, engine, brakes, and other important parts of a car and make it a super-car! You can change the old exteriors of a car to new ones by removing the rust, applying putty and repaint it. Car Mechanic Simulator 18 has an in-app feature wherein you can buy spare parts for your car. It also allows you to resale your created gem. In all, we can say, this free app will surely entertain you to the core.

Car Customize Apps

10. Tuning Car Racing

Tuning Car Racing was developed by Process Games and offered 8 car models to begin customizing. The best part of Tuning Car Racing is that you do not need a high-end latest smartphone. This app is designed so that it will be compatible with fewer smartphones of lower versions. You can begin with changing your car’s exteriors, change its wheels, and work on the steering wheel.

You can try out the designed car the right way, which makes this process even better. This app will let you race your crated car and give you every experience that a racer gets. Realistic sounds, superb graphics. You do not even need to physically go and start a race. With Tuning Car Racing App, you can experience it with your smartphones.

Car Customize Apps

11. Torque Drift

In this app, you will need to find the sponsors that fund you start the Drift Pay off. Drift is The art that is admired by many car fanatics and requires a lot of practice. Try that out virtually in this game, just like its name suggests. In this app, you get to design/customize your car in a very detailed way.

You also get to select the colour of your car. After racing for many levels, you can go to the world stage and play real online competitions. The prize amount is very exciting. This will help you polish your skills in-app and upgrade yourself to further levels on the drift pay off.

Car Customize Apps

Eleggible’s Recommendation

While choosing what best suits your device, meets your requirements, you consider many factors. After conducting an extensive survey, our team of experts has come up with the best recommendation for you. We suggest these three apps that we found would suit you best and entertain you as well.

FormaCar: The peculiar thing about this app is its Augmented Reality feature. You can view your car after aiming at a certain point via smartphone, which is a unique facility. We suggest you go for this app to make your user experience incredible.

Overdrive City: It lets you showcase your work, build car factories. We felt these things would make you fall in love with car customizing.

3D Tuning: This app also has some decent features that will ensure you do not get bored. This is also a very popular app available in the market.

Can We Design My Car?

Yes. You absolutely can. We recommend you try designing your car virtually before taking some direct action. Many simulation tools are available on the internet.

Is There An App To Change The Colour Of Your Car?

Yes. There is an app named MAACO App, and it lets you customize the 3D Model of your car. Just try on the colour that you want on a 3D Model. You can also take a picture of the colour you like and use it to prepare the final paint you want your car to paint with.

Which Is The Best App For A Car?

Many apps like Waze, Fair Car are available for android and iOS users.

Eleggible’s Final Words

The latest and fastest-growing technology is proving to be a boon for people who have a keen interest in cars and automobiles. It is a fun way to get to know the detailed interiors and exteriors of your and polish your mechanical skills. Car Customize Apps are a good way to learn and enjoy together. It doesn’t even ask you for money and still makes sure you have a gala time customizing the in-app cars.

Our team of experts conducted and research to put up info on some best available apps. Feel free to find some other Car Customize Apps that perfectly fit into what you are looking for. And yes, let us know too! We will be delighted to know!

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