How to Overcome Delays and Bottlenecks in Software Testing

Software developers and testers face numerous challenges when building and testing different software applications and trying to meet expectations especially when it comes to delivery time. This is common, and it affects project timelines, something that leads to project delays.

These challenges are also known as bottlenecks and project owners often seek to understand the cause of the problems and ways to solve them. 

Even though delays and bottlenecks in software testing might be caused by unforeseen circumstances, software testers and product owners can avoid them through effective communication and anticipation of the challenges.

Overcome Delays and Bottlenecks in Software Testing

Every project should always follow the time set for its duration and its budget plans should not be exceeded. This means that every person involved in the lifecycle of the project should be well prepared to overcome delays and bottlenecks that might delay the project. 

Here are some of the main bottlenecks and issues causing delays and how to overcome them;

Negligence and Poor Testing Techniques

Sometimes, development teams might implement poor testing techniques or even postpone and shelve some testing procedures due to pressure and in a bid to buy some time. 

This leads to delays especially when it comes to the discovery of issues that might affect the software application.

In return, the teams might be forced to spend more resources trying to get rid of the issues, and more time getting rid of them. This bottleneck causes a delay in the delivery of software applications.

However, development and testing teams can easily overcome this problem through the use of software test automation. This ensures that the testing of software applications starts at an early stage and all requirements are met in time. 

Inadequate Efforts and Time in Planning

When working on a software project, the teams should allocate enough time when it comes to the planning of their testing procedures. They should also invest enough and give the project everything that it deserves.

However, some development and testing teams do not give the required expertise when planning on what to use and how to test their software applications. This causes delays in the delivery of the software projects.

To overcome this bottleneck, the teams need to allocate the required resources even before the development of the project begins. 

This way, they will be ready to start testing immediately after a module is released, meaning that there will be no delays caused by issues in the testing of their software products.

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Working on Different Projects at the Same Time

Some software development and testing teams work on so many projects at the same time due to increasing demand in software development. However, this is not good especially for those companies with limited resources when it comes to their workforce.

Within no time, you are likely going to find the testers getting confused on the projects they are currently testing or writing mixed-up test scenarios that do not work. This will cause delays in the delivery of the software projects.

This is easy to avoid. Companies should make sure that their testing teams are not working on multiple projects at the same time. They should also give preference to the more important projects. For instance, if you are working on transcription software for Mac, you should focus on that instead of thinking about similar software for other operating systems.

Poor Approvals and Decision Making

The product owner in any software development project gives directions on what they expect from the project. This means that if the testing teams are going to have to wait for a long time before getting approvals, there will be delays in the project delivery.

During the testing stage, there will be many requests from the testers to both the product owner and the development teams. This means that if there is no response, the testers will have no option but to wait until they get a response.

This can be avoided by making sure that the product owner and the development team keep up with the phase of testing the project. With that, delays and bottlenecks in software testing can be easily avoided.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Software testing is one of the most important stages when building and maintaining software applications. It allows businesses to ensure that the products they release to the market meet different performance, functional, security, and reliability requirements. 

When testing software applications, businesses need to try as much as possible to eliminate any bottlenecks and factors that might lead to a delay in the delivery of the software applications.

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