Colleges & Universities Accepting 8777 in IELTS

8777 in IELTS denotes the band score of an individual in all four sections of the exam. Although it is not compulsory for candidates to get 8777 in their exam, if one manages to get it, it serves as an ideal score to prove his/her English proficiency and get admission to top universities. To know more about the significance of 8777 in IELTS and other information, check out this link.

Also, here by 8777 band score means a student has got 8 in listening, and 7 in reading, speaking and writing sections individually. So, individuals who have achieved this score can take the necessary steps to apply for admission to the colleges and universities mentioned below.

What are the Top Universities in the UK Accepting 8777 in IELTS?

Maintaining high quality in education and famed in research and teaching excellence, the UK offers international students to get admission to notable higher education universities like the ones mentioned below:

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College of London
  • King’s College London

What are the Top Universities in the USA Accepting 8777 in IELTS?

The United States of America has been a well-known destination for its research-intensive programs and internationally recognized institutes. Moreover, by getting admission to any of the universities mentioned below, students can access a vast array of programs and courses:

  • Harvard University
  • MIT
  • California University of Technology
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Columbia University
  • Yale University

What are the Top Universities in Australia Accepting 8777 in IELTS?

Australia has emerged as one of the top countries to complete higher studies for international students because of its cultural diversity and high-quality education. Also, the universities offering admission have affordable education costs benefiting students. Some of them that accept an 8777 score are:

  • University of Melbourne
  • Australian National University

What are the Top Universities in Canada Accepting 8777 in IELTS?

Canada is also another highly preferred destination for students to complete study overseas. It has benefited students with its affordable cost of living, low crime rate, and welcoming environment. However, the top universities to look for include:

  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • University of British Columbia

What is the Importance of Getting 8777 in the IELTS Exam? 

The IELTS exam lets an immigrant who wants to pursue further studies in a foreign country get admission to their universities. The exam involves four sections: reading, listening, speaking, and writing, where the examiners check a candidate’s proficiency in conversing in English. At this point, if the student gets a score of 8777, their chances of immigration increase. 

Also, it gives an additional boost to the CRS score. It is a common factor upon which many universities’ decisions rely. This Comprehensive Ranking System score depends on candidates’ education, age, work experience, and other factors. 

Important Things to Keep in Mind

Three points that can help a candidate improve their score in the IELTS exam are:

Pronunciation: Individuals must work on proper pronunciation as it helps examiners to understand better.

Grammar: To minimize mistakes, students must make an effort to improve their grammar and pay attention to little details.

Vocabulary: Having a strong vocabulary gives a boost to a candidate’s performance in the test. However, for this, it will not be enough just to learn complicated words. Rather, students need to understand their meaning and find their proper sentence usage

Working on these three areas will help candidates improve their chances of getting 8777 in their IELTS exam. However, they must also have a strategy to help them achieve the number. It is explained below.

How to Prepare for an 8777 Score in IELTS? 

The key to getting an 8777 score in IELTS is being able to access one’s existing capabilities and focusing on the area that is in more demand. It will be possible to achieve this if candidates adhere to the following pointers:

  1. Candidates must research the format this exam follows. This is the first and primary step that rules out any chance of surprise as students know what to expect.
  2. As there is a time fixed under which a student must complete his/her task, every candidate must be aware of it so they can prepare themselves likewise. This is because one of the problems preventing students from scoring high is poor time management. 
  3. Another common mistake that hampers the score of students is not being able to focus. So, students must work on it by practicing test papers. 
  4. Students must first read the question carefully to identify what it wants. To develop this habit, candidates can also refer to practice question papers and tests available online. This is important because most of the time, applicants are in a hurry to complete the question that they miss out on answering the primary question. 
  5. Not everyone is a good listener. However, one can develop the ability by watching TED Talks, songs, podcasts, etc. Also, during the process, candidates must focus on pauses, words, repetition, etc. 
  6. Individuals must take time to browse over the questions before attempting the exam. 
  7. One point for candidates to know is that they can listen to the audio-only once, so if they have missed anything, they must not bother returning to it and listening again. 
  8. If there are any unfamiliar phrases or words that candidates face in the exam, they must underline them. This enables them to manage time while performing reading section tasks effectively. 
  9. Candidates can create an audio journal to improve their English-speaking ability and have better pronunciation. During the process, candidates just need to record themselves while speaking in English and evaluate their speech. 
  10. Every student has a unique way of learning and retaining knowledge. So rather than practicing alone, students must get themselves a study partner. This way, they will learn about a separate way of solving a particular question and discover their shortcomings. 

Eleggible’s Final Words

In the above section, candidates can find the names of top universities and colleges that accept 8777 in the IELTS exam. These universities offer the best study courses and increase student employment rates. However, those who are not sure if they will get such a high score in their IELTS exam can check out the tips on how to achieve it. It will help them make a proper strategy for the exam.

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