9 Best GPS Software for Mac to Use in 2022

If you are looking for any GPS Software for Mac then you are in the right place. For many years GPS is most commonly used almost everywhere in the world. From cars to a portable GPS device, it’s been easy to determine your location from anywhere you stand.

The GPS technology is so emerging that it has developed from military to day-to-day life for tracking purpose.

But for Mac users, GPS software is nearly uncommon. However, there not much software that is the practice by Macintosh users.

Instead, some of the default software that comes along with hardware is not much proficient, shoddier, and is not even compatible with Mac.

Top 9 GPS Software for Mac to Use in 2022

But somewhere in the path, the use of mobile phone GPS, GPS devices, Garmins, Magellans, and Tomtoms are the increasing options for determining location.

If you don’t know which one is the best GPS software for Mac in 2022, you should probably read this article and get amazed by them.

1. TrailRunner

TrailRunner is one of the most popular applications used by most of the travelers and rovers for trekking, finding the best route, including other features.

It is an open-street mini-map that helps you to plan layout and can be a perfect companion for bikers, trekkers that travels a long-route. It can import GPS or workout soundtracks and journalize your activities in a diary.

GPS Software for mac

You can view maps with elevation by using an internet mapping service like Topo-maps. It can import or export TCX, GPX, and KML files.

Also, it can import from the Nike + iPod Sport Kit and can make a note of your progress chart. However, you can get this application free, but the in-app purchase includes a monthly subscription of $3.49 and a yearly subscription of $18.49.

2. rubiTrack

rubiTrack is a GPS enabled activity tracking software for the Mac for determining the location and used widely. It lets you permit to display, analyze, and organize outdoor activities more efficiently and quickly.

It is released by the publisher tool factory on February 07, 2022. rubiTrack also features unique activity contrast, which lets you relate numerous activities side-by-side visually at a single time. You can even track a cell phone location without installing any software.

Hence, it can be your outdoor companion for an outdoor sport such as running, biking, walking, hiking, skiing, and many more. 

The latest version, 5.3.2, has several improvements with quick bug fixing. It supports for more activities categories when introducing from FIT files.

GPS Software for mac

3. GPS Tracks

GPS Tracker is one of the most trending trackers for iOS, which is currently available for Mac. You can edit and create your routes by itself and set a waypoint by syncing data from your iCloud. This application can also navigate from different waypoints and generate an order list for the waypoint.

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In addition to GPS Tracks, GPS Track Premium has several features of accessing to GPS track maps and accessing alternate map sources. Elevation to waypoint and weather are the available features you can view on GPS Track Premium.

GPS Software for mac
GPS Track

4. Mac GPS Pro

Mac GPS Pro is an excellent navigation software that connects iOS with different GPS receivers. You can view our position with ease of moving digital maps and nautical charts. It automatically standardizes and imports routes that you can by yourself.

It imports and exports waypoints, routes, and tracks in the GPX interchange format used by other GPS programs. Hence, it also shows an elevation profile, exchange data with Goggle Earths, and print maps. It has most of the genuinely positive reviews with a rating of 4.2 and 9000+ downloads. The pricing of this application is about $59.99

GPS Software for mac
Mac GPS Pro

5. RouteBuddy

RouteBuddy is one of the most accessible software used to navigate maps efficiently. All the essential functions of your GPS device are supported through RouteBuddy.

It has features including creating a route between locations, Navigate to a destination address, transfer waypoint, direction, and track data to and from devices. It connects multiple devices to your Mac and has a smooth syncing of all your data.

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You can also view or print a full-screen map according to your demands and requirements. However, the latest version 4.2.1 fixes all the bugs and improves searching a route in a faster manner.

GPS Software for mac

6. Garmin Express

Garmin Express is a software application premeditated to accomplish Garmin devices. It is used for device cataloging, map updates and software updates, syncing fitness data with Garmin Connect, and much more.

You can able to see Wi-Fi Map and update a compatible device wirelessly. It is installed now and can use for navigating by connecting compatible GPS devices. It is a free Mac application through which you can update maps and friendly with the usage.

GPS Software for mac
Garmin Express

7. LoadMyTracks

It is another application that is user friendly and is used to get GPS for Mac. Due to its ease, it is widely known to get features installed. It makes the secure transfer of your data to a GPS device quickly without consuming much time.

It supports the most essential tools that include Growl notification. LoadMyTracks also provide you support for waypoints, tracks, and routes that can use as instruction for navigating from one point to another.

You can communicate with more than 30 supported GPS devices and translate data from GPX and KML. However, this varies from several methods. You can plan and track your exercise and make a better map for your roadways.

GPS Software for mac

8. GPSBabel

It is a cross-platform application (that can be run on Windows, Mac, Linux) to transfer route tracks and waypoints.  Many contributors use GPSBabel to convert GPS track data to GPX proprietary format. It is an open-street-map that enables people with incompatible GPS devices to share unit data.

It can run from a console window, but the graphical interface can be much more preferable and easy to use. GPSBabel reads write and manipulate GPS waypoints in a variety of formats on your Mac. It’s a highly flexible GPS tool supporting some of the devices. You probably check that your device supports it or not.

GPS Software for mac

9. Google Maps

Google maps are widespread and is most used software application supporting all devices. It is developed by the Google Company itself and doesn’t may lack any essential in day-to-day life.

You can navigate all across the world in real-time and can set a destination where you want to reach. However, it shows you different routes and can able to track your waypoint and yet convenient to use.

GPS Software for Mac
Google Maps

It has a simple and straightforward usage process that may help you anytime with real-time updates. It also includes a 360° interactive panoramic view and most amazing graphical features. Hence, it has a rating of 4.1 and millions of downloads. It can consider as the best GPS mapping service that one should be aware of.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Here was the list of 9 best GPS software for Mac that you should get through. All of those are unique in itself and are available for now. 

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