Instagram Reverse Image Search to Find Similar Photos

As far as everyone is on social media, it has been tough to find you’re known with just a name. But along with that, you may find the person’s profile picture and then can interact further if you know them. Let us come straight forward on the topic, you can directly search your friend or other knowns by only through their profile picture, as it is one of the easy ways you can have, which we call as the Instagram Image Search.

Perhaps the person we find on Instagram via image is therefore called an Instagram pic search. As all, you guys are aware of the fact that Instagram is one of the strict social media platforms, where users are concerned about their privacy.

But in this article, we are going to help you few techniques through which you can find a user by reverse Instagram search as all of the methods may or may not be guaranteed. You should also have some skills to perform a reverse image search.

Can You Find Someone On Instagram With a Picture?

As we are in this article, it’s all about the image search, and conditionally yes, you can search someone by just their picture. But knowingly, you cannot find it on the official Instagram application as it strictly invades of their policy, and Instagram does not support that. You can use one third-party app to do so; it is next to impossible to do it on Instagram itself.

How To Do A Reversed Instagram Image Search? [5 Ways]

Here are a few ways you can do a Reverse image search for Instagram. You can have any one of these tools or applications that will redirect you. Let us check them out quickly.

1. Google Images

Letting started with this, first, let me clarify that this only works with desktop and not with your cellular phones or tablets, you should use your PC or laptop to do so. Now this works like when an image uploads on other web browsers or platforms, the search engine detects similar kind on an image from all the different platforms.

If you upload a picture for ‘Search by Image’ and apply it, then you will be given away all the related photos alongside the source and URL, if there. If the picture uploaded is from Instagram, then you can find the name of the user and information too.

You have to go on the Google Image Search site upload the picture on the camera icon along with the search box. After uploading the photo from your device click Enter and you get all the relevant results corresponding to that picture.

Instagram Reverse Image Search
Google Images

2. TinEye

TinEye is one of the highly specialized tools that is used widely specifically for reverse image search. As it is modified and superior for the reverse image, it has its algorithm to perform and find the source. Meanwhile, the procedure is quite the same in all the tools, likewise here you have to upload the picture and then search it.

It will display all the possible results instantly. If you are luckier, you can even find the true location of the image. You directly get redirected on the information which relies on that image rather than hashtags, metadata, and other EXIF information.


3. Pixsy

What makes Pixsy different from other reverse image tools is, it has a content-based image retrieval technique (CBIR) which creates a digital fingerprint of the photo and finds the image that matches more proximately.

Other than that it gives you an overview of your search result along with the most accurate work, Multiple users, and other probable facts. It is yet another from other tools, but you can give a try to it. Along with that, it also keeps control of theft and other offended users and takes proper action against it.


4. Social Catfish

As similar to Google image search, Social Catfish is an identical search engine that lets you do reverse image searches. It can be one of the best to find similar images from social media platforms. It uses related data to the photo such as metadata, face recognition, popular tags, location, and other search possible ways to find the most accurate result.

The procedure is the same; you have to upload the image from your device and search for it. It will interact quickly, and the analyzed result will display to you. Other than that, it gives you the real work that matches the data from Instagram as well.

Social Catfish
Social Catfish

5. Bing

Similar to Social Catfish and Google Image search, Bing is also another web browser that allows you to find the reverse images from other browsers and social media platforms. Through Bing, you can find the name of the user and also the profile picture of it.

What you have to do is, upload the photo from your device and by searching it, will display you all the relevant other images and information to the picture that you have uploaded. The uploaded image will then treated so that its other users should not be aware of your search. After your work is complete, it automatically deletes the result and recent searches instantly.

Instagram Image Search

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Instagram Reverse Image Search on the iPhone with Safari

For the iPhone users, the most comfortable source of browsing is Safari through which you can have Reverse image search. If you don’t want to use Safari you can use other web browsers as well, there is no such compulsion.

Now here are the few steps that you can carry to perform a reverse image search on Safari. 

Step 1: Open your Safari browser on your iPhone and the bottom of the screen you can find the Share option, select it.

Instagram Image Search
Open your Safari browser

Step 2: You will get a pop-up window, on that click on the Request Desktop Site.

Step 3: Now on the Camera icon, you can download the image directly on your phone or else can paste the URL of the picture. You can also select the other option that is to Choose File if already stored on your device.

Instagram Reverse Image Search
Download the Image

Step 4: Lastly, you have to choose to Take Photo or Video or can choose Photo Library according to your convenience. 

These steps will help you to find the reverse image of Instagram on the Safari browser as well.

Instagram Reverse Image Search Chrome

If you are not an iPhone user, then Safari cannot be an excellent option for you. But Chrome is another browser through which you can practice reverse image search. Here are a few steps that will direct you to do so.

Step 1: Firstly you should have an online Instagram photo already downloaded on your device, if not then please download it.

Step 2: You have to upload that photo on other social media sites or browsers such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, and others.

Step 3: Next, you can use Google Image Search extensions or any other add-on tools such as Social Catfish, TinEye, and others as mentioned in the earlier segment you can go through that. Right Click on the picture that you wish, and it will find every possible that matches it.

Instagram Image Search

Step 4: Now browse through Reverse Image Search Result, and you will get all your results.

In this way, you can find the reverse image of any image within a few clicks.

Eleggible’s Recommendation

The above mentioned were the two methods that you can carry according to your choices. If you are an iPhone user, then you should straight away go for Safari as it is most convenient. Other than that if you are not a Mac user, you should probably go for the Chrome browser as it is a superior choice.

You can also use browsers such as Yahoo, Mozilla, and others but Safari and Chrome are modest. Along with that, you can grab any of the tool and sites which we have listed above. Google Images are used widely for it, but you can also go with TinEye, which is in use for reverse image search. Social Catfish and Pixsy are also the right choices through which you can have an approach.

Reverse Image Search Instagram Not Working?

As mentioned earlier, the reverse image will or will not work sometimes. You may get disappointed at that point when you do not get the desire results. Whereas if you work on it and are lucky enough, you can see the reverse image of the picture that you have chosen.

Google Image, TinEye, and Social Catfish as well as lack sometimes or the other. You can try them by just adding on some photos of celebrities or influencers that are famous. In this manner, you can find your suitable Reverse image search tool to get started.

Can You Reverse The Image Search an Instagram Photo?

As the current condition, Instagram does not permit reverse image search in a straight line. You cannot search the reverse image on a photo, and it will get cancel on Instagram. Whereas, the other few methods that canon goes on a reverse image search.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Coming at the conclusion, you can surely grab any one of the tools with any browser; it depends, on the whole, you that what is your preferred method. You can also have a look at our best recommendation that will help you in the case if you are not having any choice clear.

We have also given you the frequently asked FAQ answers that you might have got if you are in this article. You can also use different third party browsers for doing this search; it will be all okay, but the steps may differ a little somewhere or the other. I hope this article was helpful to you to get your best results on the Instagram pic search.

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