How to Do Online Research Better and Faster

The modern Internet is so huge and diverse that sometimes finding the right information is not easy at all. So, here we are sharing how to Do Online Research Better and Faster. It is especially difficult for some students because they do not know how to search the Internet properly.

Fur sure, you were faced with situations when you could not find the answer to your question on the Internet, or you needed to find a specific site which address you lost but remember the approximate phrase in the article.

You can solve these problems by correctly compiling search queries and using the capabilities provided by the advanced search operators. And if you still experience problems after reading this article, we recommend you to contact a custom writing service online to buy a research paper from professionals and deal with your assignment. 

What is a Search Engine?

With the development of the web, the number of sites has increased rapidly, and the question of searching in this vast ocean of information arose. Indeed, hundreds of new sites appear every day, and old resources are closed for various reasons. It is impossible to do without a reliable helper. 

Each search engine has its website where a person can enter the search query and see the search results. However, this is only the visible part of the search engine. In addition to it, there are special programs called bots that visit websites and download links from pages to download their contents.

Do Online Research Better
What is a Search Engine

After that, the content of the page is indexed and entered into a special search engine database. According to special algorithms, words are assigned a certain weight, and the program determines what this document is about and what request it matches.

Now, when a person enters his search query on the search page of this system, the program finds in its database the suitable pages, in its opinion. Then it displays them to the user. In other words, search engines do not do any real-time search on the Internet at the user’s request.

After learning how search engines work, we can find out how to do online research better and faster.

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Be More Specific

The more specific the search query will be from the very beginning, the more successful the search will be. For example, if you are looking for coffee research information, you will get many more results than you need.

Be More Specific

However, if you narrow it down, you will be more successful.

Find Specific File Formats

Search engines do not just index web pages written in HTML and other markup languages.

Find Specific File Formats

You can also use them to search for the most popular file formats, including PDFs, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets.

Search in Web Headers

Web page headers are located at the top of the browser and in the search results. You can limit your search to web page headers only with the “allintitle” search command.

Search in Web Headers

It is a Google-specific search operator that returns search results limited to the search terms found in web page headings.

Try Multiple Search Engines

Do not get into the routine of using one search engine for all your research projects. Each search engine returns different results. Besides, many search engines focus on specific niches: games, blogs, books, forums, etc.

Try Multiple Search Engines

The more carefully you choose a search engine, the more successful your searches will be. Check out this list of search engines to use the next time you are looking for something.

You will be very tempted to use your favorite search engine and use only the most famous features. However, most search engines have a wide range of advanced search options, tools, and services that can save you a lot of time. All this can make your searches more productive.

View a Cached Version of a Site

If the site or content on the page has been deleted, you no longer see it, right? This is not necessarily true. Google stores a cached copy of most sites.

This is an archived version of the website that allows you to easily view information or pages that have been deleted for any reason. It is also a convenient feature when a website suffers from too much traffic and does not display information correctly.

Search for Specific Words on a Web Page

Let’s say you are looking for a specific concept or topic, perhaps someone’s name, business, or a specific phrase. You use your favorite search engine, click on several pages and painstakingly browse through tons of content to find what you are looking for.

Eleggible’s Final Words

However, you can use the extremely simple web search trick to search for words on a web page. This will work in any browser that you use. Open the site page, press Ctrl + F, and then enter the search word in the search box that appears. It’s simple, and you can use it in any web browser, on any website to Do Online Research Better.

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