How To Organize Digital Photos: The Ultimate Guide

You might often see yourself scrolling through your PC or phone searching for an image. You might think of managing your photos is a daunting task. But organizing them saves a lot of your time and headache when you would need them later. Once you start, you will have all your photos neatly arranged and organized for you to check-in anytime and use it. Well, you might wonder how to organize digital photos. Well, this is the perfect guide for you. 

I am Demetrius Sam Daniel. I randomly saved photos on the desktop or in a folder named. It always was a nuisance. Every time I had to scroll through tonnes and tonnes of images to search. I regretted not organizing, but I was too lazy to sort all of the pictures.

Best Ways to Organize Your Digital Photos Quickly

Until one day, I decided to do it, and it was really easy. It helped me save a lot of time and headaches. You might ask how? By using the exact methods, I used and have shared with you in this post. So if you are interested in knowing how to organize digital photos, read below to see exactly how.

1. Manual Method

Step 1 – Planning


The first step to start any long task is to plan it. Planning saves your time and makes organizing easier and faster, reducing the manual work halves. To start with planning, you need to set the theme of the digital photograph organization. Think of a group name for a bunch of photos. For example, you can have multiple albums/folders created for your family, festivals, nature, study work, memes, college, and et cetera.

You can make a miscellaneous folder, too, for images that do not fall in any category. So when you are done with this, it is time to make subfolders. I use subfolders depending on the event or date. For example, I use family events for the family folder, whereas I use dates and subject names for the study folder. 

Step 2 – Get All Photos At One Place

Next, you would get all the photos together. This might get a bit too much as I had a lot of pictures. There wasn’t sufficient room on my PC to store everything. So if you face somewhat the same situation, I have recommended a few methods below. 

  • Using an external hard drive to organize photos
Using an external hard drive to organize photos

It was essential to me to have the option to utilize and get to my photos without having to re-download them onto my PC. So my next choice was to utilize a type of outer hard drive that could hold the entirety of my photos in one spot. Thus, I would have space for the entirety of my photos in one place and can work off the drive without having to re-download photos to my PC.

Solid-state drives are quicker than hard drives that have a turning plate in them. Furthermore, they are else less inclined to fail while transferring. Buying an SSD depends entirely on the total size of the file you were going to arrange, also keeping future uses. 

  • Moving photos from my laptop and external hard drives
Moving photos from my laptop and external hard drives

Now, if you already have some images on your laptop and external hard drives. Connect both the hard drives. Copy and paste the images in your laptop’s hard drive where you want to organize the digital photos. Then drag the photos from the hard drives into their respective folders.

  • Moving photos from my phone

There are several different ways that I could have moved my phone photos to my computer. I would recommend using AirDrop for iPhone users and Android File Transfer for Android users. All the files can be saved in a single folder and then sorted out slowly.

  • Moving photos from Google Drive
Moving photos from Google Drive

When the storage capacity on my laptop would begin to get full, I would dump a lot of photos into Google Drive since it was fast and free. I could undoubtedly re-download individual photos from the drive onto my PC on the off chance that I required them. If you have saved photos in your Google Drive, you can download them into a folder and start organizing them. 

Step 3 – Organize Them

Organize Photos

Now that you have all your photos with you, it is time to start organizing them.

I recommend opening all the pictures and add them according to the folders and subfolders mentioned in Step 1. 

Step 4 – Remove or Delete Unwanted Photos

Remove or Delete Unwanted Photos

You should delete unwanted, blurred, or damaged photos. While I was sorting, I came across a batch of photos from previous semesters and old images that I didn’t need. It is better to delete these images, as a lot of them end up taking up huge space and lag your pc. Make sure you check the files once before deleting them. 

Step 5 – Backup It

Even though now you have successfully, there is always a chance of losing, deleting, or corrupting your harddisk or folder. I highly advise you to use a backup service. There are various backup methods. It is better to backup on a cloud-based storage system. 

  • Backup with Dropbox
how to organize digital photos
Backup with Dropbox

With Dropbox as your backup, it’s not difficult to save your files to the cloud instead of utilizing a hard drive, flash drive, or some other storage gadget. Whenever you’ve downloaded the Dropbox application on your PC, add the files you’d prefer to back up into the Dropbox file on your PC. With access to your Dropbox files from any device, OS, or platform, you can easily work and team up on projects. 

With Dropbox, you can work on files while offline from your personal computer, Android, iPhone, or iPad. When you get back on the web, your files and organizers will consequently synchronize with any alterations you made when you weren’t associated. 

On the off chance that your files are inadvertently erased, lost, or refreshed too soon, there’s no compelling reason to stress. With file recovery and version history, you can reestablish your erased files or past forms of work without thinking twice.

  • Backup with Onedrive
how to organize digital photos
Backup with Onedrive

OneDrive is an Internet-based storage system with a huge piece of space offered free of charge by Microsoft to anybody with a Microsoft account. You can back up your files and folders (your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures envelopes) on your Windows PC with OneDrive PC folder backup, so they’re secured and accessible on different gadgets.

If you haven’t effectively set up OneDrive on your PC, see Sync files with OneDrive in Windows. There’s no additional expense for PC file backup. OneDrive gives you one place to store, share, and sync your work or school files. 

As a component of Microsoft 365 membership, or SharePoint Server, you can save your files in OneDrive and afterwards work with them from practically any gadget. OneDrive offers clients 15GB of free storage space just as the opportunity to procure additional free storage space.

  • Backup with Amazon Cloud
how to organize digital photos
Backup with Amazon Cloud

Amazon Drive, also known as Amazon Cloud Drive, is a cloud storage application released by Amazon. The Amazon Cloud Drive offers secure cloud storage, file backup, file sharing, and Photo printing. It offers a total range of features to store, access, oversee, and examine your data to decrease costs and speed up advancement. Select from object storage, file storage, square storage administrations, backup, and data exchange alternatives to establish your cloud IT environment.

2. Fast Method

The faster method is to use photo management software to manage your images. It is one of the best ways to organize photos. A Photo management software or image management application is utilized to deal with an enormous number of images and make upgrades in a photographer’s work process. The fundamental component of an image coordinator is to alter the labels of the photo. Photo management software arranges and keeps up storehouses of image documents for associations and clients.

Photo management software is utilized to assist clients with finding the image records they are searching for. Associations use photo management projects to put together countless digital images, evade copy documents, and offer images in a focal area.

Collections can be made for images and afterwards be coordinated into assortments. You can add labels like keywords, marks, classifications, or banners. It is a decent medium to transfer documents to hosting pages. These images can likewise be traded, resized, sent, or printed.

  • Adobe Lightroom
how to organize digital photos
Adobe Lightroom

This is a creative image organization and image control software created by Adobe Inc. It is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Adobe Lightroom is a cloud-based photo management software that allows you to alter, put together, store, and offer your photos across any gadget. 

It accompanies AI innovation to naturally deal with various pictures immediately and save all the alterations done on your cell phone. Also, it gives an AI highlight that perceives individuals and topics and makes albums for all. At first, you get one terabyte of storage free of cost, sufficient for most visual creators and medium-sized organizations. Be that as it may, you can purchase more storage space if required.

  • Adobe Bridge
how to organize digital photos
Adobe Bridge

This is a free digital resource management application made by Adobe Systems that empowers you to see, alter, put together, and distribute different photographs rapidly. It likewise permits you to alter metadata and add names, watchwords, or evaluations to arrange your images. Adobe Bridge gives us amazing approaches to discover, manage and arrange our always developing assortment of images.

Metadata search and channel choices additionally help you discover and coordinate your resources altogether. The photo management application also teams up with various libraries, which helps you distribute your photos straightforwardly to Adobe Stock. 

Moreover, you can envision your images with rich sneak peeks and bold thumbnails. You can edit your photos by opening them inside Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

  • Magix Photo Manager
how to organize digital photos
Magix Photo Manager

This is a free photo management application that helps you sort and put together your photos. Its streamlined AI helps you make brisk alters, grow effectively shareable slideshows, and straightforwardly import pictures from the camera. You can likewise use its movable view modes and custom albums to discover recordings and photos from your library. Also, you can rate and order images for better management.

Eleggible’s Final Words

In this guide, we learned how to organize digital photos by looking at digital photo management, why we should do it, the manual way, and the faster way.

Hope all your queries related to how to organize digital photos were answered.

Feel free to comment below for your further questions.

Now It’s Your turn.

Comment below whether the manual method or the digital photo management software caught your eye. 

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