How to Change IMEI Number (With or Without Root)

Have your cell phone has ever lost or stolen? If yes how would find it and who was the carrier who tried to stole your phone? Do you want to track your phone? Do you have any idea of this particular thing that how can you recollect and rescue your phone? If no, then where are we to know you about how can you find your lost or stolen phone. It’s not magic or a miracle, but if you are smart and know your phone features, you might be aware of Change IMEI Number. This number typically helps to find your cell phone by some algorithm programmed in it.

If you are ever scared of losing your phone or want to rescue it by some of the particular methods, the IMEI number exists to do such research and the carrier who tried to steal your cell phone. In this article, we are going to give you information about how to change your IMEI number from scratch. From the beginning to the end, we are going to explore every concept with ease. So without any further delay let us get started with it.

What is the IMEI Number?

IMEI, which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique number for identifying a device on a mobile network. It is a 15 digit number which dispenses with every GSM phone. You may also consider it as a social phone security number.

You can get this number in use when your cell phone is lost somewhere or else stolen. Does this IMEI number typically find that where your phone is? Or who stole it? The carrier of the phone is boycotted based on its IMEI number and can interact with other airlines to do the same. Meanwhile, having this IMEI number is essential to rescue your lost or stolen cell phone.

IMEI Number
IMEI Number

Requirements for Changing IMEI Number

Now in this segment, here are some requirements that you will need to change the IMEI number. But before proceeding, make sure that you have already the IMEI number that assigns to your phone. If not then you can take note of if by dialing *#06# on your dial pad, and this will make available your IMEI number and note this down before proceeding further. 

Another requirement is, you need to download and install Mobile Uncle Tools on your device. Here is the link below through which you can download this. 


Mobile Uncle Tools
Mobile Uncle Tools

It is a necessary tool that will allow us to change your IMEI number. Another requirement that you need is USB debugging. It would help if you made it enable from your device to work. To do so, you need to go on your phone settings and open the properties of your phone from the About Phone option.

You will find there a developer name, click on it for eight times. By doing this, you will turn on the Developer’s Option, and you see the option of USB debugging over there. Turn on the choice, and you will successfully able to change your IMEI number with ease.

How to Change IMEI Number on Android With Root

Before proceeding to the steps, make sure that you download some of the applications that are required to change your IMEI number. If not, you can download and install it by the link below.

  • Xposed Installer Apk


  • Xposed IMEI Changer App 


Now when you are done with the downloading and installing, go for the steps that are below.

Step 1 – Firstly make sure to root your Android device.

Root your Android device
Root your Android device

Step 2 – On your dial pad, dial *#06#. It will display the IMEI number of your device. Note down the number on your notes or somewhere, where you can recollect it.

Dial *#06#
Dial *#06#

Step 3 – Open your Xposed Installer Apk and navigate for the option Module, and then click on the checkbox or checkmark on the IMEI Changer App option.

 Xposed Installer Apk
Xposed Installer Apk

Step 4 – Now reboot your device or else you can also try rebooting the Xposed Installer application.

Change IMEI Number

Step 5 – When you are ready with rebooting, open the Xposed IMEI Changer application, and you will find your current existing IMEI number which you have previously noted.

Step 6 – Now to change your IMEI number, click on the New IMEI Number box where you can insert number and enter your anticipated number, and then click on the Apply button to save changes.

How to Change IMEI Number on iPhone

Now to change the IMEI number on your iOS device or iPhone, you can follow the steps that are below. However, you can change the IMEI number on your iPhone for just a temporary basis and not for a permanent. 

Step 1 – Firstly you need to find the IMEI number of your device itself. You can follow the same procedure, which is for Android devices. 

Step 2 – Now make sure that your iPhone device is jailbroken, which means has the authority to access all its features without restriction. You can do this by application such as evasi0n and Cydia.

iPhone Jailbreak
iPhone Jailbreak

Step 3 – Now download and the tool which allows you to change the IMEI number. Here is a link is below through which you can download it. Install the zip file and then extract the folder; you may also rename it as “ZiPhone”.

Change IMEI Number
Install the zip file

Step 1 – Now press the Window key and R button on your keyboard. You will find a run window, type in the text box ‘cmd’ and you will get Command Prompt window. You can also open it just by navigating through the search option on the desktop and click to open it.

Press the Window key
Press the Window key

Step 2 – Now to navigate your ZiPhone folder, type the command cd Downloads/ZiPhone. You will see the downloaded directory on your command prompt window.

Step 3 – Now type another command ZiPhone and execute it to view all its uses and features. You will find something graphical Z text on the screen.

Step 4 – Further, you need to restart this program will prompt you to the recovery mode of the iPhone. To do so press the Sleep/Wake the Power buttons and keep holding them until the Apple logo is displayed. Later you will find the iTunes logo with a cable, and then connect your phone to the desktop.

Change IMEI Number

Step 5 – Over there, type your IMEI number by the command ziphone -u –I a123456789012345 which replaces your current IMEI number with 123456789012345. (This 15 digit number is just an example for your better clarification.)

Step 6 – After doing so, the program will search for a file and iPhone connected to the desktop and takes 2 to 3 minutes to revert you. It will reboot your device and makes you available with a new IMEI number.

In this way, you can change your IMEI number on your iPhone device easily.

How to Change IMEI Number Without Root

The earlier methods followed the rooting procedure. In this method, you can change your IMEI number without root in an easy way. Also, this is a handy process and can erase all your data when you reboot it. So make sure that you are okay with that. Follow the steps that are below.

Step 1 – Open the Setting option on your Android device.

Step 2 – Over there, navigate for the Backup & Reset option and click/touch on it.

Step 3 – Furthermore, you will find the Factory Data Reset option and click on it.

Change IMEI Number
Factory Data Reset

Step 4 – After doing so, you will be up with a pop-up notification provided with two options. Click on the choice, namely, Create a new (random) Android ID. It will automatically reset your whole Android device and does not require any root. But it will erase all your data that is present on your device handset.

3 Best IMEI Number Change App in 2022

Here is the shortlist of the top best IMEI number changing applications which we prefer. It will be an excellent choice for you to go for the rooting method rather than erasing all your data through the non-root process.

1. XPOSED IMEI Changer Pro

Xposed IMEI Changer is the application that we have previously used for changing the IMEI number with the rooting method. This application supports user to change the IMEI number just by the algorithm of interchanging the digits. This application can also generate some random IMEI numbers frequently so that you can have to replace it with yours.

Apart from that, the user can independently type one of the desired 15 digit numbers that they want as an IMEI number. The user interface is typically straightforward and easy to use. You need to click on the Apply button after you are ready with entering the IMEI number, and then you are good to go. Here is a link below through which you can download and install this application on your device.

Change IMEI Number

2. Mobile Uncle Tools App

Mobile Uncle Tool is also the one which we have mentioned in our requirements. You can make use of this application to change your IMEI number with ease. Providing the user interface is quite understandable and intuitive, which is more convenient for users to operate. It merely changes, alters, or replaces your IMEI number with other 15 digit numbers very conveniently.

It will further carry the process by searching the file over your device. When it is ready, it will automatically reboot your device and make you available with a new IMEI number. . Here is the link below through which you can download and install this application on your device.

Change IMEI Number
Mobile Uncle Tools App

3. MTK Engineering Mode

Apart from Xposed IM EI Changer and Mobile Uncle Tool, MTK Engineering Mode is one of the other applications which allow you to change the IMEI number of your device. It provides you with a decent user interface so that you can navigate through the process with ease.

Also, you can go for the 15 digit number of your own choice and can alter it easily with a small procedure and few clicks only. Here is a link below through which you can download and install this application on your device.

Change IMEI Number
MTK Engineering Mode

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Can The IMEI Be Changed?

Merely giving a straightforward answer to this is, yes you can change your IMEI number. Like you can change your phone number by switching on to the other SIM card, in the same manner, you can change your IMEI number only by some technical stuff and equipment.

Can I Change the IMEI Number Permanently?

Yes, you can change your IMEI number permanently or often when you want by some of the methods mentioned. 

Warning for Changing IMEI Number

Well, you guys must know that intentionally changing, altering, removing someone’s or yours self IMEI number is highly restricted and may cost you for jail for three years, Department of Telecom proclaims this, on the date August 25.

As it is one of the highly specialized and professional activities which carries when you have lost your cell phone, or someone stole it. Hence it is highly unlawful if you take this for your personal use.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Moving towards the conclusion, let me clear one thing before actually concluding this article. This article is only for your personal information and not for actually performing to change your IMEI methods. We have also mentioned about the warnings and the action that would take off, if you try to carry changing altering, removing your IMEI numbers.

This article does not promote performing the mentioned, and we are not responsible if someone tries to do it by reviewing our report. It will be a smart choice that you check this article for yourself explanatory purposes only. 

Apart from we have tried to cover every possible thing that is relatable in this field. Also, from the beginning of the definition till the warning, we have covered necessary points by also discussing some common FAQs. We hope this article was useful and informative for you.

(Warning– Do not try this at home, it is restricted and you may be fined for jail up to 3 years.)

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