How To See Deleted Reddit Comments (4 Methods)

This article will explain how to see deleted Reddit comments and the importance of doing so. It is targeted at Reddit users who are interested in seeing comments removed from the platform, journalists who are researching a story and need context for their articles, and anyone with a general curiosity about accessing these comments. We will cover various methods for seeing deleted Reddit comments and their limitations and ethical considerations.

Some methods involve third-party tools like browser extensions, while others use manual search techniques. We will also discuss why users might be interested in viewing deleted comments, the potential legal implications of it, and any other relevant information. Furthermore, we will offer tips on interacting ethically with content that may have been removed from the original thread. 

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By the end of this article, readers should better understand how to view deleted Reddit comments and be able to make educated decisions about whether or not they should do so when considering privacy, legal issues, and other factors.

Why Comments Get Deleted on Reddit

Comments often get deleted on Reddit for various reasons. In some cases, moderators may delete comments that violate community guidelines, such as obscene or containing personal information. They may also delete comments containing hate speech or encouraging illegal activities. 

Users may also delete their comments if they wish to remove them from the conversation or no longer stand by what they posted.

In some cases, entire threads can be removed due to copyright infringement or other issues with content. Deleted comments are usually replaced with a message informing users why the comment was removed.

4 Ways to See Deleted Reddit Comments

Method#1 – Using a Third-Party Website

Step 1: Go to a third-party website such as Removeddit or Ceddit that specializes in storing the content of deleted Reddit comments and posts. 

Step 2: Search for the thread you are looking for.

Step 3: Once you locate the thread, browse through its contents to find any deleted comments that may be present.

Method#2 – Using a Browser Extension

Step 1: Install a browser extension such as REVDS or Reddit Archive that helps to find, archive, and display deleted Reddit comments and posts.

Step 2: Open a Reddit thread where you think the deleted comment might have been posted originally, and click on the browser extension icon in the top right corner of your browser window.

Step 3: The extension will search for any deleted comments within the thread, allowing you to browse them without having to scroll down manually to find them yourself.

Method#3 – Using Reddit’s API

Step 1: Log into an account with access to Reddit’s API (Application Programming Interface).

Step 2: Check out the different commands available through Reddit’s API, such as “getComment” or “getSubmission,” which can help you retrieve comments or threads from specific subreddits by using specially constructed URLs and parameters within these commands (e.g., “subreddit=name_of_subreddit”).

Step 3: Access specific threads of interest by entering their URLs into these commands, then use search terms within their contents to look up and read previously deleted comments associated with them if they exist (i.e., if someone has already copied their content into another subreddit).

Method#4 – Searching For Cached Versions Of The Page

Step 1– Search for cached versions of webpages containing previously posted but now deleted Reddit comments through search engines like Google or Bing, which often save snapshots of websites at specific times before they change or get removed from the Internet culture altogether – making it possible for users to view content that was once available on those pages but has since been removed or changed due Apple Internet Caching System (AICS). 

Step 2- Type “cache:(URL)” – with “(URL)” being replaced by the specific URL of the page you are looking for – into either Google or Bing while also including any other keywords associated with it if necessary (e g., title/name) to see what comes up in its results page 3 If any copies of that page before its deletion exist, they should appear here, allowing users to view whatever was available at one point on those pages even after their removal from public access.

Limitations of Seeing Deleted Reddit Comments

One limitation of some methods for seeing deleted Reddit comments is that they may not work on all deleted comments or all subreddits.

For example, a user may be able to access and view recently-deleted comments on the AskReddit subreddit using a web browser but not be able to do the same for the r/pcgaming subreddit. 

Other methods for viewing deleted posts on Reddit require technical knowledge and background, such as using third-party software. Therefore, if a user needs an understanding of how these programs work, it may be easier to use these programs to see deleted comments successfully. 

Additionally, some methods can only show recently-deleted posts and won’t allow users to access posts removed several weeks or even months ago. Each method has its limitations, and users must consider the stated requirements before attempting to view Eliminated Reddit comments.

Ethical Considerations

Viewing deleted Reddit comments can be an ethical dilemma. On the one hand, viewing deleted comments can provide insight into users’ thoughts and intentions, which may help moderators better understand user behavior.

On the other hand, viewing deleted comments without consent violates users’ privacy and could lead to misuse of this information. It is essential to respect users’ privacy by not encouraging or enabling the viewing of deleted comments without permission. 

It is also essential to follow a subreddit’s rules and respect the community guidelines set in place. This includes refraining from activities such as reposting or screenshotting content, which may violate the rules of that particular subreddit or user privacy. Respect for users’ privacy is paramount and must be taken seriously when viewing deleted Reddit comments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I Need Special Technical Skills or Knowledge to View Removed Reddit Comments?

No, you do not need special technical skills or knowledge to see deleted Reddit comments. However, there are tools available for users to view deleted posts that require some technical know-how. Additionally, Reddit admins can view deleted comments’ content if necessary.

2. Is it Ethical to Try to See Deleted Reddit Comments?

No, it is not ethical to try to see deleted Reddit comments. It violates the privacy of other users and goes against the terms of service set by Reddit.

Eleggible’s Final Words

In conclusion, there are various methods to view deleted Reddit comments. Third-party services such as Resavr, Plugged, and Deleteddit allows users to search for and access deleted comments. Users can also use browser extensions such as RES or Reddit Insight to view the content.

Redditors have removed it. It is important to remember that viewing deleted comments should always be done with respect for users’ privacy and the rules of the subreddit.

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