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Explainer videos denote short yet influential videos that are created to describe your business services or products through InVideo’s Create Explainer Videos For Free and create video from photos. It is also one of the marketing tools to build your brand in the market. You can also use the free poster maker to create some engaging posters to attract potential clients.

It’s a quick way to increase conversions and grow your business through it. It can be uploaded on the homepage of the website or page, which contains all the products you are selling to your potential clients. It can turn out to be a fantastic asset for your business.

You can create diverse types of ‘how-to’ videos according to your brand style and purpose. Create ‘how to’ videos are used for making your potential customers understand how you are adding value to their life by helping them create video from photos or what kind of benefit they’ll get by using your service or product?

3 Best Ways to Create Explainer Videos For Free

1. Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are usually used to make your potential audience understand the technical services or products in a simple way, which is intangible, like software. However, if you want anytime to make some editing in a video to create ‘how-to’ video, then it allows flexibility to modify and put some creative work in it according to your business style.

In other words, animated videos allow you to create videos from photos and make a complicated process easy.

2. Whiteboard Explainer Videos

It is a very cost-effective way to have access to your potential clients as in whiteboard explainer videos by InVideo, the animation is drawn from hands and can be removed from the whiteboard. This way of explaining your services or products to your potential client has proven to be very effective and productive when it comes to conversions rate.

3. Live-Action Explainer Videos

Instead of including any animation in the video, a live-action explainer video records a video which provides for tangible products. It’s a kind of video in which while selling a product; people are also involved in connecting with potential clients. In these InVideo application’s explainer videos, there is no animation or editing done.

How to Create and Upload a Free Explainer Video?

Initially, we can learn to create ‘how-to’ videos’ with the help of InVideo and then later move to Explainer videos with creating videos from photos. Well, it’s not that easy to create a free explainer video by InVideo for your business, but instead, it needs a lot of focus and effort to make it worth your efforts!

  • You need to figure out the goal for which you are creating a video, and it should be obvious.
  • Start writing your script in which you want to make your potential clients focus on the message you want to deliver and end the text with a definite conclusion.
  • Put relatable images from the library with creating video from photos as per your script from InVideo
  • Record your explainer video, its narration, and its animation.
  • Edit it if needed and start uploading it on social sites to make your brand services accessible.

So, let’s discuss the process of creating it:

Figure Out Your Potential Clients:

Firstly, you need to be very clear about your targeted clients that what kind of clients you are aiming to sell your products or services! Every business person promotes his products or services by telling its features to their potential clients. Still, it would help if you kept this thing in your mind that you are not making this explainer video, which is to be made by the InVideo app for your fellow official partners.

So, instead of telling features of your services or products in the video, you can show your potential clients how you are adding value to their life by your products and services or how it can help them in making their lives easier. All of these can be done by create video from photos and create video from photos available on InVideo.

Start with a Strong Message:

You know very well that your product or services are adding value to your client’s life so highlight the importance and value of your product or service in the starting of your script and make it as conversational as possible by addressing your potential clients by you or you’re, because a person usually attracts where he/she finds something conversational and relevant! If you’re using YouTube to distribute this video, you can use a YouTube Intro Maker to make an engaging intro to your video.

Keep it as Short as Possible:

The extended your explainer video by InVideo will be, the more annoying it would become. Hence, show informative and relevant points to your potential clients within just two minutes of the explainer video so that your clients will get relevant information and message.

Music and Sound Effects:

Give attractive sound effects in the video from the dashboard of InVideo to make it more interesting and engaging. If you make your explainer video without music and sound effects, people might move on to the next video. Therefore, to attract clients, use music and sound effects, and make your video even more interesting through this amazing InVideo platform!

Use Funny Examples:

While making a script of your video, add some funny examples when you are explaining something about your business in the video as it will get you heavy traffic and conversions.

According to a study on human psychology, 90% of human beings love to have humorous people in their lives who not only live life but also enjoy every moment of their life. Therefore, add some percentage of funny elements in your video by InVideo app and put across your ideas to convey your ideas.  This is a great way to attract your potential clients to your business.

Eleggible’s Final Words

This InVideo app is easy and quick to use, and you can also create videos directly from the post link. Its dashboard involves a library in which you will find music, shape effects, images, and so on. Hence, by using it you can Create Explainer Videos For Free, you can build your brand in the market and also increase the conversion rate of your business quickly by using InVideo.

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