15 Best Google Chrome Flags Settings to Enable (2022)

Google chrome is quite popular among people who love surfing the net. This chrome has a hidden feature that is google chrome flags settings that is quite expensive but is very useful.

This feature of chrome is stillc under development. There might be a possibility that you can lose your data or get some bugs on your PC.

Top 15 Google Chrome Flags Settings to Enable to Boost Browsing

In this article, I have listed some of the best google chrome flags to enable that will make a huge difference in your browsing experience.

1. Parallel Downloading

This is considered to be the best option for google chrome flags. this helps you by making your downloading process faster and easier as it establishes multiple connections to download a single file.

We have explained in detail how to download an embedded video from any website in this post.

The feature will be working only for those downloading process that takes more than 2 seconds to download. If you start using this feature then you will feel a huge difference as it increases the overall downloading speed. 

2. Quieter Notification

You must have noticed that almost all the websites ask for permission for the notification of the website by a prompt window. These prompt windows are of no good use apart from this they always break the workflow of the user thus makes a bad user experience.

This feature of the google flag will help you by making this annoying prompt notification in a much quieter version so that you are not interrupted.

3. Share Page via QR Code

Sometimes while just browsing through the internet you get a page that you find quite interesting and informative, what if you want to show this same page to your friends then you have to open the same page on your phone also.

But you must be knowing this is not as easy as it seems unless you are login both the devices with the same account. With this QR code feature, you just have to scan the QR code of the page then it can be easily opened.

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4. Native File System API

This feature will allow the developer to create an amazing application that can easily interact with the file. One3 the application is made and the user grants the access then they can easily make changes in the files and documents and these changes will be automatically be saved. You can also open the directories and enumerate their content. 

5. Force Dark Mode

If you are working in dim light or you love the dark mode that is now on every app of your smartphone then don’t worry this feature of google chrome will help you make every webpage you visit into the dark mode so that you are not irritated by that shinny bright pages anymore.

This feature is inbuilt in the chrome but sometimes it takes time for this feature to work so the best solution is to use the color inversion option. 

6. QUIC Protocol

This feature supports multiplexed connections over UDP. This application of google was developed to provide security protection that will eventually help in reducing connection and transport latency.

In short, you can say that this feature will combine all the fast and secure elements for your browsing process. 

7. Heavy Ad Intervention

This is the most important google chrome flags settings that you must enable. Whenever you are surfing the net you must have come across many ads but do you know all these heavy ads take a lot of system resources.

It will eventually lead to consuming high bandwidth and your battery will drain. This feature of chrome as the name suggest help on blocking these heavy ads. It keeps your system is secure and you can use them to their full potential. 

We have explained all the best free POP Up blocker to remove Ad in chrome.

8. Share Clipboard

This is quite an amazing feature of google chrome that has helped people in making their assignments, ppt, etc.. The feature allows you to copy text from one device and paste them to others.

After enabling the flag, you will see a new “copy to your device” option when you right-click highlighted text on a webpage. This feature is functional in many platforms like Windows, Linux, Android, etc. 

9. Override Software Rendering List

Sometimes you must have observed that your browser is running slower than usual this may be because chrome sometimes disables the version of GPU acceleration device driver. If you enable the override rendering list then this can solve the problem.

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10. Reader Mode

As technology advances we have become more dependent on technology, eBook being one of them. This reader mode of the google chrome will make your reading process easier as it strips the unwanted clutter that is seen in the background so that you can easily concentrate on what you are reading. It will also remove unnecessary ads. 

Reader mode
Reader mode

11. Tab Grid Layout

This is another amazing feature of google chrome, it is the new tab switcher which has extra options and features.

Unlike earlier where you were shown a card of the recent pages you visited which you can swipe and choose this new feature now just show you the links of the recent websites that you have visited, now you can easily choose if you want to revisit the website. 

12. Chrome Duet

This amazing feature of google chrome and a good chrome flags to enable that makes your browsing experience more amazing.

With the help of this feature, chrome will move most of the buttons to the bottom of the screen so that it can be easily reached just by single-handed. 

13. Tab Group

You can use this feature as tab hoarders. This will help you in viewing and choosing different tabs as it arranges all the tab into visually distinct groups.

You can even assign them with a unique name or color. You can properly arrange all the open tabs. 

14. Tab Hover Cards

This feature allows you to discern tab from one another. This feature is quite useful for those who usually keep dozens of tabs open in a single window.

When you will simply rest the cursor on the tab the hovercard will appear so that it will easier for you to know which tab you want to select. 

15. Google Lens

This is quite an amazing feature of google chrome that will help you find all the items that are in an image. This feature is now available in google chrome of almost all devices.

This feature is quite useful as now you can easily know what is in the picture and all the additional information that you want to know about that picture.

Google lens
Google lens

Eleggible’s Final Words

All the applications/programs of google chrome flags settings to enable that are in the list above are amazing. They make your browsing experience more interesting be it reading online, to searching with different tabs.

Even if you want to go back to the already searched website all these things are now easy and amazing with the help of the features. Enable all these features in your chrome and give them a try, hope this article was a help.  

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