6 Best Fake Instagram Follower Checker Websites

Finding out how involved a creator’s audience is will help you identify influencers whose followers are really interested in their work. You may determine whether any of their followers are bots by performing a thorough fake Instagram follower checker on their profiles.

Marketing campaigns can succeed or fail depending on their social media creators. They can reach enormous audiences by promoting any good or service using their reputation.

However, not all influencers are supposed to be equal, and your choice of partnerships will significantly impact the success of your subsequent efforts.

If you’re looking for creators for your business, it’s crucial to evaluate their profiles first to ensure that you choose a dependable representative with active audiences.

An analysis is essential before collaboration. In a word, fake followers are accounts or bots that have been created on Instagram or other social networking platforms only to increase follower counts are useless, and these are not accounts with engaged, active users.

The promotion of your product to these bot follower check will be ineffective because they are not actual people. As a consequence, you must closely review any fake followers on specific accounts with whom you desire to cooperate.

To help you with this, we have compiled a list of websites that may help you identify and learn more about the influencers who will enable you to get the best results. If this is what drew you here, then please read on. Let’s review them in more depth now.

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Top 6 Fake Instagram Follower Checker Websites (2023)

#1. Fake Check

Fake check fake instagram follower checker
Fake check

This Instagram analyzer tool is designed to determine whether a user’s followers are real or have been purchased from other entities. To determine how involved their followers are—the degree of social engagement, which is more significant than social reach—this is done by analyzing their account and the 20 most recent posts.

It is likely that the account purchased Instagram followers if the number of likes and comments generated by the number of followers differs from what is considered normal in the business.

This type of tool is simple to use, and influencer clubs, marketing experts, and Instagram users all utilize it. You may register with them to check Instagram account stats and receive a free analysis.

Everyone can use this application easily, and you can also buy their premium package to have access to other benefits. If this interests you, you could check it out.

Website Link – https://www.fakecheck.co/

#2. Modash

Modash fake instagram follower checker

It’s all about follower numbers, engagement rates, fake followers, popular content, and more on this site. The platform Modash, which assists marketers in locating and evaluating Instagram influencers worldwide, also offers a fake followers check instagram for free, and powerful tool for detecting Instagram fake accounts.

This is a brief, free-of-charge software that you can use to check fake Instagram followers’ audits on Instagram accounts and quickly understand their statistics. When people deal with Instagram producers, their greatest service is to assist others in checking for phony followers and other statistics.

Additionally, their subscription edition offers influencer discovery and more comprehensive statistics. Everyone can utilize this, one of the finest business tools. You can explore them.

Website Link – https://www.modash.io/fake-follower-check/

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#3. Hypeauditor


This is a legitimate tool, and you can use it to check any Instagram account and evaluate the caliber of its audience and the validity of its interaction by using the free false follower audit tool.

They will assist you in spotting false influencers so that you don’t waste your time, effort, and money on inefficient alliances. Just put the account name into the fake follower check tool’s search field to audit any Instagram account and click Check.

It’s quite easy to use. An audit result will be delivered right away. HypeAuditor analyzes the level of a creator’s audience and the overall success of the account using a machine-learning technique and machine vision and provides you with accurate results.

They also provide a 1-100 rating tool that will inform you of the quality of the account’s audience and whether the Instagram creators have used unethical tactics to increase their following or engagement.

This tool aids all marketing firms in getting a better understanding of the influencers so they can consider hiring them if they genuinely believe they are deserving.

Website Link – https://hypeauditor.com/free-tools/instagram-audit/

#4. Inbeat


To assess the quality of an influencer’s following, you may use inbeat fake followers to acquire an audit of their audience and detect false, inactive, or suspicious followers.

For marketing companies, compare the target data from industry standards with the creator’s data and assess the quality of the audience.

Better authentic influencers with valid accounts may be employed by analyzing the quality of the audience; for such marketing companies, connecting with the target audience is what generates money.

Analyzing social media profiles on your behalf and identifying whether fraudulent accounts are following prospective influencers, inBeat’s fake Instagram follower checker helps you save time and money.

The tool aids in connecting you with best real instagram growth and influencers who have relevant audiences made up of actual followers that are human. You should check this out because it is open to everyone.

Website Link – https://www.inbeat.co/fake-follower-checker/

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#5. Grin


Grin fake instagram follower checker

You may use their free comparison tool to look at analytics and influencer engagement rates that can assist you as an agency choose the best creators to collaborate with.

This audit tool will not only prevent you from dealing with phony influencers but also train you to recognize false followers and the producers who use them easily.

With Grin, you can centrally manage all of your interactions with influencers. Working with fake influencers will ultimately result in little to no ROI and perhaps even reputation damage.

Recruitment of want-to-be creators with fake followers on Instagram may cost a business thousands of dollars for every campaign in comparison to what excellent creators can do.

Thus it’s critical to hire the correct ones. Check them out because they offer a tonne of social media audit tool for free.

Website Link – https://grin.co/influencer-marketing-tools/fake-influencer-tool/

#6. Socialauditor

Socialauditor fake instagram follower checker

Any Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube profile may be analyzed using SocialAuditor to check for false followers, likes, comments, and demographic data.

Any username may be entered into the search field, which will then quickly assist you in scanning all of the followers, likes, and comments for any doubtful accounts, behaviors, or activities so you can discern between genuine involvement and artificially generated phony interactions.

There are three different plans with varying benefits and costs accessible on this platform, and you can choose the one that fits your scale and needs best by using SocialAuditor.

If this description intrigues you, check out their platform. They offer incredibly transparent, user-friendly, and 100% accurate technology that you can simply audit and detect the genuine value of your possible business partners.

Website Link – https://socialauditor.io/

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Eleggible’s Final Words 

Countless millions of dollars are lost by businesses due to fake Instagram followers. Genuine engagement is still a major issue that many companies deal with.

Influencer marketing may yield astounding results for businesses. Still, the key to a successful campaign is finding sincere producers who can communicate a brand’s message to their enthusiastic audience.

You can quickly identify fake influencers with the websites we’ve provided above. You can use a fake Instagram follower checker to check the account and assess the audience’s quality and engagement authenticity, which will allow you to decide whether to collaborate with a particular influencer online. 

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