5 Best English to Hieroglyphics Translator (2022 List)

Hieroglyphics Translator is an easy understanding piece that lets users get the crux of the Egyptian language. It serves as a medium to translate Egyptian hieroglyphics into English. It reveals a list of English hieroglyphic translators to the readers.

These websites translate the ancient Egyptian language to English. The English language is easy to understand, and the masses commonly use it. Hieroglyphics is a system that implements the use of characters in the form of pictures. It is a good pattern of writing ancient language that is picture based.

The ancient Egyptian language represents the old history of Egyptian culture. The symbols used in the hieroglyphic system might contain pictures as symbols. Sometimes, it can also contain images as a representation of sounds. 

The definition of hieroglyphics explains it as the physical inscriptions on the monuments. It contains pictures as symbols of objects or sounds. It is always thought to be the names of the significant writings from the Indus and Hittite civilizations.

Understanding the ancient Egyptian writings for the crowd in the form of pictures is quite challenging. Thus, translating hieroglyphics to English makes it understandable to ordinary people. It even works for a crowd without prior knowledge of languages. 

There are various online platforms for easy translation of hieroglyphics in the English language. These online websites work as ancient Egyptian translators that are free to use. These Egyptian hieroglyphic translators make it easy to translate Egyptian to English. These platforms work to translate back English to Egyptian.

Top 5 Best English to Hieroglyphics Translator in 2022

#1. Lingojam

Lingojam is a website that generates Egyptian hieroglyphs translated into English. It is a fantastic tool for producing the symbols of hieroglyphic language in the English language.

The website has a simple and quiet minimalistic interface. This attribute lets users grab the most benefits of the website. The website has an interface with two separate dialogue boxes.

In the first dialogue box, the website allows users to enter the English text to be converted into a hieroglyphic language. The other dialogue box helps deliver the output of the translator.

The website lets users generate random sentences to run as a test case. This attribute is helpful in case the user doesn’t find any sentence to convert.

The developers of this website aim to improve itself with the users’ suggestions. The creators plan to do this by providing a suggestion box on the website.

The website’s goal is to make it easier for people who don’t know languages to understand hieroglyphic symbols. The site also pays attention to the reviews and comments of the users. It provides a space on the website for mentioning the comments with the date of posting the comment. 

#2. Discovering Egypt


The hieroglyphics translator website discovering Egypt is less of a translator and more of a typewriter for the ancient Egyptian language. It lets users convert essential English words into Egyptian hieroglyphic words.

The hieroglyphic text can then be up into strings of pictures and symbols. The website’s interface offers a system of keys like a typewriter with the English alphabet. Pressing the keys with respective alphabets will implant the hieroglyphic inscriptions.

It fills the blank space provided above the keyboard for inscriptions produced. The website also offers the service for mobile users. The developers plan to install this idea through their mobile hieroglyphic typewriter. This service makes the app universal as it doesn’t need any specific device requirements to run.

The website is accessible from any part of the world using the mobile version of the translator. The interface of this service lets users write sentences and names in hieroglyphic text. Then email and print the output text in the form of pictures and symbols.

The translator also works to translate basic objects and numbers into hieroglyphic text. It allows users to use the Egyptian hieroglyphics translation service on various platforms. It gives windows, Ipad, and Android users a choice to use the service on their respective devices.

#3. Penn Museum


The Penn Museum’s website for translating Egyptian hieroglyphics is a great and beautiful place to go. It works to translate English text into hieroglyphic text. The ancient Egyptian language composes of images and symbols. 

The website has a minimalistic design to provide a less crowded webpage for users to enable them to translate. The website plans to intake the English text using a simple dialog bar. This Penn Museum hieroglyphics translator consists of a small inscribe button for translating the text.

The translated text comes in the form of symbols that represents either objects or even sounds. The website even attaches some unknown facts about Penn museum.

The website has the edge over other items on the list because of the absence of advertisements. The large clusters of ads on the website cover the content and thus make the website less appealing to the users. It also has an excellent hieroglyphic inscription on some monuments in the background. This hieroglyphical background gives the website a vintage look.

#4. Fan translations


The hieroglyphics translator is a fantastic website with fun translations. The developers have made this site for users to generate hieroglyphic text from English. The website is full of advertisements which makes the website less accessible. It imparts a feeling of unprofessional to use the website.

The website is also packed with content and a cluster of advertisements. This comprehensive display of ads makes it challenging for users to focus on the subject.  The site gives an attribute as a dialog box to let users enter English text as input. The website outputs the hieroglyphic text in a new dialog box.

It allows users to use the service without giving information. This attribute works by taking a sample phrase from the website. It also allows users to upload a file for English input. This option to choose a file as information enables the consumers to translate a large volume of text into the hieroglyphic language in no time.

Once the hieroglyphic text output shows up, the site offers a choice. It lets users choose whether to upload the desired output as a tweet. The website is good to use for translation into the ancient Egyptian language. Yet, the website needs some updates and lacks ads on the interface.

#5. English/Hieroglyph Dictionary


This item in the list differs from the other apps on the talk. This application for androids is a compact dictionary for hieroglyphic texts. The English definition explains the text in the ancient Egyptian language in no time. It translates the objects of hieroglyphic language into accessible English. It makes it easy and better understand the typical crowd. 

The developers of the application claim to install over 35,000 ancient Egyptian words and their English translations. The app is versatile and is available in almost any place. The dictionary app is much faster than a hard copy of Gardiner’s or Faulkner “s dictionary.

The layout and settings of the application are straightforward to use. This hieroglyphics translator attribute encourages the user’s interest in the app. There are basic pronunciations with the definitions and the Gardiner codes for the glyphs. This app feature makes it easy for the users to understand the meanings.

Users can search entire phrases on the app for meaning, clarity, and accuracy. This broad search domain lets users get the search results. It imparts a clear meaning of objects to the people.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Through this article, we have explained to our users the scenario of the ancient Egyptian language in a simple way. We have researched to gather various hieroglyphics translator apps and websites for easy translations. These websites and applications generate translation text for the hieroglyphic language.

This article also contains a separate section for its prospect. It also talks about some good websites that work as translators of hieroglyphic language. These websites work in an efficient way to provide translations from English.

In the abstract, we have tried to discuss the hieroglyphic writing style. It talks about the physical inscriptions on monuments and their various dimensions. We have also employed some facts and figures about that.

We have tried to incorporate the findings with intelligence in an efficient way. Hope this article lets our readers choose the best website app for their work. Some websites are good enough for translating hieroglyphic images without ads.

Through the report, we have tried to deliver the gist of the topic to save our readers’ time. We hope you find this article to the best of its use as we have bought only the best for you.

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