How to Fix iPhone 7 Plus Battery Drain Issue

After getting the latest update of iOS, do you also feel you are not getting the performance that you were expecting? The latest update of iOS is draining your battery life. This article will tell you the ways by which you can fix iPhone 7 plus battery drain issue and save your iPhone 7 battery life.

This issue may be because the apps have gone after the update installation. Before we move to the solution part lets, have a look at the various reasons why this might be occurring.

Reasons for iPhone 7 Plus Battery Drain

Sometimes the iPhone 7 plus battery drain issue can be because of some hardware issues that are tagged with the battery life. This is not the case with iPhone 7 because you must have observed this battery draining problem started only after you updated iOS to the latest version. This means the update is at fault.

We had already mentioned that certain apps became rouge after the update when they didn’t get enough system requirements because of the update.

It may also be possible that the update has reset the iPhone and might have enabled something that leads to the extra consumption of the battery. There could be a software bug that forces your iPhone to become busy and run out of battery more quickly.

5 Ways to Fix iPhone 7 Plus Battery Life

1. Change and Manage the Battery Usage

You can start by checking the battery status, check which apps are using the most of the power. For getting this information, you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Tap setting from the home screen.

Tap on setting in iPhone 7
Tap on setting

Step 2: Go to general.

Go to general in iPhone 7
Go to general

Step 3: Then click on the battery.

click on battery in iPhone 7
click on battery

Step 4: Now, you can scroll in this section to see the battery usage by the apps you have downloaded. 

check the battery usage in iPhone 7
Battery usage

From this section, you will get to which app is malfunctioning that the app might be running continuously. You can uninstall and reinstall that app to isolate it from the power problem.

2. Manage the iPhone Setting

Some settings can be tagged along with battery consumption. To rule out this issue, you have to make necessary adjustments. Some of them are:

1. You can disable the auto-brightness

disable auto-brightness in iPhone 7
disable the auto-brightness

A good amount of your battery can be saved by disabling the auto-brightness. To access and configure this option go to settings> display and brightness now toggle the switch to turn off the auto-brightness.

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2. Screen brightness adjustment

 It is a fact that brighter your display is more power; it will consume and faster your battery will drain. Now to access this option go to the control center by swiping up from the lock screen or home screen. Then tap and drag the brightness slider to the left to reduce the screen. 

Screen brightness adjustment in iPhone 7
Screen brightness adjustment

3. Adjust the frequency of background app refresh

You can reduce the battery drainage by limiting the apps that can refresh in the background and the app that can access your location. Go to settings> general then click on background app refresh. Then on the menu, you can choose which app you want to limit from using background app refresh. 

If you want to control the access of your location, go to settings> privacy >location service. Now in this, you can choose which app you can want to access or restrict the location from. 

Adjust the frequency of background app refresh in iPhone 7
Adjust the frequency of background app refresh

4. Enable reduce motion

When you turn on reduce motion, then unnecessary visuals are disabled. No doubt they add beauty to your iPhone, but they consume a lot of battery. As a result, your battery drains so fast. To increase or save battery life, you have to reduce the strain on your iPhone Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). 

A component that gives your iPhone the power to render beautiful visual effects. So, to turn on the reduce motion go to settings> general> accessibility> reduce motion. Then you can toggle the switch to enable this feature.  

Enable reduce motion in Phone 7
Enable reduce motion

5. Activate low power mode

You can activate the low power mode. This method is generally used when your battery is very low (about to die); this mode will help to reduce the amount of power consumed by the apps. To activate this mode, go to settings> battery then toggle the switch to enable the low power mode.

You can also add this feature to the control panel for this go to settings> control center> customize control> and then select the low power mode. After doing this, you can quickly access this feature from the control panel whenever you need it.

iPhone 7 plus battery drain
Activate low power mode

3. Close all Your Apps

Sometimes the apps maybe keep running in the background even if you are not using it. This will help you in some way as you can quickly access these apps when you need them as the app loading speed may be slow.

But this will consume more battery as it will remain loaded in the memory and enter a suspended mode. To check which apps are crashing more often, you need to go to settings> privacy> diagnostic and usage then to diagnostic and data.

To close all the apps from the background double click on the home screen to open the app switcher. Here you can see all the apps that are loaded in the phone’s memory to close the app swipe your finger upon the top and push the app off the screen.

iPhone 7 plus battery drain
Close all your apps

4. Manage the App Notification

The notifications of the apps also consume battery. You need not permit all the apps to send you notifications. To manage the app notifications, go to settings> notification here you can grant access to all the app you want to send you to push notifications. If you want to turn off notifications for some apps, then toggle the switch next to allow notifications.

iPhone 7 plus battery drain
Manage the app notification

5. Restore your iPhone from iCloud

If any of the methods mentioned above do not help in reducing the battery life then lastly you can try by restoring your iPhone. Follow these steps to restore:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone with the computer through USB cable.

iPhone 7 plus battery drain
Connect with USB Cable

Step 2: Open iTunes 

Step 3: Wait until your computer recognizes your iPhone. Tap in trust this computer.

Step 4: Select the restart option from the prompt that comes.

Step 5: Click the iCloud backup you want to restore iOS form

iPhone 7 plus battery drain
iCloud backup

Step 6: Continue by using the menus on your phone to connect to Wi-Fi and restore from your iCloud backup. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

iPhone 7 plus battery drain
Restore your iPhone from iCloud

Eleggible’s Final Words

We know the updated version has some problems which are causing more iPhone 7 plus battery drain, but certain methods can be used as mentioned above to reduce battery consumptions. We hope this article was a help.

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