Does Dreamworks Animation Use An ATS [Explained]

In this article we will discuss on does Dreamworks animation use an ats, Applicant tracking system (ATS) is software that allows employers and recruiters to keep track of applicants during the hiring and recruiting process.

It is straightforward for organizations of any size to filter, manage, and analyze prospects using this software, which has options that range from basic database functionality to a full-service toolkit.

This facilitates the scheduling of interviews, notifies and alerts applicants and staff people, including recruiters and hiring managers, and automates communications with them.

It may conduct a preliminary assessment of the applicants to identify the candidates most qualified for a post.

The development, production, and commercialization of animated films and characters for global theatrical, home entertainment, television, merchandise, licensing, and other industries is the focus of DreamWorks Animation.

DreamWorks Animation produces family entertainment for viewers worldwide, including animated feature films, television specials, series, live entertainment venues, an online virtual world, and related commercial goods.

The Paramount Pictures Corporation distributes the Company’s movies in the international theater, home entertainment, and television markets.

Use of an ATS by Dreamworks Animation

The use is for personnel tracking systems for safety. A majority of animation studios, including Disney Animation Studio, use Ats. However, there are also several other best animation apps available for individual artists and hobbyists, such as Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Animate, and Clip Studio Paint.

They anticipate you spending a lot of time at work. When I worked there, a 50-hour work week was the standard. Long hours are frequently required in the film industry.

Compared to the film industry, the bulk of jobs in animation demand fewer hours each week (9–10 hour days vs. 12). Automate administrative activities that take time and are uninteresting. 


Simplify and establish predictability in your hiring procedure.

Ascentis: Midsize businesses across many industries can use the cloud-based human capital management (HCM) suite provided by Ascentis.

ICIMS Talent Cloud: For your hiring life cycle, iCIMS provides best-in-class recruitment products.

  • Benefits of using an ATS for the hiring process
  • Evidence of Dreamworks Animation using an ATS (e.g., job postings, company website)
  • Comparison with other animation studios and their use of an ATS.

How the ATS is Integrated into the Hiring Process

An applicant tracking system operates in 4 basic steps: 

  • An ATS job request is entered. The position’s title, necessary abilities, and required experience are all listed in this demand.
  • The ATS then makes a profile for the perfect candidate using this data.
  • The ATS parses, sorts and ranks resume as applicants submit them based on how closely they match the profile.
  • Following that, recruiting managers swiftly ascertain who is most qualified and advance them through the employment procedure.
dreamworks animation
dreamworks animation

Candidate sourcing lets you look for, find, and contact prospective employees for open positions. 

Most ATS include email templates to ensure that your interaction with prospects is consistent.

  • Roles and responsibilities of the hiring team and the ATS
  • Integration with other HR software and systems

Advantages and Limitations of Using an ATS 


By conducting a phone interview, filling out a questionnaire, or using other pre-screening techniques, you can decide whether you wish to pre-screen candidates.

Ensure that everyone in your organization agrees with the traits and specifications you seek in the ideal applicant.

HR is effective when a company’s culture prioritizes diversity, inclusiveness, equity, employee welfare, employee engagement, and career growth.


When it comes to limitations ATS job searchers and HR personnel, the two user groups who depend on it, cannot access it.

Dreamworks Animations
Dreamworks Animations

No response One thing that job seekers who are seeking positions yearn for is feedback on their applications. 

  • Streamlining the hiring process
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Ease of use for HR and hiring teams.
  • Limitations, such as limitations in resume parsing and potential biases

Eleggible’s Final Words 

DreamWorks Animation SKG is one of the first animation studios to continue to be in business today and effectively produce feature-length movies. In 2024, DreamWorks will celebrate its 30th anniversary. That Blue Sky has already been passed by one modern studio. However, Blue Sky debuted its first film fifteen years after its establishment.

Nearly four years after its founding, DreamWorks produced its first movie. ATSs are crucial for streamlining and automating your hiring process and assisting you in becoming more productive and efficient in your daily responsibilities.

They also improve the hiring process, reduce burden, and boost candidate experience. However, finding, attracting, and choosing the ideal applicants are not simply the responsibility of ATSs.

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