11 Fake Phone Number For Verification Online (2022)

Are you someone who is willing to send and receives fake phone number for verification to people all over the world by using the internet? But at the same time, you are not interested in sharing your original number and identifying with them.

Or you want to first better know the person you receive messages from and then extend the conversation with the actual number and identity. Well, we got your idea, and we are here to help. How would you react if we told you that we have a solution to all your problems?

Today, in this article, we are going to tell you about eleven excellent tools that will generate a fake phone number for verification that will let you do all that you want to. These tools are free to use and give a temporary number to their users for receiving SMS from all over the world.

Some of them even allow their users to send voicemails as well. Now, isn’t that just an amazing thing to talk about? We are quite sure that you are going to love them. Though many of them are mentioned below, we can guarantee that all of them are the best in their field and we are sure that you won’t regret it after trying them. So, without wasting more time, let’s jump straight into the article!

Top 11 Best Fake Phone Number For Verification with SMS Online

#1. Receive SMS

Receive SMS is a fantastic website where you can create fake phone numbers and hide your original identity whenever you are receiving SMS online. This tool is straightforward to use, and you can easily access it even if you are just a beginner.

Receive SMS provides fake numbers to its users, using which the users can get in touch with people from various countries, including the topmost countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico and many more.

The communication network of these countries is quite extensive, which will give the users a comprehensive base to connect with. Not just this, Receivesms charges nothing from its users for using it, i.e. it is entirely free to use.

Getting such a good tool without paying anything in return is impossible. There are plenty of positive reviews and comments about this tool which add to its trustworthiness. So, we recommend you try them once.

#2. Receive-SMS


If you are willing to receive SMS and voice mails online and that too, without sharing your original phone number and identity, then this tool is what you must be looking for. The tool we mentioned here is just the perfect match for your requirements.

Receivesmss is a free-to-use fake phone number generator that allows users to take any phony phone number and use it as their own. The main idea behind this is to use the number as a temporary measure to establish contacts worldwide and, if interested, share the original identity and phone number.

This tool is straightforward to use and is well known for its simplicity. Many people have used it and left positive comments on its site. Hence, you can give it a try. Apart from the basic features, there are plenty of other features that can be explored as well.

#3. Freephonenum


Freephonenum is a reliable tool for generating fake numbers for verification for everyone looking for a free and effective tool. This tool provides temporary or, in other words, disposable phone numbers to its users and allows them to receive texts from all over the world.

The numbers this tool provides are significant in hiding the user’s identity and are very effective in serving the purpose. Not just SMS, Freephonenum is a fantastic tool that gives you the option to send voicemails as well.

Thus, you can hide your identity and have fun while surfing and chatting on the net. The website gives free temporary numbers belonging to the USA and Canada. So, if you are willing not to share your original number and have a conversation with people over the net temporarily, this tool is made for you, and we will surely recommend you try this at least once.

#4. Quaker


If you are also keen to use a tool to hide your original identity and a fake phone number for verification, then Quackr is the right match for your needs. Quaker takes great care that you and your privacy are kept at the highest level of supremacy, and no compromises are made.

This tool allows the users to use a temporary phone number and not their real phone number whenever they surf the net. This fake number can be used to receive SMS online in more than twenty-two countries, including the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

This tool is entirely free to use, and not even a single penny is charged from its side for using it. Moreover, the free temporary numbers they provide are updated as regularly as every month so that the users can get the latest of them. Not just this, even a sign-up is not required to use their services. Try this once and we are sure you will be a fan very soon.

#5. Temporary-phone-number


A temporary phone number is an excellent tool that helps users to generate fake phone numbers for verification by following a handful of easy steps. A quick phone number is a free tool, and you don’t have to pay a single buck for its use.

Using this free generator, a user can receive SMS text messages online from anywhere in the world by hiding their original identity. This tool gives the user the freedom to use as many numbers as he wants, and the number of SMSes he can use is also unlimited.

Apart from all this, an outstanding feature of this tool is that it takes excellent care of the privacy of its users. This tool provides the user with a temporary phone number that never needs to use his original number again and share his identity.

Moreover, this tool offers great speed to its users. You won’t have to wait for an eternity to get your work done if you are using a Temporary phone number as a tool for doing your task. Now, how about giving it a try?

#6. Oksms


Get free, temporary, and disposable fake phone numbers to use for receiving SMS and voice mails by Oksms. This tool will help you get your phone number in a flash of a second and in the direction of your fingers.

This is a tool that doesn’t ask its users to make hefty payments for its use and gives complete freedom to pick any temporary number that the user likes. It helps the user to connect worldwide with that fake identity.

Not just this, the quick numbers are updated regularly, which is not a feature that can be witnessed in most apps. You must try this tool right now and share your experiences with others. We are confident enough that it won’t disappoint you. There are straightforward steps that are required to be followed for generating a fake number by using this app

#7. Receivesms.ORG


Receivesms.ORG is our next free fake verification phone number generator that will keep you amazed after you will get to know about the fantastic features that it has to offer. This tool not just provides a fake phone number to its users for free but also has straightforward steps that are needed to be followed.

Many other tools have unnecessarily complicated the fake phone number generation process, and the users have to wait a lot before they actually get results. However, this tool is not like them and comparatively delivers faster results.

The fake number that it provides works well in many countries worldwide and is hard to detect. The user is given the choice of selecting the number on its own and then using it temporarily. The best thing is that you won’t need to pay anything to get this number.

You can generate fake phone numbers from around twenty-five countries, too, within just three minutes. So, what are you waiting for? Go give it a try!

#8. Receive-SMS-free


Receive-SMS-free is another beautiful website on our list that helps users generate fake phone numbers or choose one from a list of fake phone numbers from different countries. The website is straightforward, and one can quickly generate fake phone numbers within just a few minutes.

You can go for selecting a fake and random phone number from their list and can even get an SMS from the number. The website is easy to use, and even a beginner can use it because the UI of this tool is smooth.

Getting such a brilliant tool without paying anything is just a deal you should not let go of. We recommend you give this tool a shot and experience the advantages on your own. There are a lot of additional features that will amaze you once you will start using the device.

#9. Textmagic


Textmagic is an excellent tool if you are looking for an easy-to-use website to generate a fake phone number for a website or app verification. Textmagic is a perfect tool where you can generate. 

Fake phone numbers easily within just three minutes. However, the website is not entirely free to use, but you can take a free trial on the website. This trial will help you get some idea of the functioning and advantages of the site.

The website has a lot of unique features, and it is straightforward to use. If you are searching for a good website where you can quickly generate fake and random phone numbers within a few minutes for a website or application verification, or maybe for your business, Textmagic is what you need.

It has many unique features you can explore while trying the free trial of the website. You can also get a paid version of the website if you like the website.

#10. Mobilesms


Mobilesms is the following website on our list, which helps users to generate fake phone numbers at their fingertips in just a few moments. Mobilesms is an excellent and convenient tool if you want to develop a phony phone number without many hustles.

You need to go through the website, and you can quickly generate a fake phone number for your website. If you need to develop a phony phone number for a website or application verification, or you need it for another purpose, you can go for this website without thinking twice.

It’s an excellent tool for users and is also easy to use. Visit this website once to generate fake phone numbers with fun immediately. You can get a fake phone number of any country and whatever amount of number you desire. Even though there are a lot of free tools to use for the task at hand, we are sure that this particular tool has a different identity and is very competent.

#11. Textrapp


Textrapp is the last excellent fake phone number generator in our list that is completely free for users. Within a few minutes, you can easily get a fake phone number for verification on any website or application.

Whether you want a fake phone number for verification or some other utilization, you can use this phony phone number generating tool. To develop a fake phone number with the help of the text app website, you need to insert the details about your phony phone number.

When you open the website, you will be asked to fill in which country’s phone number you want and how many of them. You need to fill in the details, and you will get your desired amount of fake phone numbers within just a few minutes.

Textrapp is a great website where you will have a variety of unique and convenient options to generate fake phone numbers within a few minutes.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Here, we come to an end to this article and we are confident that you must have all the relevant information you were looking for. The tools listed above are nothing but the best you can get for generating a fake phone number for verification and sending or receiving SMS online.

The best thing about these apps is that they do not limit your freedom to any particular territory and allow you to connect all over the world. Another interesting fact about them is that even after delivering such excellent services, they are not willing to charge anything from their users.

These apps are highly rated in terms of their usage, and the very fact that they respect their user’s privacy increases their score too high levels. There are plenty of other apps in the same niche but these are certainly the best. We would recommend you to try them once and your experience will be your guiding light for making the final installation decision.

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