How to Scan Walmart Receipts and Get Money Back

Walmart is a well-known retail store in the US. It has a great name and fame in developing strategies that are inclined towards more and more customer satisfaction. In this article, you will get to know about how to scan Walmart receipts.

The Walmart receipts come under the Savings Catcher tool that includes a price matching program. This program was initially launched to facilitate more savings for the customers.

Basically, the idea was that customers may scan the receipts provided by Walmart by using the Savings Catcher app or Walmart Pay. Then they can request a cashback. If they find lower prices of items purchased from Walmart in comparison to their competitors.

However, you can scan your Walmart receipt only when you leave the store and not by requesting only a price match.

Sadly, Walmart has now discontinued the popular Walmart Savings Catcher app and you cannot take its advantage anymore.

It is said that this Walmart receipt scanner app was designed to let customers save their money and the objective has been already achieved.

How to Scan Walmart Receipts to Get Money Back [Detailed Guide]

Scan Walmart receipts for cashback. Then you will need to scan the QR code on the Walmart receipt which is generally located in the paper receipt that you receive after adding offers to your Walmart list.

You will find the barcode at the bottom of the same receipt. Sometimes, you may face trouble while scanning the same. What you can do is enter the number string which is directly listed under the barcode.

Generally, after this, your work will be done but if you still face some trouble then you can wait for a few hours and then give it another try.

Can You Scan Receipts on Walmart App?

As already mentioned above, now it is not possible to scan the Walmart receipts. If you want to receive a price match based on the price difference with other stores.

This is because the norm has been discontinued by Walmart.  The Savings Catcher app was very useful for the customers as it allowed them to scan their receipts and then compare the prices with stores.

This would eventually help them in receiving the price difference on a Walmart eGift card. The app was initially designed to spit lower prices on competitors.

How do I Scan a Receipt on the New Walmart App?

If you want to scan your receipt on the new Walmart app. Then you can when you are leaving the store and not when you want to just request a price match.

The mechanism says that customers can scan receipts using the Savings Catcher app or Walmart Pay. This way, they can also request cash backs if they find that there is a lower price prevailing for the identical items from the competitors of Walmart.

Eleggible’s Final Words

We have already started the scheme has been discontinued for any further use. So the overall idea of the Walmart receipt reader is that now it is not possible for you to scan your Walmart receipt and get a price match.

However, for the Walmart+ members, there is still an advantage that they can complete all their shopping first. Then checkout by using the Walmart app. This will save plenty of time and it includes minimal contact with people.

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