How to Open & Convert HEIC Files to JPG on Android

Since we know, the issue with HEIC is that the format isn’t as widely compatible as JPG with other programmes or devices, and you might not be able to access a HEIC photo after transferring it to your Android phone. This post will show you how to efficiently convert HEIC to JPG on Android and a few resources or tools to help you do it.

Pictures stored in the High-Efficiency Image Format are composed in a HEIC file. On iOS devices, this format is most typically used to store images. The extension is the most prevalent for HEIC files. This updated file format is designed to be a better method to preserve your photos by reducing the amount of data they contain while maintaining good quality.

But when it comes to JPG, it is a frequently used image compression format for digital photographs. The degree of compression in this format may be changed, providing for a customizable tradeoff between storage capacity and image quality. It was initially released 29 years ago.

iPhones save camera photographs in Apple’s compressed HEIC file format by default, rather than JPG. To increase space on the phone, Apple changed the default camera formats for pictures and videos from JPG to HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Format) in iOS 11 and above.

But, if you don’t want to use the HEIC file format you can organize your digital photos using this guide.

Because you’re probably using an iPhone with the “high efficiency” camera setting, your Apple photos are not JPG, switch to “most compatible” choices in Settings if you want JPG. The steps for the same are mentioned below. You can also opt to edit or convert your pictures as per requirement.

Is HEIC better than JPG?

As we know, JPG files have a longer track record than HEICs and are more widely compatible with operating systems, applications, and devices. HEIF appears to be the winner in image quality, and JPG has less overall depth than HEIF. HEIC photographs take much less storage space while maintaining excellent visual quality. However, the default format is .jpg, which you cannot modify when it comes to Android. It’s no surprise that you can alter a copy to change the image’s size, compression, and quality.

Difference B/W HEIC & JPG




Storage On your device, most HEIC files will take up far less space than a JPG. A JPG file takes up twice as much space as a HEIC.
Compatibility The smaller scope of compatibility Widely compatible
Compression HEICs are a more efficient compression method than JPGs. When a JPG file is compressed, some background data is lost, which might degrade image quality.
Image Quality The HEIC format truly improves photo quality and is quite high-end. When compared to HEIC, the JPG file quality is poor.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Android Using

HEIC to JPG is online software that may help you convert your HEIC file quickly. It is a HEIC to JPG converter that can be downloaded from the Google Play store or you can use the online version.

Let’s have a look at the steps:

Step#1 – Open or Install the App from the Google Play store on your Android phone.

Step#2 – Then, on your phone, select the HEIC to JPG conversion tool or launch the app.

Step#3 – From there, pick the HEIC files you wish to convert on your Android by clicking the “+” button. Use the folder choices if you wish to upload numerous files.

Step#4 – Then, to convert the HEIC to JPG format, touch “Save.” You may now select the location where your converted photographs will be saved.

Step#5 – To convert a folder of HEIC files, tap the folder you want to convert, then hit the “Convert” button. Your HEIC files will be transformed into JPG files.

It’s that simple!

5 Best HEIC to JPG Converter Apps to Convert Images on Android

You can also use some of the best apps to convert heic to jpg on Android that we have shared below.

So, let’s begin.

#1. Luma

Ratings: 3.5 Stars

Download Size: 9.0 MB

Download Link: Android

Luma is intended to handle and convert many photos with the HEIC file format to JPG simultaneously. Luma is totally offline and does not require an internet connection to function. You may correct any number of photographs to jpeg without losing quality or metadata by opening a single image or selecting several photos. HEIC photos may be opened, viewed, saved, and shared in JPG format. It’s available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

#2. Total Media Converter

Ratings: 3.8 Stars

Download Size: 82 MB

Download Link: Android

It is a versatile and user-friendly media converter that allows you to convert personal discs and videos to many video and audio formats and edit videos for greater enjoyment. This is a programme that will enable us to restore some media files for use on mobile devices. They assist in converting HEIC images to JPG/JPEG/PNG and vice versa. This programme may be used in an offline mode because it does not post your photo on the Internet. Check them out for a lot more than simply HEIC and JPG conversion.

#3. HEIC to JPG Converter

Ratings: 3.8 Stars

Download Size: 5.4 MB

Download Link: Android

This programme will convert HEIC to JPG on Android for you. It’s straightforward to use; all you have to do is choose a HEIC photo from your phone and click “Convert.” All converted jpg pictures are kept in the ‘Heic-To-Jpg-Converter’ folder. This HEIC Converter only supports single file conversion and contains advertisements. If you want to convert several files and remove the adverts, you may upgrade to the Pro version. You may get it through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

#4. Heic converter – Heic to JPG-PNG-PDF Converter

Ratings: 3.9 Stars

Download Size: 7.3 MB

Download Link: Android

HEIC Converter may be used to convert HEIC files to a variety of different picture formats, including JPG, for the purposes of this article. Because HEIC files are known to be incompatible, most users choose JPG format, which can be used to convert or compress files and more. You may get it through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

#5. HEIC to JPG Free Converter – Convert HEIC to JPEG

Ratings: 4.3 Stars

Download Size: 4.6 MB

Download Link: Android

This is an excellent converter application. You may select to maintain or delete EXIF metadata and convert your HEIC files to JPEG or PNG; there is no need to register. You can keep the original size and quality. This is a unique software with excellent 5-star ratings. You may use this programme to convert your media files. It’s available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

How to Disable HEIC on iPhone

HEIC files outperform JPEG files in terms of compression and image quality. With transparency and a more comprehensive dynamic range, the HEIC format can improve images’ quality. However, if you still wish to disable HEIC on your iPhone owing to compatibility concerns with other phones, devices, or software, follow these simple steps:

Step#1 – Open Settings.

Step#2 – Select Camera > Formats from the menu.

Step#3 – Select the Most ‘Compatible‘ option, and you’re good to go.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Now, we are at the end where one question arises in your mind should you use HEIC instead of JPG? Let me be clear here. When you need to store digital photographs across several devices, deciding between HEIC and JPG might be difficult. Both formats are raster files that can handle photos with a lot of information, and a HEIC file may be readily converted to JPG format. While working with HEIC files might be inconvenient, keep in mind that they have a purpose, and they reduce the size of your photos without sacrificing image quality. So, if you can force yourself to leave your images as HEIC, you’ll be better off, especially in the long run.

We hope that this post clarified your uncertainty concerning JPG and HEIC files and was useful; if so, please provide us with your important feedback and corrections so that we may continue to provide you with better information.

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