CPI vs DPI: What is The Difference Between These Two?

If you are looking for a mouse to purchase, then you definitely think about is cpi the same as dpi In this article, we will tell you about CPI vs DPI.

Some companies offer a CPI switch, but mainly you will come across the term DPI. These are the term you must be concerned about before buying a mouse. First, let me tell you why is there a confusion between these terms. 

Difference between CPI and DPI

CPI that stands for counts per inch, refers to the number of steps that your mousse will report when you will move the mouse by just one inch. We can say that this is the sensitivity of your mouse. This is just a relation between the movement of the cursor on the screen and the physical movement of the mouse that you do. 

DPI stands for dots per inch, which is a measurement of the video dot density or spatial printing. If you want to know the depth meaning of the term it basically signifies the number of individual dots that can be placed in a line within the span of just one inch. You can also say that as the printing resolution of a hard copy print dot again. 

So, by the above paragraph, you can easily make out that CPI is something that can be connected to the gaming mice. DPI is actually a term that is related to the printing world. 

cpi vs dpi
cpi vs dpi

Now, that you know the difference of the terms quite well you must be thinking how can this concern the users? Now, do you all have to change their mouse or select them on the basis of the nomenclature? So, let me tell you that actually, it doesn’t matter. You can continue using the same mouse that you have been using until now.

The companies know the differences yet it will stick to term DPI as it is more prevalent and used by the people. You just have to know that whichever mouse you choose you actually are just adjusting the sensitivity of the mouse. 

Why the Confusion Between DPI vs CPI??

These terms are nomenclature for the switch of your mouse. If we look technically the term, CPI should be used but DPI is more widely used.

Let me take an example to explain you must have come across the term DPI more often. Now the photographers also use this term often. They use it to define the quality of their photos instead of the term PPI.

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The companies prefer using the term DPI because the general public is aware of these terms. We can even say that the DPI switch that you must have seen while using the gaming mouse is actually a CPI switch.

But some companies still use the right technical terms for the mouse switch that is CPI, but the values are 250, 500, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, and 4000; which are quite different from those found from other mainstream mice that have the so-called “DPI” switch. 

 Now, let us move to the differences.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Now you can easily make out the name means different yet the companies are using the name for their sales part, as DPI is more prevalent among the people. You may change your mouse on the basis of CPI or DPI depending on the company brand. We can say that in the end, you are just tweaking the sensitivity of your mouse. Now that the doubt about CPI vs DPI is cleared, I hope this article was a help. 

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