7+ Best Free Focus Stacking Software [2023 List]

Do you often click pictures?

Do you call yourself a photographer?

Did you know how to stack pictures?

Well, then you might have come across the situation where you have multiple photos of the same thing but all these pictures have some or other area which is not properly focused?

A focus stack allows you to merge all these pictures and create a new picture with a much better and greater depth of field.

In technical terms, a free focus stacking free software is used to combine multiple PHOTOS which work by merging images.

It is ideal for combining different images in order to create a sharp photo also called free photo stacking software because the effect is achieved by superimposing the images.

The best focus stacking software on our list comes from Adobe, a great tool for advanced users.

The sharp picture is created by using stacking software. When it comes to focus stacking software, there are many software applications.

You should check all the software from our selection.

When you start using focus stacking software, you will face a time-consuming problem as it takes a lot of time to edit.

You have to use special software to correct those errors.

It takes a lot of time during photo shoots, usual photos, and landscape photography.

What is Focus Stacking Software?

This is software in which you can edit photos and combine multiple photos.

In focus stacking software after completing edition and merging photos, the resulting image stack photoshop comes with a greater depth as compared to the previous one.

This software is used by combining both picture and its background to create depth of the photo.

In stacking, it exceeds the high f-stop(F16-F64).

Stacking is also like photographic software.

What is the Best Free Focus Stacking Software? 

Let’s dive in.

1. CombineZP

CombineZP free focus stacking software

It is a free focus stacking software that is used to edit images. This is also called the image stack photoshop processing software Package. It creates a deep depth of the images. Users can use this stacking software in Microsoft windows.

CombineZP stacking software is regularly used to blend the images using digital photographs to create a composite image with an extended depth, and also it focuses on each and every image which has to be merged.


1. Load PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, and TIFF images.

2. Take all frames from a stack and align them together.

3. Alternative focus stacking modes, such as Do Stack, Do Soft Stack, Do Stack with Weighted Average Correction, and Pyramoid Maximum Contrast.

Why is CombineZP Best?

CombineZP is best because it can modify images, take videos, and it can combine images. CombineZP stacking software also has an animation feature and can also capture 3D images. It is user-friendly and has many features to edit images in different depths.


  • CombineZP stacking software doesn’t cost anything.
  • It is free stacking software.
  • It has advanced features.


  • CombineZP does not have too many features that pit doesn’t support premium counterparts, but when it comes to the depth of the image, it is an excellent stacking software

2. Picolay Stacking Software

Picolay free focus stacking software

Picolay is also one of the best focus stacking software. This software is also free of cost. Picolay is also developed by using a Microscope. By Using Picolay stacking software, you can combine images and EDIT images in 3D form.


  • The Picolay stacking software has different features like, 
  • It has light and colour contrast. 
  • This has colour saturation. 
  • It can be installed on your hard drive. 
  • There is a rotate and flip option. 

Why is Picolay the Best Focus Stacking? 

Picolay is the best focus stacking software for free because it has many features like it supports animation, slide show, image processing, editing images in different depth, etc. Plus point, it is free


  • In Picolay, you can add Multiple dimension pictures.
  • You can also add the same pictures of the same size.
  • There is no need to install this software separately. 

Cons :

  • You can install it on the hard drive. 
  • Final edited images can be stored in the format of jPEG, GIF, PNG, bitmap, etc.

3. Chasys Draw IES

Chasys Draw IES free focus stacking software

Chasys Draw IES is also known as Chasys Draw Artist. This is also one of the best stacking software. This software is based on layer graphics. In this software, the resolution is through image stacking. Chasys Draw IES supports the Windows operating system and has default image mode in order of compositing.


  • Chasys Draw IES has two blending modes.
  • It allows multiple layer textures.
  • Plug-in if IES supports the 18 mode scaling method.
  • It has a transparency of smart phase features.
  • It has an alpha adjustment function.

Why is Chasys Draw IES Stacking Software the Best?

Chasys Draw IES stacking software is best because it is designed in the concept of a free designed layer. It has a special layer that is used to change image pixels. Chasys Draw IES software allows the user to edit the images permanently that is indestructible. In this, the user can create animation videos by using the image mode method.


  • Chasys Draw IES has scanning functionality.
  • It supports a plug-in for creating animated gifs.
  • It has a square tip option.


  • This stacking software has issues with the platelets.
  • While rendering the images, it delays editing an image.

4. Image J

Image J free focus stacking software

Image J is also one of the best stacking software. It is also open software and supports windows. This works as follows-the ordinary image can be copied to the clipboard, and you can edit the pictures. This free Image stacking software allows multiple pictures to EDIT at the same time.


  • It has a toolbar for making selections, zooming pictures, and editing images.
  • It also has a selection bar in which the pixels of the image are visible.
  • The tools and menus on the right side of the toolbar are created using Macro defined in the file.


  • It supports different plug-ins.
  • It supports different file formats.


  • The plug-in used in this stacking software is written in the language of java.
  • It takes a lot of time to edit an image.

5. TuFuse

TuFuse free focus stacking software

TuFuse is the image stacking software that is a free version and user-friendly. This focus stacking software is also called blending software. It can be used as background editing software. This exposes pixels of an image. It uses the MKR algorithm to identify the best background for the image.


  • TuFuse Focus stacking software has an auto-bracketing feature.
  • It has an Intuitive Explanation of Image Fusion method.
  • Curves are in different phases of exposure.
  • Image alignment is done in this stacking software.


  • It has an alpha channel processor.
  • If you are using an alpha processing image editor, you should use all types of pixels in the image.


  • It has an impact on varying the curve length.
  • If you use more than five photos, it creates a global contrast.

6. Helicon Focus

Helicon Focus

This focus stacking software allows users to create eye-catching images. It also allows multiple images to edit. Helicon focus is also free software for all the users. Helicon Focus has three different versions for regular users and pro users.


  • It has RAW-in-DNG out mode.
  • Helicon Focus has an innovative retouching method.
  • It also has a helping grid.
  • The scientific scale is used in the Helicon feature to add a scale bar.
  • It focuses on the best results of the image and its depth.


  • It has the ability to create a 3D view of an image.
  • It also supports different file formats.


  • It has a built-in manufacturer code.
  • It has different versions for regular users and pro users, so users feel some difficulty in variating it.

7. Zerene Stacker


Zerene stacker is created for macro subjects. By using this free software, you can use multiple pictures. It has sharp images and deep depth. It focuses on stacking.


  • It has the ultimate depth of the pictures.
  • This has stacking parameters.
  • It has the touching capability.
  • Automatic alignment method.


  • It has the highest quality images.
  • It has accurate alignment and perfect interpolation.


  • Advanced stacking algorithms
  • Clean handling of hairs and bristles – no halos or contour lines
  • Preserves low contrast detail and avoids “stacking mush” with deep stacks


Is Focus Stacking Cheating?


Focus Stacking is not considered cheating. Focus stacking is a standard Maths method to improve the signal-to-noise ratio. It merely smooth’s out the graininess in the image background.

Does Focus Stacking Increase Resolution?


Focus stacking increases the resolution of the pictures. The stacking of multiple images reduces the significance of the image.

Eleggible’s Final Words

These are the 7 best free focus stacking software that you can install and start editing your IMAGES.

Focus stacking isn’t a technique that needs to be applied for each and every photo, but it’s important to understand when it’s going to be beneficial.

WE hope you like this information.

Feel free to ask if there are any queries.

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