Fix Chrome Continue Where You Left off Easily (Guide)

We mostly browse through Google Chrome in everyday life. If it’s our job then we mostly use a PC or Laptop where we can easily access through the internet, surfing properly and can complete our tasks and issues easily. But while using Chrome there comes a stage when Chrome Continue Where You Left Off.

Sometimes we actually need all left off pages but we couldn’t find. But we will see a blunder, sometimes it seems that in some cases Chrome opens more tabs than those that were open when closing the software.

Like this, there are much Chrome left off issues that we want to solve but we do not understand how to handle the case. If you have tried it earlier and you were unable to solve it then today I am going to tell you the various methods to solve this issue. Don’t worry your Gmail account doesn’t matter in accessing your Chrome settings and PC settings always matter. Let us begin.

How to Fix Chrome Continue Where You Left off

How to change the settings for the Chrome browser to continue where we left off? In order to change the default setting do follow these steps provided below 👇

Step 1: Open a Chrome browser session

Step 2: Click on the control button within the upper right of the Chrome window.

control button

Step 3: Click on Settings.


Step 4: Select the radio button under On startup that claims Continue where you left off.

Continue where you left

Step 5: Close the Chrome browser. 

This is how normal settings changed.

6 Ways to Fix Chrome Continue Where You Left off

If the error still occurs after changing the settings also, then now we are going to tell you the types of errors and how to resolve or mend those errors. Here are 6 methods to follow if one doesn’t work.

1. Google Print

These bug reports aren’t new, but they contain many workarounds that posters in these threads said have fixed this problem. Let’s see below small and simple step to resolve this issue related to Google print:

Step 1: Open Chrome browser

Open chrome

Step 2: Verify if chrome://flags/#enable-fast-unload is Disabled properly.

Step 3: Disable Google Print


2. Creating Backup for Your Profile in Chrome

Let me tell you the steps to keep  backup profiles in Chrome so that if these terms or continue where you left off system doesn’t work in one profile then you can try it on another profile:

Step 1: Copy your profile from ‘C:\Users\\ AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data ‘. It will be  ‘Default ‘ if you merely have one profile, otherwise, it’s going to be ‘Default ‘, ‘User 1′,’User 2’ something’s like that. Always remember to repeat all profiles. 

Step 2: Reinstall Chrome. 

Points to remember: 

  • If you’ve got created just one Profile- Paste the copied profile by selecting ‘Replace all files ‘ 
  • If you’ve got many profiles- Make the same number of profiles, then paste the files. This method will work, without the loss of your bookmarks, history, etc. 

3. Shut Down Chrome Extensions

There is another process to change the settings and resolve this issue. We have to shut off the Chrome extensions, let me tell you in the step by step guide:

Firstly, Open Chrome browser 

Step 1: Click the Customize and Control Google Chrome button. 

control button

Step 2: Select More Tools and visit Settings. The Extensions tab chrome continues where you left off so now click the buttons at the underside right of the extensions. Here a chrome extension’s close-up button chrome continues where you left off not working. Alternatively, click Remove to uninstall extensions. 


Step 3: Locate the Google Hangouts extension and disable it in the Chrome menu. Do attempt to use the extensions Continue where you left off or TabCloud and if the matter was solved, you’ll reinstall Hangouts from the Play Store. 

Google Hangout

4. Simple Method

Let me tell you the simple step because the above-mentioned steps are a little tricky or maybe off to Chrome. If the above-mentioned steps don’t implement then do follow these steps : 

Step 1: Switch to the ‘Open the New Tab page’ option and refresh the Setting page and eventually close Chrome completely. 

New Tab

Step 2: Now restart Chrome and switch back to ‘Continue where you left off’, refresh Settings page, without opening other tabs close Chrome again completely. Test properly if ‘Continue where you left off’ is functioning or not. 

Continue where you left

5. Anti-Virus or Third-Party Software on your PC

If you’re using any third-party software to scrub temp files, on your PC then do remove Google Chrome from that list. A number of system cleaner software removes files that are important for such features (Continue where you left off).

Antivirus software, PC cleaner, cache cleaner, and all other which deletes data automatically may affect your Chrome browser data. Keep in mind that the antivirus software is verified are there are no third-party apps that disable or interfere Chrome browser’s settings.

Anti-Virus Software

6. Reinstall the Google Chrome Browser

You can also try a method by re-installing the Chrome browser. But there is an issue that how will you get your data back because you won’t get there Chrome where you left off. You need your history backup and everything if you reinstall Chrome. Do you know? Your data is stored in your profile which you create for and there is a default profile on Chrome.

Let’s begin with the first step in checking the default or your created profile:

Step 1: Press the Windows key + R hotkey. 

Press Window Key + R

Step 2: Copy-paste the subsequent path: C:\Users\(Your Username)\ AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data 

Step 3: Click the OK button. 

Step 4: Replace Your Username with an actual user account profile. 

Replace Your Username

Step 5: Next, right-click the Default folder and choose the Copy option. 

Now allow us to see a way to paste those profiles, just select all the profiles and cut-paste it with another folder or anywhere to store your backup.

Step 1: If you’ve got over one profile, right-click User 1, User 2, etc. Select Copy to repeat each profile separately. 

Step 2: Now open a folder and replica the Chrome profile. 

Step 3: Right-click an empty space within the folder and choose the Paste option. 

Step 4: Uninstall Google Chrome 


Step 5: Enter appwiz.cpl in Run and click on OK. 

The Windows uninstaller chrome continues, so here you have to uninstall your Chrome browser:

a) Select Google Chrome, and click on the Uninstall option. 

b) Restart Windows after uninstalling Chrome. 

c) Reinstall Chrome following these steps:

Step 1: Click the Download Chrome button on the browser’s webpage and now the downloading starts. Install Chrome with its setup wizard.

Step 2: Next, open the folder that has the pasted Chrome Default (or Profile) folder and right-click the Default folder to pick Copy. Open the subsequent on your PC: C:\Users\(Your Username)\ AppData\Local\Google\ ChromeUser Data

Step 3: Paste the Default folder back in by right-clicking an empty space within the Chrome user Data folder and choose Paste. The Paste option chrome continues where you left off not working and for replacing all the history and data files select the Replace all files choice to replace the present Default profile folder then your data is recovered. you’ll check for ‘Continue Chrome where you left off ‘.

Recommended Method

There is a method which is always recommended in any case if you don’t want to try all those mentionable then do always try this one because it always works and is helpful. Follow these steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open a Chrome browser session.

Step 2: Click on the control button within the upper right of the Chrome window.

control button

Step 3: Click on Settings.


Step 4: Select the radio button under On startup.

Step 5: Close the Chrome browser.

Where We Left Off Meaning

So here in order to explain it let us take an example that you just were browsing 1 hour ago and thanks to some circumstances you closed the Chrome and after one hour once you came to continue your search then you’ll be able to see a page where is written “continue browsing where you left off. ” 

Must my Chrome be Updated?

Whenever what you are doing remember one thing that your applications must be kept updated so you’ll use it with proper benefits and if there’s any virus or malware you’ll be able to prevent.

So here comes the question that your Chrome must update maybe this can be the rationale that the error occurs we are unable to continue where we left off then yes, Chrome must update.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Here you all can see the various methods of how to fix Chrome where we left off issues. Hope so your issue may solve while following their methods. Thanks for reading and I liked this then do share it with your colleagues.

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