10 Best Fake Hacking Prank Website Online (2023)

Unauthorized access to a website or its confidential information is known as hacking. Hacking, to put it simply, is engaging in prohibited behavior. There are several ways to hack a system, including fake hacking website. Hackers typically utilize a string of letters they type into forms to build a database command that grants them full access to a website server.

They may then access all credentials and other personal information on a website once they have that. Sec. 378 of the Penal Code, which in this situation may also be called Cyber Theft, may make hacking a website illegal. However, we are completely preventing you from engaging in this illegal activity in today’s post.

Today, we’ll have a look at a few fake hacker websites to trick friends; they’re straightforward and designed just for amusing, practical jokes. There are several technical prank sites that you may use to pull a humorous prank on your friends or foes without being an expert in computers if you want to execute a digital hacking prank on them.

These websites are incredibly simple to use, have a very natural appearance, and are a lot of fun. You can just open them and begin typing; when you press any random key, a random code will be typed on the screen, fooling your pals into thinking you are entering an actual code. Here are the greatest websites that you may use for the same, along with some of the best online tech or hacker pranks. Let’s learn more about them in detail:

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Top 10 Free Fake Hacking Website to Prank in 2023

#1. Hackertyper

hackertyper Fake Hacking Website

Even if you don’t know a single byte of code, HackerTyper will make sure you look to be a top-level coding expert as you learn true computer skills, including code and IT principles. On this hacking website, you will be directed to a page with a black background, and as soon as you start typing, different codes will appear on the screen.

The computer will keep displaying codes no matter which keys you press. The hacker typer unblocked website language, size, and colors may all be changed to suit your preferences. It’s a great option for pranksters and hacking enthusiasts, so you should give it a try. This fake hacking website is easy to use and provides simple navigation with clear directions. It certainly is unique in its sort.

#2. Pranx

pranx fake hack website

Pranx is among the most fun prank-hacking websites on the Internet. Although it appears to be a website for video games, you may simply play a practical joke by selecting any of the available alternatives. These include the Interpol database, Nuclear plant, Password cracker, Bitcoin miner, and more.

The website is user-friendly and has straightforward navigation with no confusing instructions. The website functions well on any smart device. The hacker simulator from Pranx gives the impression that your computer is being broken into.

Additionally, the hacker programs are quite convincing. When you launch the “Fake Virus” software, a screen that simulates a compromised screen will appear, and pressing any key on the keyboard will cause it to begin typing a hacker code. It would be best if you gave it a shot because it’s a terrific choice for pranksters and hacking fanatics.

Website Link: https://pranx.com/hacker/

#3. Hackertyper

hackertyper hacking websites prank

Hackertyper is one of the greatest fake hacking websites on the Internet for pretending to be a hacker to your friends. You will be sent to a page with a dark backdrop on this hacking typer website, and as soon as you begin entering, various codes will show on the hack screen.

No matter the keys you hit, the computer will continue to display codes, giving off a very polished appearance even if they are nonsense. The website’s text, size, pace, and colors may all be changed to suit your preferences.

A benefit of the hacker typer prank website is that it has a number of links for anyone who wishes to learn more about cybersecurity. Hacker Typer will make sure that you appear to be a top-level coding expert even if you don’t know a single line of code while you master actual computer abilities, including code and IT principles.

Additionally, to give it a more realistic appearance, the website automatically displays an “Access Denied” message after a brief interval, giving the impression that you are attempting to get into an upper-edge database.

Website Link: https://hackertyper.com/

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#4. Pramuwaskito

pramuwaskito fake hacking site

Users may access this platform legally, at no cost, and in safety. To pretend to be a cyber security professional, you have to start inputting random text; this provider offers high-quality services at reasonable costs. You may truly utilize this gadget to learn new things about coding and other computer abilities and appreciate everything positive about them.

Setting the update option and then making the window full-screen are all that are required. It’s incredibly user-friendly and simple to set up. It’s a nice technique to demonstrate your expertise in hacking since your friend won’t understand what happened to their computer if you keep it full screen and won’t find out unless you tell them.

Website Link: https://pramuwaskito.org/hacker/

#5. Hacker-simulator

hacker-simulator prank hacking website

This is another fantastic choice for a fake hacking website for those interested in hacking. It is fairly easy to use. The ability to completely modify the screen makes the hacking process for playing practical jokes on your pals much more authentic and lifelike.

This hacker prank simulator website also includes information for users who wish to learn more about cybersecurity and IT hacking, which is a good addition and aids in the users’ acquisition of accurate knowledge. You may begin writing code like a professional by just going to the website and pressing any key, convincing folks that you are an expert hacker.

Due to its simplicity and high level of quality, you may utilize this platform without experiencing any difficulties.

Website Link: https://hacker-simulator.com/

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#6. Geektyper

geektyper fake hacking prank

Another excellent fake hack typer website like hacker Typer is geek typer. In contrast to hacker typer, the geek type offers additional functionality and themes. The best thing is that you may pick from 24 distinct themes that are offered on the site, including versions for the shield, visual studio, alien themes, umbrella corp., and more.

A little clip might serve as a fast tutorial if you need some training on how to use the site. This video is quite useful. Additionally, some versions provide audio-supported code, while others have visual code. These and other features will make people believe that you are trying to hack into a government or business website.

This is a whole bundle, so you should definitely check them out. They will undoubtedly have something to fit everyone’s tastes; the greatest part is that it is free of charge.

Website Link: https://geektyper.com/

#7. Boredalot


If you have nothing to do and want to kill some time, check out this website; it’s entertaining and keeps you interested. They have a tonne of strange and meaningless fake hacking website categories full of websites that serve no purpose in life other than to be utterly pointless yet fun.

They have a category to cure anyone’s boredom; this collection has been hand-picked by their staff and is certain to combat those dull days and put joy on your face simultaneously. Check out their fake hacking tool to trick your pals into thinking you are a hacker.

This site also teaches you cool hacking codes, which is beneficial. Therefore, why not take some time to check this out as it is a really enjoyable website for everyone to use.

Website Link: https://boredalot.com/type-like-a-hacker/

#8. Fediafedia


Due to its ease of use and entertaining activities, Fediafedia.com is legitimate and safe for people to visit. The website was established a number of years ago, and its SSL certificate is still active. The name of the website owner has been concealed, although there may be a good reason, given that spammers use this information to email website owners.

This website is exceptionally safe since all data is transmitted between your browsers, encrypted, and cannot be read by anyone else. It’s a fun website where you may trick your friends and display your coding skills. You can definitely try this out, and you and your pals will be shocked that they won’t realize it’s fake. Go to their website for more details.

Website Link: https://fediafedia.com/neo/scp/

#9. Hackertyper.io


One of the greatest websites online for fooling your friends into thinking you’re a hacker is called Hackertyper. On this fun website, you will be directed to a page with a black background, and as soon as you start typing, different codes will appear on the fake hacking screen.

The computer will keep displaying codes no matter which keys you press. The website’s content, size, and color scheme can be changed to suit tastes. Even if you have no experience with coding, Hacker Typer will make you look to be a top-tier programmer.

The website also automatically displays an “Access Denied” notice after a brief delay, giving the impression that you are trying to access an advanced database to give it a more genuine aspect.

Website Link: https://hackertyper.io/

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#10. Hackaday


Every day, Hackaday uploads new hacks collected from the Internet; their witty postings are the pinnacle of fun for engineers and technology fans. The firm works to encourage the free and open flow of ideas and information, and its front page combines hacks from the community with our own original material.

The finest aspect is that they inspire seasoned veterans and teach those who are just beginning the art of hacking; this is a very creative activity that can also be extremely technical and cunning. With this platform, you can simply share your hobbies with the world and showcase the things you’ve previously produced.

Your work will be documented on their hosting site at Hackaday.io. Check this out to learn new hacks and information that will be useful when you start working in the hacking industry. It is a fantastic fake hacking program website to develop your knowledge and skills.

Website Link: https://hackaday.com/

Eleggible’s Final Words

You’ll have a lot of fun using these sites to trick people into thinking you’ve joined the dark side of cyberspace; just be careful to keep out of trouble and limit your usage of them to pranks. We have compiled this list specifically to prevent you from getting into legal issues by abusing the websites, so please use caution.

We really hope you found this essay to be as interesting to read as it was for us to write and that you gained something from it. Please provide your insightful comments and recommendations so that we may address them in our next posts.

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