How to Cast to Firestick from iOS, Android & PC [2022]

Firestick is a streaming device that connects to tv. It allows you to install apps and play music, videos, games, and lets you stream content over the internet. One can cast to firestick from iOS, Android, and pc. Firestick is basically for the kids or seniors in the house. Firestick is the actual operating system that allows you to do a bunch of good stuff.

There is an app store for Hotstar, Netflix, and other applications while the kids can also play games like car races, etc. It also has a file browser to download a third party application. Firestick also supports screencasts. Amazon firestick, on the other hand, also allows side by side loading of android applications as well as load apps on your fire tv.

Having a firestick remote is a game-changer when you are using it in the family as everyone can control it with the smartphone as well. Firestick also allows you to change your jurisdiction if you want to watch Netflix Us or HBO Go outside the US.

Firestick is portable and works efficiently outside the house. It has a great operating system. It is easy to use, carry, and gives excellent service and experience to their users. Casting firestick from iOS, Android, and PC is a straightforward procedure. Now, let us see how to do it-

How To Cast To Firestick From Android

Casting from an android to firestick is very suitable and comfortable, but it varies for each device. You can use the cast or the screen mirroring option from the notification menu. When you have a Sound android device, then connect it to the same WiFi network to mirror content. 

Step 1 – On your Fire Tv, first, go to settings and then to Display & Sounds and select enable Display Mirroring which allows it to look for nearby devices. On the other hand, press and hold the home button on your fire tv remote and select the mirroring option, which also means casting.

Go to the setting

Step 2 – The Miracast feature on Android devices varies from naming and location. The Fire Tv being on search mode enables the feature on your phone to connect to it. 

Step 3 – For stock android- Go to the Settings app.

Step 4 – Search for Cast. In case if the user is unable to find the cast, go to Bluetooth and device connection option or look for it at the settings app.

Cast to Firestick

Step 5 – This will turn on WiFi and Bluetooth in the Android device and will display all shown devices to which the user can Cast.

Cast Screen

Step 6 – Select the Amazon Fire TV Stick from the list of available devices

How To Cast To Firestick From Windows

The firestick allows you to use your tv as a second screen. Casting to firestick from windows is also very convenient, and it displays essential content to your tv. Firestick has an inbuilt receiver that makes it possible to launch to it from windows quickly. So to cast to firestick from windows first, you need to set up in fire tv stick.

First and foremost you have to either press or hold the Home button in the Amazon Fire TV Stick and select Mirroring and see the name of the Fire TV Stick.

Step 1 – By pressing the Windows key + A or by clicking on the small square button at the bottom open the Windows Action Center.

Step 2 – Click on the Connect option. If the option is not displayed, then click to expand to show the complete list and there you will find it.

Click on Connect

Step 3 – Choose the Fire TV Stick option from the Action Center and wait for it to connect.

Step 4 – The user will be able to Cast their Windows PC to the firestick.

Cast to Firestick
Cast their Windows PC

How To Cast To Firestick From iOS

To cast firestick from iOS, you need to install a third-party application from the app store. In this case, we take air screen as it is free and easy to use.

Step 1 – On your firestick device, choose the Airscreen option from the search option and download it and wait for it to get installed.

Cast to Firestick
Airscreen option

Step 2 – After it gets installed, now open it and find settings.

Step 3 – In the settings, select the device name and enter your firestick device name.

enter your firestick device name

Step 4 – From your iOS device, open the control center and select the Screen Mirroring and select your device name. It will show the mark option after being done.

Cast to Firestick
Screen Mirroring

How To Cast To Firestick From MAC

If you want to cast screen to your tv, then you can easily do it from a mac with the help of firestick. To cast to firestick from Mac, you will need a third-party application, and it is also straightforward for the users to install. 

Step 1 – On the Firestick app store, select and type Airplay and check the list of apps that supports it.

Cast to Firestick

Step 2 – Find and click on the AirPlay Mirror Receiver and install the app.

Step 3 – Keep the app open to stream from a Mac.

Step 4 – On the Mac, select the system preferences, select Displays, and show mirroring options. Then choose your firestick device from the Airplay system. 

Cast to Firestick
Select Display

Eleggible’s Final Words

Firestick is a screen monitoring device and possesses the screen mirroring option. It is easy to use and very convenient to set up. Apart from built-in support, you can install many applications like Netflix, TEED, BBC, etc. We have seen above the steps of how to cast firestick from Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS so now you must have got a fair idea about how to set it up.

While firestick does not directly work on iOS devices, third-party apps are required. It requires a third-party application to be installed, which are for free, and paid apps are also available, which often provides a more unified watching experience. You can choose according to your preferences. 

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