How Your Company Benefits From Hiring An React Native Development Company

In case you are working in a business connected to web and mobile platforms that are treating identical content, then one of the potential opportunities is development in React Native. It is obvious that there is no perfect formula for selecting React Native, providing that you have a greatly giant commonness between your web and mobile platforms, you may produce an equitably reliable bet that it has sense.

Undoubtedly, thoughts and a bit of controversy are connected with the transition from separate teams of iOS and Android developers and rationalization to a single team that will release React Native on these platforms.

React Native is a technology developed by Facebook to fabricate phone applications for iOS and Android platforms utilizing regular JavaScript.

The main advantage is the ability to generate full-fledged native mobile apps. This isn’t a “mobile web app” or “HTML5 app”, this is not a hybrid application. With the help of React Native you have a great possibility to obtain a mobile application that would be made in Objective-C / Swift or Java.

Major facts:

  1. Based nearly in 2015.
  2. Built on top of React.
  3. Not utilize Web View and HTML tools.
  4. Native components are bound in JS and gathered in React.
  5. iOS support is highly improved rather than in Android, and the dynamics are promising.

React Native contains such applications as:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Tesla car


  1. Interactive components (navigation, menus, …) will be different
  2. Because of this, the layout of the application may be different.
  3. The logical elements of the application will be the same, and this is the main charm.

What does the application consist of?

  • No usual div, span, button, input, etc.
  • no familiar CSS.
  • Hence. No DOM.


Any application is built from platform components – these are native modules wrapped in React components:

1. Cross-platform components: View, Text, Image, and Picker.

2. iOS-specific ones: TabBarIOS, ActionSheetIOS.

3. Android specific ones: BackAndroid, ToolbarAndroid.

Basically, apps which are written in React Native differentiate between native and hybrid. We can say that this framework represents the future of mobile app development, and makes the line between native and hybrid development more transparent.

Main points to utilize React Native Development company:

Point No.1 Cross-platform

React Native applications are based in a well-known and well-developed programming language named JavaScript. The coders generate the bulk of the code in JavaScript, an ordinary language for all platforms, and this code interconnects with the native parts of operating systems.

As a consequence, you get mobile applications that work on all existing platforms (iOS, Android, Universal Windows Platform). Important: individual questions require a specific way for each platform. As an example, designing for iOS and Android are evolved independently.

Point No. 2 Simplicity and ease

In fact, a skillful full-stack developer (a person who has some appropriate knowledge in the field of front-end and back-end and their tools) may begin producing web applications in React Native without a great amount of special training. First of all, it is necessary for you to be skillful in writing codes in JavaScript and to get along with React.

Anyway, for perfect quality generating for Android and iOS, it is obligatory to have an appropriate experience. The platforms have many similarities and specificities, so the risk of confusion in the development process is high. In other words, React Native is easy and comfortable if the developer has a sense of what he has to do and what he needs to achieve in the end.

Important: when creating an application for Android, you can work on both Linux and Windows. On the other hand, when developing an application for iOS, it is assumed that the developer is working on a MacBook.

Point No. 3 Time savings

Cross-platform and simple development decrease the time required to implement a project. In addition, the support from the development community of React developers has a positive effect on the timing: there are a large variety of plugins (plug-ins) in the public domain that can be used in React Native. Their use also simplifies the developer’s work.

Important: if you have already decided that your future application will be hybrid, but have not yet decided what tools will be used to implement hybrid development, we recommend choosing React Native. Perhaps, in this case, the project will take a little longer and will cost a little more than using other frameworks used to create hybrid applications. But at the same time, your finished product will look and behave like a native application on all platforms.

Point No.  4 Proximity to native apps

Apps developed in React Native are close to native in behavior and appearance. These are real mobile applications, and they meet the expectations of a user who is utilizing Android or iOS. In a sense, React Native has its own niche in mobile development: it is ideal for those cases when you need the speed of native applications, but you do not need their complexity (that is, for small and medium applications).

Important: for all the benefits of React Native for large applications that involve complex video processing and complex calculations or operations with large amounts of data, native development is recommended.

Point No. 5 Automatic updates

React Native provides another major benefit: Updates are automatically installed in apps, and there is no need to go through the standard manual installation process through the App Store (for iOS) or Play Store (for Android). The ability to automatically update all applications eliminates the possibility of problems with earlier versions.

Important: it should be borne in mind that such an update is possible only for the part of the application that is written in JavaScript. Any updates related to native components are installed in the traditional way.

How can your company benefit from React Native?

1. Optimal Performance

Undoubtedly, React Native shows itself as a vital tool for enhancing productivity by utilizing native control systems and modules. The native components for both iOS and Android can be attached and a code can be produced to the native APIs easily by React Native.

As a consequence, the productivity advanced because of that while it utilizes another thread from UI and the native APIs. Also you can choose other variants like utilizing Web View, but it can reduce the productivity greatly.

2. The possibility to reutilize code

It is not necessary to generate separate applications for each platform. Almost in 90 per cent you may combine the native framework for the reusing of codes. It has significantly reduced the time which is dedicated to a work and some costs, all this features is appreciated by developers.

Moreover, if the applications are written in React you are able to regenerate the web application codes for creating a mobile app.

Thanks for the pre-generated components that are available in the free library, so React Native can speed up the development. Every developer is free to use it because of ready-made codes.

3. Offers easy and interactive user interface

React Native is a perfect choice which has contained outstanding options for already developed apps. It also provides a very simple and interesting interface. That is because it is considered as a free-source JavaScript library rather than being a framework. In addition, it provides a more responsive UI design and reduces the loading time as well.

4. Maintains highly Stable Apps

It is very easy to bind the data with the aid of the React Native. That is why it becomes more secure, stable and professionally reliable. The child element does not have any influence on the parent data. The upgrading of the permitted components is allowed by the React Native if you have to adjust some modification, then you are required to transform and apply the updates.

5. Architecture of modules

This significant feature helps to separate the program abilities into numerous accessible and interrelated parts, which appeared as a module. Moreover, it does the process of the development in a much easier way and flexibly establishes the incredible cooperation between each other to access the upgrades.

React Native also helps coders to migrate and upgrade their apps very fast and quickly and beneficially uses the modules same as codes for web and mobile.

6. A highly profitable money spending

It was mentioned above that it helps to decrease the costs of the application development. Also the coders are able to use the same language programming, so they just don’t need to utilize other codes for both platforms as OS. As a consequence, it can let your company & employ even working in a home, a great team and different coders for getting the job done.

Eleggible Final Words

Fortunately, we can conclude. All of the above said can allow you to address and consider the compelling reasons why your company should hire React Native Company to further development of your apps and thrive on your success. I want to wish you never to hesitate, whether it is worth changing something, and always try something new.

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