How To Move When You Have Cats and Dogs

Relocating to a new state may be one of the most stressful life events you’ll ever have to deal with. However, Texas is gorgeous, the weather is beautiful, and there are so many things to see and do. Τhere are so many reasons why Californians choose Texas to call home that the move seems the wise choice to take. (read a more thorough article on why Texas is heaven on earth here).

A whole new life awaits you, but the stress of this logistical nightmare can be debilitating. Imagine how much more stressful the move can be for your four-legged friends, who cannot understand why they are suddenly being uprooted and moved across the state.

With a thorough search for long-distance movers from California, you will find a professional moving company that can take care of everything so you can breathe a little easier. But when it comes to your furry friends, you are the only one that can help them transition to their new home.

So how do you do that?

Before The Move

Before you pick out your new dream home in Texas, make sure that your pet will love it too. If you can, take a walk around the neighborhood and take mental notes of what you see. Is there a park nearby where you can walk your dog? Are there any neighborhood dogs that seem aggressive and are left unattended freely roaming around? Be vigilant for anything that can mark the neighborhood as pet-unsafe.

Next, check the house or flat and consider your beloved pet’s needs. Bigger dogs will need a bigger space, and if your dog is a senior one, problems with incontinence will mean that they will need to get outside more often. As dogs get older, arthritis kicks in, and climbing up or down the stairs to go outside will be difficult for your furry friend.

Packing Up Your Home

Your feline friends are notorious for handling major environmental changes in their lives. They are certainly not big fans of having their normalcy interrupted, and their surroundings changed. You can help your skittish cats adjust to the idea by bringing in moving boxes early so that they get used to the sight. Dogs are loyal friends who will follow you to the edge of the world, but that does not mean they won’t feel insecure with all the commotion and boxes around them.

To alleviate their stress, have them adjust to having moving boxes around. Keep them in a familiar room that you plan to pack up last, so they can feel safe in a known environment. Remember to keep them in a room with the door shut during the move-out day because they might try to run away while you are busy carrying out boxes and loading the truck.

Preparing Your Pet For The Road Trip

The move to Texas requires quite a long drive, and most pets aren’t used to being in crates for so long. You can prepare your pet for the road trip by gradually helping them get used to the idea of crates. You can start by placing their food inside an open crate and slowly transition to having them eat their food in the crate with the door closed.

You can also try driving around for a short period of time while they are kept in the crate. Do this multiple times before the actual moving day. Ensure that you reward your pets once the drive is finished and give them loads and loads of hugs and treats. The fact that they finish the drive in the crate and find themselves back at home will ease the anxiety of not knowing what is happening, and they will associate the end of the drive with something positive (back to the safety of their home, love, and treats).

So, when the big day comes, you can expect your furry family members to handle the long drive to Texas with significantly less stress.

Arriving At Your New Home

Once you have arrived at your new home, remember that your pets are facing the unfamiliar. So do not let them loose to explore the place. This might increase their anxiety, and if they happen to get outside, they might get lost.

Instead, create a safe room for your pets and keep them in that “home base” until everything is unpacked and sorted. Have their favorite toys, food bowls, beds, and litter boxes in this room and gradually introduce them to other rooms of the house once they feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

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