How to Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software

You know the fact that YouTube is one of the best streaming video site, which is famous all over the globe. You can watch any download youtube videos without any software regarding any genre just by an excellent internet connection online and save the video to watch it later. About sharing, you may also send the link of the video with your family and friends. Additionally, suppose you want to download the video.

In that case, you can still do that by its feature of offline download and can watch it anywhere by first downloading it with an internet connection. But the moment where it gets lacks is, you can’t save video, download video and share video in its regular format.

There is where this article would be helpful for you to download MP4 of any YouTube video by excellent tools. Later, you can still share the video’s MP4 format with your family and friends and not by sharing the link. In this article, we will be discussing how to download YouTube videos without any software.

We will also be listing top 9 online tools that will help you to download videos from YouTube. Apart from that, there’s a segment where we give you clear instructions about how to download those tools.

So overall, this article will turn towards every step you need to follow to download YouTube videos. So don’t miss a single segment and quickly start with it. Here are some top picks of online tools that will help you to do so. Go through every device to make you find you the better one.

If you want to download youtube videos on your android phone then you have to check this guide.

1. Y2Mate

Y2Mate is one of the known services to download YouTube videos. It offers you functions that are the in-built and straightforward and attractive user interface. You can search the video, navigate accordingly, and enter any keyword or related word of a particular video.

It is also more convenient and easy to use the tool that will let you copy-paste the URL of the YouTube page. Further, you have to paste the URL on the download bar of Y2Mate and click on the Download button, and you are done with it.

The YouTube video is downloaded on your device without any additional efforts. It is supported over various formats, including MP4, WEBM, MP3, AAC, M4V, 3GP, WMV, WMA, FLV, MO, and many others. It also supports your high-quality video with various supported languages.

how to download youtube videos


VIDPAW is one of the most known sites to download YouTube videos effortlessly. It is unique from other tools as it does not require copy-paste the URL on this website. Despite that, you have to search the YouTube video in the searching bar, and then you are done to download the video directly over your desktop or device.

You can also stream videos over here and download them. It offers you the best download quality videos of 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, and 8K. Also, you can convert a video into an audio file and later can download it.

online tools for youtube video

3. BitDownloader

It is a free website application that permits you to download videos from various manifold sites without additional software or user cataloging. This site not only includes YouTube videos, but other than that, it also allows you to download videos over Facebook, Instagram, V Live, and other websites too.

This free online video downloader that helps you to download videos straightforwardly and very swiftly. It supports numerous video formats, including MP4 and WebMD. It also supports video quality up to 720p with high-quality.

Also, there is no limit to download such videos and is completely free without any charges. You can also download any video without sound, which is a unique feature than other online tools. Now we think that we have cleared your question of how to download youtube videos without software.

how to download youtube videos without software

4. ClipConverter

Clip Converter is a free web application for media-files alteration. This website service permits you to record any video over and above also to convert the video and download any online audio or video file to former manifold formats. The thing you only need is the URL of the video to download the video on your device.

At present, Clip Converter supports websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, and many more sites that are popular video streaming platforms. It offers you to download and convert any video quickly and efficiently. The video format is available for MP4, MKV, MOV, and AVI. And the quality supported by this tool is up to 4k.

online tools for youtube video


It is proclaimed as one of the best services to download videos online without any complicated downloading steps. The user interface is precise spontaneous, and easy to use. Due to its ease, it is the most popular online web service, and you do not need to spend much time in the installing process. With its comfort, it is faster and downloads your video in just a few minutes providing the best internet connection.

This is the best YouTube video downloader that supports various formats like MP4, WebM, and Mp3 and additionally supports quality up to 1080p Full HD. This site can be the fastest way to download music and videos from YouTube and other platforms.

online tools for youtube video

6. YouTubNow

It is another online web application that helps you download videos from YouTube on your device with the most convenient steps. Similar to some of the web- services, the procedure is quite similar that you need to copy-paste the URL of the YouTube video that you need to download. And then you get the desired result on your device or desktop.

It supports more than ten different languages and supports formats such as MP4, 3GP, WebM, and MP3. The downloaded video’s resulted production reaches you to the quality available from 144p to 1080p, which is incredibly efficient. There is no limit to download videos; you do as many searches and download as many videos you need.

online tools for youtube video

7. Airy

It is one of the most known tools that are straightforward and easy to use a YouTube downloader that gets your job done in an acute period. For using this tool, you need to register and sign in the Airy account. The moment you do, so you are welcome to download your favorite videos from YouTube by just copy-pasting the YouTube URL over this browser, and you are provided with the results instantly.

online tools for youtube video

Also, you can customize your requirement with the features, including quality and resolution and format. Just by clicking those choices, you are done this and get the concluded video only a few minutes. All you need to make sure is your internet connection. You get Airy for just $20.00, which is worth it.

8. SaveTheVideo

SaveTheVideo converts and downloads videos from more than a few mixed tapes holding sites, including YouTube and Vimeo. It has a manageable interface, and it is easy to use. It encompasses the copy-pasting procedure of the video link on a provided space and then downloading or converting it to the format that the handler requests.

What’s more, the user has a chance to record, edit, or even reverse the video. Videos can be converted to MOV, HEVC, 4K, MKV, MP3, and MP4, and other supported formats. It can be used on both android as well as on iOS platforms and is super easy to work with.

online tools for youtube video

9. Ymp4

You are moving to the last pick Ymp4, another web service application that lets you download and convert videos according to your requirement. It is loaded with incredible features that will blow your mind. Also, it has an excellent and convenient interface that is more understanding of the handlers.

In addition to a straightforward interface, it is a more reliable service that is faster and does not take too long. You can then paste the whole playlist of your favorite songs at a single time, and then you can get the results instantly.

Furthermore, you can also select the quality and format with your requirements, and all your work is done. The thing where this web application lacks is, you get more ads, which is found to be very irritating, but neglecting this overall, this application is useful to use.

online tools for youtube video

How to Download from These YouTube Video Downloader Tools

Step#1 – Very firstly, you need to open Google Chrome and search the above mentioned Crosspilot. 

How to Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software

Step#2 – After clicking on this mentioned website, you will find a page that shows the icon of Crosspilot, and on the right side of the page, you will a button “Add to Chrome.”

How to Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software
Add to Chrome

Step#3 – Click on that button, and then you will instantly get a pop-up message on top of the window with a button “Add extension.” This adds the extension to your Chrome browser and undoes the options menu in a separate tab that calls for you to allow permissions to the attachment.

How to Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software
Add extension

Step#4 – Further, click on the button displaying “Grant Permission,” You will successfully add Crosspilot on your chrome browser.

Step#5 – On Chrome itself, search the official YouTube website and then explore the video you need to download. Lastly, click on the title of the video to open it.

Step#6 – After that, click on “Done” when you receive the first pop-up when you are surfing on YouTube. 

Step#7 – You will see an arrow facing downwards (frequently a download button) when you play the video. Click on that button, and it will download your video with the highest quality that is available. And you are done with downloading your video on your desktop itself.

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How to Download YouTube Videos in Chrome Without Any Software

After those handfuls of tools that one can use, there is another way to download YouTube videos by using the chrome browser and without using any additional software. As YouTube video contains ads and other surveys because of that, you may fail to download the genuine copyright video.

However, you can do so by using the chrome extension, which will be explained by us briefly in the next segment. Keep reading this article until you find the best way to download your favorite just by some clicks away.

You need to follow some easy steps, and you will end by having your favorite YouTube videos on your desktop. You have to use a chrome extension- Crosspilot in the YouTube video that you want to download.

Eleggible’s Final Words

All those were our top 9 handpicked tools that you can use to Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software in this running year 2021. All of them are unique in their way and do the same work, apparently with different methods. Using these online web tools, you can easily watch and download videos in less time.

Moreover, rather than sending links to the video, you can easily share MP4 videos with your family and friends. They are easily reachable and do not require much time to spend just on downloading the video.

Although some of them lack somewhere but overall can be the ideal tool if selected carefully according to your requirement. I hope this article was helpful to you and made an easy choice for you as all our segments are interrelated to each other.

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