Who Should Get a Partnership Agreement? (Must Read!)

Do you know there are only 7% of businesses that are running in a partnership? Why is the percentage so low, and why don’t people collaborate with other rich and like-minded people to grow their business? Who Should Get a Partnership Agreement? The answer is simple: they are afraid of disputes. 

Let’s discuss the partnership agreement first. In simple words, a partnership deed is a legal document is approve by law, that specifies the ways business is run and details relationships between each other. 

In other words, a business partnership is just like a personal partnership. It’s right in some cases. The parties involved should have clear understandings about their responsibilities and share of profit in the agreement. 

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Components of a Partnership Deed

Congratulations! If you’ve got a perfect partner for your business who will share your burden and profit. Now you need to prepare a partnership agreement that should include these components:

  • Partnership tenure
  • Share of ownership
  • Share of profits and losses
  • The way of termination
  • How both can buy each other’s share to become a sole proprietor
  • Management authority
  • Decision-making powers
  • Death or withdrawal of a partner
  • Resolving conflicts of interest

All these components make a successful partnership agreement that can be downloaded from CocoSign, where you can also e-sign documents at the same site. 

Who Should Get a Partnership Agreement

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Why Does Your Business Need a Written Partnership Agreement?

It’s not only getting an excuse from the disputes that are an integral part of business culture. A partnership agreement is much more than resolving a conflict between the partners. Here are several factors that state: your business partnership should be on the paper. 

1. To Get Control Over Business Affairs

A somewhat written partnership agreement will have reasonable restrictions over the transfer of property or interest. If there are no written conditions on how a partner can sell his/her parts even to his competitor, it may cause a massive loss to the second partner. 

Although it’s mentioned that the property can be sold to the other partner in some cases if the second wants to leave the agreement. If adequately reviewed and drafted, these provisions can help the existing owners to retain their percentage. It’ll be suitable for both parties not to welcome a new partner. 

2. To Protect a Minor’s Ownership

A child is a person whose age is less than 18 years up to the date of signing a contract. A minor’s guardian can mention the terms and conditions for profits and losses in the partnership agreement. However, a little will not affect by the losses until he reaches the age of 18.

Although both parties enter into a partnership agreement full of optimism and positive vibes, small disputes can burn the whole forest like a matchbox’s small flame. It may end up destroying the entire operation. A well-written deed can protect a minor’s rights and apparent all disputes without getting into more trouble. 

Who Should Get a Partnership Agreement
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3. Accede on Important Issues

This clause can free your worries about future disputes. It can merely allow the partners to accede in advance on critical decisions. For instance, dispute resolution, responsibilities in the business, and many others. 

Suppose both parties agree on the way that in case if there’s any dispute arises, how it will be resolved between them. They can write the name of a third party who may listen to both of them and then give her verdict. Why go to court when a mediator can resolve the conflict within the office premises.

4. To Protect the Investment of Both Parties

Life and death are uncertain. Anybody can die at any time without getting sick for months before the end. Therefore, a partnership agreement should include a provision about the future, insanity, or permanent disability. In case of death, the partnership is automatically broken: the deceased person has nominated his heirs. 

Any of the events mentioned above may lead to bankruptcy or disposal of the company. Without having a written agreement, the owner may force to dissolve the company. 

Who Should get a Partnership Agreement?

A partnership agreement is not necessary for two persons only. It can use by a large company that has more than two partner investors. A small business run by family members or relatives may sign a partnership agreement to define their duties.

A start-up can also sign a partnership agreement if one person invests capital and the other person provides services. Even two businesses of contrast nature can also sign a partnership agreement to share their assets and wealth. 

Get your free partnership agreement from CocoSign and also get a digital signature to sign it with style. You can save this file in your dropbox or services like this for future uses.

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