13 Best Games Like Darkest Dungeon But Easier (2022)

Were you trying to find games like the darkest dungeon? Well, you in the right place! Darkest Dungeon has been a hit since it got released in 2016. Because of its cool graphics, a fantastic storyline, and so much more! Not only that, most of the people have been searching for Games Like Darkest Dungeon.

Here is a list of 13 best games like the darkest dungeon that is tried and tested. Try these 13 amazing games like Darkest Dungeon and are unique and best in their ways. 

For those who have not played darkest dungeon yet, here is a short para what the game is about; Darkest Dungeon is a role-playing video game that was released in 2016 by Red Hook Studios and published by merge Games. It begins with the narrator giving hints on his mysterious past as the player approaches the various level.

Top 13 Games Like Darkest Dungeon But Easier (2022)

If you are a die-hard fan of games and searching for Games Like Darkest Dungeon on the web, you are in a perfect place. Here is a list of 13 best games like darkest dungeons. I hope that you will enjoy playing these games as much as I enjoyed writing this article! 

1. Sin Slayers

Sin slayers got published in the year 2019, and it is developed by goonswarm and published by Black Tower Entertainment. It is an exciting and fun game. Throughout the game, you will come across a lot of exciting and fun things.

Sin slayers is an RPG with roguelike elements in a dark fantasy world that looks interesting. Overall your choices determine how challenging the fights and enemies would be. So, Crucial decisions are all that matters! The game has pretty decent reviews from people who have played and experienced the game. 


  • This game has a classic turn-based combat system in the tradition of the best JRPGs. 
  • This combat system gives you the freedom to pit your planned skills against the wretched inhabitants of the valley of fallen sinners 
  • Overall, the graphics are amazing.
Games Like Darkest Dungeon
Sin Slayers

2. Iratus Lord of the Dead

This game was published by Unfrozen, Daedalic Entertainment, and developed by, Frozen. And it got released in the year 2019. This game is dark, a bit challenging when it comes to playing but easy. Through this game, you play as an evil witch escaping from your prison to start ruling the world once again.

It is also an exciting game; it is a bit similar to Darkest Dungeon but unique in its way. I love how the remarkable story displays through the game. Those who know are looking for a more comfortable game than Darkest Dungeon, and this is it! It’s way easier and is one of the games like dragon. All in all, an entertaining and fantastic game.


  • There will be 18 obedient servants like zombies, vampires, skeletons, mummies, banshees, and many more.
  • To win, you need to know both the strengths and weaknesses of your troops and enemies; this is an essential thing to remember to win the game!
  • Iratus can kill his enemies by draining their sanity and not only by magic or claw.
  • Each minion will have six unique abilities for a total of nearly one-hundred skills for you to command.
  • The four talent trees that alter the way you play are Alchemy, Magic, Ire, and Destruction.
  •  Minions that will die will go for good, and the game saves automatically, making each choice irreparable.
Games Like Darkest Dungeon
Iratus lord of the dead

3. Battle Brothers

Battle brothers are developed by Overhype Studios and published by Overhype Studios, Ukiyo Publishing Limited, in the year 2015. It is an RPG game through which you manage a mercenary company in a low – power, medieval fantasy world. You have to make decisions like where to go, whom you should hire, or fight; it depends on your choices.

You will also have to train and equip your men in a practice generated open world campaign. Overall, there is no storyline; everything is developed, including the contact dialogues. But, The story of this game is the one you will create yourself. However, this game’s fun thing is taking contracts and going into battles that I enjoyed the most about this game. 


  •  To Manage a mercenary company.
  • Make decisions like where to go, whom you should hire or fight, train, and equip your men. 
  • Each character will gain experience through combat; you can also level up and get powerful perks.
  • Equipment matters! Different weapons grant unique skills, and you should remember this while playing.
Games Like Darkest Dungeon
Battle brothers

4. Vambrace: Cold Soul

Vambrace: Cold Soul is developed by Devespresso and published by Headup, and it got released in the year 2019. GamesVambrace: the cold soul is a pretty nice game. In one play, you will enjoy the game. The game is similar to Darkest Dungeon, with the main character finding a secret past from a dead relative’s will.

Those who were curious and wanted more stories of Darkest Dungeon will find a lot to like here! If you were looking out for the same, you have to check out the game and play once. Overall the game is exciting and fun to play, as I mentioned above! Also, the graphics are pretty good with a unique style. 


  • As you start playing the game, you’ll need to make a couple of choices. 
  • Each choice will unlock a costume for Evelia upon speaking to the correct person.
  • There are altogether seven intriguing chapters full of adventures and epic fantasy.
  • You will have to complete sub-quests to unlock up to 26 new, thematic character skins.
  • Make crucial decisions while playing because one wrong turn can seal your party’s fate. 
Games Like Darkest Dungeon
Vambrace: Cold Soul

5. Chasm

This game is developed by Bit Kid and published by Bit Kid, Leadman Games, and it came out in the year 2018. Chasm, the word itself tells us the meaning. It is a beautiful and fantastic game with a great storyline; it tells the story of an aspiring nobleman who is anxious to prove their worth.

In comparison, he is on a hunt to a mining town whose resources are essential to him. The story itself is so inspiring, and I’m sure you are going to love this game. The game is full of adventure things. It will engage you in its fantasy world full of exciting treasures, secrets, and so much more!

If you are looking for an RPG game similar to the darkest dungeon game, this is the one. Try playing this game once. I’m sure you are going to love this game a lot!


  • The story is the same for all the players; however, the map’s layout is unique for each adventure. 
  • Combat will give the player an option of a melee weapon and sub-weapon to do the most damage.
  • The player can level up, collect new weapons as he travels down into the mine.
  • Each map divides into themed sections like catacombs and gardens.
Games Like Darkest Dungeon

6. Warsaw 

Warsaw got released in the year 2019 and published by Pixelated Milk and gaming company. In addition, if you are looking for an RPG game similar to the darkest dungeon for your PS4, Switch, and PC, warsaw would be an exciting and fantastic choice.

The play “warsaw” is about the historical Warsaw riot named Poland, against the Nazis, during World War II. Overall, the game is fantastic and easy to play as compared to the darkest dungeon. If you were looking for an easy game like the darkest dungeon, you must try this one out!


  • Each solder will have his class of nature.
  • Everything focuses on the management of the resistance of shelter. 
  • Warsow focuses on movement and trick jumps.
  •  The various movement tricks help the player to collect health, armor, and weapons efficiently.

7. Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald is a single-player role-playing game, and it got released in the year 2015. It is developed and published by Belarusian studio Aterdux Entertainment. This game has a fantastic storyline while you are on a journey with your troops to become a legend of the Eisenwald world.

Great fun with excellent visuals and a good storyline. The concept is similar to the darkest dungeon. However, This game is a lot easy than the darkest dungeon. Legends of Eisenwald is a very adventurous game, and I would recommend you guys to try this one out!


  • It is a land full of magical powers.
  • You can train your troops and lead them to fight for battles. 
  •  Global map interactions will include completing quests, buying, and selling armor and weapons.
  • Battles consist of a fight between a hero’s squad and an enemy squad.
  • The winner will receive experience points once the battle gets over!
Legends of Eisenwald

8. Legrand Legacy

Legrand legacy came out in the year 2018, and it is developed by semisoft and published by Another Indie, Mayflower entertainment. It is a single-player video game. This game has fantastic 3D graphics. The storyline is what makes this game unique and stand out from others.

To conclude, In this game, you start with a mad adventure through a fantasy world. You will find a lot of adventurous and fun things in this game. If you are a crazy gamer who loves to play adventurous games, you should give this a try!


  • You will have your castle, and you have to protect it from your enemies. So, you have to be careful about this thing. 
  • The best part about this game is that you can loot your enemies and sell weapons in exchange for money and This is the most exciting part of this game which I found! 
  • Amazing 3D graphics.
Legrand legacy

9. Deep Sky Derelicts 

This game released in the year 2017. And it is published and developed by 1c Entertainment, 1c Company, 1c Publishing Eu s.r.o. What made me more attracted to this game was the storyline. Nowadays, there is a lot that has been going on about humanity.

And this is precisely what the game is all about! Wherein, the player lives off of scraps from derelict alien stations. Hoping he will remove this social caste one day. 


  • There are altogether two modes in this game, i.e. story, and arena.
  • Customization for characters and scavenging teams are unlimited. 
  • The story about, how human society is divided within a dystopian universe.
  • Amazing graphics and storyline. 
Deep sky Derelicts

10. Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Battle Chasers: Airship Syndicate, Airship syndicate Entertainment develop Nightwar, and it came out in the year 2017. It is a beautiful and fantastic game with a great storyline. It tells the story of a young girl who is on the mission to find her lost father.

This game is full of exciting things. When her father disappeared mysteriously, by looking at this small summary, you can easily make out that it is a bit emotional and exciting game. The difficulty level of this game is easy, and you will enjoy playing it!


  • There will be a total of six characters to choose from.
  • You can create your troop ( by choosing any three out of six)
  • Each hero has unique qualities and skills.
Battle Chasers: Nightwar

11. For the Kings

For the kings got published in the year 2017 and IronOak Games develop it, Warp Digital Entertainment and published by IronOak Games, Curve Digital, Merge Games. Also, It is an entertaining and exciting game. The storyline is kind of similar to the darkest dungeon.

Wherein, the king was gets murdered, and you go on a mission to take revenge of the murderer and to bring peace and justice to the land and king. The game has many positive reviews from the people who have played and experienced the game. Overall, what I loved most about this game were the storyline and the concept. 


  • You can play this game yourself, or you can play with random unknown players online. 
  • There are going to be traps set by enemies. So, it would help if you were careful whatever steps you are taking in a while playing.
  • Unique storyline ( like the darkest dungeon) and excellent graphics. 
For the kings

12. Dead in Vinland 

Dead in Vinland was out in the year 2018 and CCCP developed it, also it got published by Dear villagers, Plug In Digital, MP Digital, LLC.

It is a unique game and has a lot of elements that make it different. Dead in Vinland is impressive in both ways, i.e. storyline and playing game. Overall, the players can explore the island and collect treasures. It is just amazing in many ways.


  • You will face a – lot of weather conditions while searching for resources like food, equipment, and a lot more. 
  • There will be plenty of things you can do in this game other than, fighting with enemies.
  • Besides, It has a good storyline and graphics.
  • You can also do plenty of things like fishing, hunting, etc. 
Dead in Vinland

13. BattleHeart Legacy 

This game came out in the year 2014. In addition, it is developed by Mika Mobile and published by Mika Mobile. In addition, Battle heart is a thoroughly adventurous game wherein; it starts with a skilled fighter who decides to fight against the enemies and save the world.

Overall, the game is fun and easy to play, and also, graphics are pretty good with a unique style. BattleHeart Legacy is a great RPG video game to play. 


  • You can also create your character from the given classes.
  • In real-time combats, you’ll have to go against the enemies using your skills to survive by eliminating them.
  • Besides, BattleHeart Legacy is a great RPG video game to play. 
BattleHeart Legacy

Eleggible’s Recommendation

It is quite difficult for me to choose one or two out of these 13 games as all of them are best and unique in their ways. And I can’t even recommend all because it will take a long time to try all of them. 

So, I would recommend you guys to try out vambrace: Cold Soul and Battle chasers: Nightwar as both of these are similar to the darkest dungeon with a unique touch. To summarize, both of these games have an excellent storyline which is like the darkest dungeon. The storyline of this article attracted me more. So, I will recommend you guys to give these two a try! 

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What Type of the Game is the Darkest Dungeon?

The storyteller will give hints on the mysterious past as the player will approach the various level. 

Can You Lose in the Darkest Dungeon? 

No, you can’t lose in this game. 

How Long Does It Take to Beat the Darkest Dungeon?

Seventy-seven hours can take you to beat the darkest dungeon as per references. 

How Do You Get Good at the Darkest Dungeon?

Practice and play daily to improve and know math. 

Eleggible’s Final Words

To conclude, Above is a list of 13 games similar to the darkest dungeon, different and unique in ways with a comfortable level of playing and you can try some of the games which you found interesting and fun. All of them are different from each other, but there is something similar about them, which connects them.

As I mentioned above, I can’t choose just one out of 13, but I can recommend two games. i.e. vambrace: Cold Soul and Battle Chasers: Nightwar. In addition, I found these two pretty similar to the darkest dungeon if you want to try these two as per my recommendations please do try them! And if you found something exciting and fun game in the article and you want to try that game than, please do so. 

Thanks for reading:)

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