Fix: There Are No More Posts to Show Right Now on Facebook

Are there “no more posts to show” on your Facebook? Irritated with Facebook, no more posts to show the error? Want to view more posts on Facebook, but there are no more posts to show? Bored in the home, and Facebook says no more posts to show?

Undeniably, Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform, with having more than 2.6 billion users worldwide. Moreover, most of these users love to be active on Facebook and viewing posts regularly. After all, Facebook is an app, and it’s obvious to face some technical glitch with apps.

Hence, one of the most faced technical errors on Facebook is “no more posts to show” or “there are no more posts to show right now.” Consequently, the feed stops showing any other or new post even after scrolling it quite several times. Not to mention that scrolling even gets aggressive at times.

Well, helping you in every sort of technical issue is what we love, and hence, we are here with the solution to this technical error of Facebook named “No more posts to show.” Ready to get into it?

Facebook adopts a web-technology known as infinite scrolling that loads and displays the Facebook posts continuously with scroll action. To put it in another way, it lets you scroll infinitely. Meaning the scrolling wouldn’t end.

If there aren’t enough newer posts for today, this infinite scrolling web-technology would automatically start bringing the older posts. It keeps 2.6 billion Facebook users engaged and stay with it – a great tactic! Isn’t it? Due to this recent error or bug, whatever you may want to call it, Facebook users cannot pull more feeds even after further scrolls. Even if users scroll the feed, “no more posts to show” is what they all get to see. 🙁

What to do now? :/ We will get into it. But, first, let us know why this error is occurring?

Why Does Facebook Say There Are No More Posts to Show Right Now?

Not having many friends on Facebook.

If you are a new Facebook user or old, who have significantly fewer friends generally lesser than or equal to ten, you might then get to see, “there are no more posts to show” on Facebook.

Significantly less liked page or groups.

If you are a member of very few groups or not a member of any Facebook groups at all or if you have liked very few pages, then, too, Facebook says, there are no more posts to show in your newsfeed.

Keeping logged in to your Facebook Account for a long time

when you keep your account logged in for a long time, whether on the browser or the app- Facebook itself. Then, the app data gets stored in the app cache, which, consequently, causes the error on Facebook as the cache saves. Hence, even if you have not visited any post. The Facebook algorithm will then count the post as seen, and as a result, it will not show up any newer post in your feed even after aggressive scrolling due to exhaustion.

Saved Cache and Cookies

Cache and cookies of the Facebook app or the browser can also invite the error of “no more posts to show” on Facebook.

5 Ways to Fix “No More Posts to Show” on Facebook

Method 1 – Re-login into your Facebook Account

A straightforward yet effective solution to fix the “no more posts to show” Facebook error is Re-login. Re-login allows Facebook users to sort of refresh things.

As we mentioned above, if you keep logged in to your Facebook account on Facebook or even on your browser, it can create this technical glitch.

Nevertheless, the Facebook “no more posts to show” error solves by just logging out of the FB account and then re-logging into it.

Don’t know how to log out and re-login into your Facebook Account?

Go to the profile corner of your account. It is present on the top right corner of the Facebook app. The three-line icon, click on it and scroll down to the bottom. Here, you will find the option of logging out. 

Facebook no More Posts to Show

Select log out and then re-login.

Facebook no More Posts to Show
log out

Method 2 – Clear Cache and Cookies

As the points mentioned above tell us that cache can cause this error on Facebook. Because cache saves the app data, sometimes it happens that the issue is persisting even after re-login. That is due to the cache. As the cache that was creating the error for us is still there.

Hence, we found that the “No more posts to show” error solves by clearing the app’s cache. On the other hand, if you activate your Facebook account on the browser. Then, you can clear the cache and cookies of Facebook on the browser. Or maybe the whole browser cache, too. 

For clearing the cache and cookies on the browser:

Step 1 – Users can go to their phone settings.

Facebook no More Posts to Show
phone settings

Step 2 – After going to phone settings, they will have to find the option of Apps.

Facebook no More Posts to Show
phone settings

Step 3 –  Then, click on the option of Chrome browser in apps.

Facebook no More Posts to Show
Chrome browser

Step 4 – Now, just hit on the command of Clear Cache.

command of Clear Cache

Similarly, to clear the cache of the Facebook app:

Step 1 – First of all, go to settings. Then, Apps.

Go to settings

Step 2 – Now, search for Facebook in Apps. Select the command of Clear Cache.

Clear Cache

Cache cleared! Yeah!

3. Find More Friends

It is ultimately your wish, whether you want to make more friends or not on Facebook, yet, if you want to solve this, “no more posts to show” error on Facebook. Then, making even only one new friend might help to combat this Facebook issue.

Find More Friends
Find More Friends

Method 4 – Join Groups on Facebook or Follow a Page

Like making new Facebook friends, joining Facebook groups, or following a page, you can also bring more posts to your Facebook feed. Consequently, solving the issue of no more posts to show on Facebook.

Join Groups on Facebook
Join Groups on Facebook

Method 5 – Checking Feed Settings

It is also possible that your feed settings are making you facebook no more posts to show issues. Scroll down till the end of your feed. Here at the bottom, you will find the “edit feed” option. Just click on it and check it out.

Feed Settings

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Recommended Method

Since we have provided not only one or two but a total of 5 effective and applicable, and easy-to-do methods to fix facebook no more posts to show hence, all the Facebook users facing this issue can try out these five practical methods and select there are facebook no more posts to show right now.

However, the question that might arise now, in our readers’ minds, would be, which one is the most effective way to fix this issue? Which one would We, i.e., the solution providers, would recommend as the best method?

So, the answer here would be that the recommended method is the one that works for you, which means that it is situational. The technique that you find is helping is the best and the recommended method.


Q1. For what reason am I not seeing companions’ Facebook posts?

A1. Try not to stress. They haven’t un-friended you. The explanation you can’t see companions, status on Facebook is a direct result of a calculation Facebook uses to chop down the "clamor" on your profile. This calculation takes a gander at which companions you’ve had the most connections with, and afterward just shows you posts from those individuals.

Q2. For what reason am I seeing Facebook posts in my News channel about individuals I’m not companions with or bunches I’m not in?

A2. Your News source remembers posts about your companions. Action for Facebook, including when your
companions remark on posts from individuals you’re not companions with.

You likewise may see posts about your companions remarking out in the open gatherings that you’re not an individual from. In the event that you would prefer not to see posts in your News source about a companion's action on Facebook, you can:

  • Unfollow that companion.
  • Figure out how to change what you find in your News channel.
  • Figure out how to conceal presents you don’t need to see.

Q3. What does Limited Facebook resemble?

A3. At the point when you add somebody to the Facebook confined show, you remain companions with them
while restricting the presents they’re capable on see. They will possibly see your posts in the event that you’ve set the crowd to Public (demonstrated by the globe symbol), in the event that they’re labeled in it or if a common companion labels both of you in the post

Eleggible’s Final Words

After all, is said and done, these are the five fixes to facebook no more posts to show right now. Don’t forget to tell us which one you find the most helpful? If you face any issue, be it technical or any other related to Facebook or any other. You can tell us. Further, expect to have a solution to the problem as soon as you tell us about it.

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