11 Best iPhone Call Recording Apps in 2021

Our daily routine is always packed with several hours on the phone. May it be taking note of the client’s project, a great discussion with the boss, a subject discussed with the teacher, or having a soft gossip with friends about other people’s life. We always find the need for the best iPhone Call Recording Apps to do the recording of the conversation and benefit from it afterward. 

And when we have a smartphone like the iPhone in our pocket, we would surely love to know iPhone call recording apps that are available in the market. A smart person always has the most elegant way to use his smartphone. And knowledge of the best iPhone call recording apps justifies that.

Top 11 iPhone Call Recording Apps in 2021

There are many available call recording apps in the App store, but the features that distinguish each one may be the quality of the call recording. Whether it records two-way calls, how much does it charge, sharing and exporting options, etc. We have tried covering such options to let users choose the best one among them according to their needs. So let’s start our discussion.

1. Rev Call recorder

 If you are looking for a free iPhone call recording app with excellent service, then Rev Call recorder is a great option to explore. It will not charge you anything for recording calls, may it be of any length. It will set you only when you want your need to be transcribed.

 The app will not bring forth any hidden charges or ads, and you can enjoy its free recording service with high quality of the recording, which records both incoming and outgoing. You can also export and share without any extra bucks.

iPhone Call Recording Apps
Rev Call Recorder

Through the app, you can share it via different cloud storage services like Dropbox, email, SMS, and more. A fantastic and pocket-friendly app to check out, it will surely satisfy your expectation.

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2. TapeACall Pro

This is another excellent iPhone call recording app which is user friendly and is made pretty simple to record calls. When you tap on the record button, the app will create a conference call of you, your partner, and a line for recording.

iPhone Call Recording Apps

 The quality of the recording is good, and you can also share the recording over social media or choose to upload it to cloud storage services. This app charges a flat fee of $3.99/month or $19.99/ year, with which you can record an unlimited call. It also gives a 7-day trial period for the user to check its service and get satisfied with it. 

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3. Automatic call recorder

This iPhone call recording app wins your heart with its excellent user interface, and it’s easy to use nature. The app supports both outgoing and incoming, and its outstanding feature is its organizational structure of saving recorded calls. 

iPhone Call Recording Apps
Automatic call recorder

It also allows the user to edit recorded calls and also supports various cloud services. And guess what, you can also generate a transcript of your calls. It supports around 50 different languages. All total’s a complete package of satisfaction, and you can enjoy this package with only $49.99/year. It also provides a free trial, so it will assure you of its features before you purchase it.

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4. Call Recorder-Int Call

 This is an interesting iPhone call recording app where the user has complete control, and he only pays for the amount of service he uses. To avail of the service, you need to type the number using the app’s built-in keypad within the app. 

iPhone Call Recording Apps
Call Recorder-Int Call

To record the incoming calls, you need to follow the on-screen instruction, and it will direct you. You can store your recording on the phone or upload it to the cloud. The app charges around 10cents/minute to record, and it might vary from country to country. The app also provides a credit of 30 cents to the user for its first installation.

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5. Call Recorder Lite

It’s a free iPhone call recording app that uses the process of a conference call with the two sides to record the call. First, you will go on the app and tap on the record call button. As soon as the app connects with the recording number, you can then dial the number of the other person and merge both the calls to start the recording. 

With the free version of the app, you can record unlimited calls but you can to only the first 60 seconds of the recording. The pro version priced at $9.99 gives credit of 300 minutes and if you need more pay the app according to your need.

iPhone Call Recording Apps
Call Recorder Lite

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6. Call Recording by NoNotes

NoNotes brings a whole new world of features with the call recording. This iPhone call recording app allows you to record both incoming and outgoing calls but doesn’t stop there. You get additional features like transcribing or use the app for dictation and QR code to file for playback. 

Call Recording by NoNotes

The sharing options include the same on the device or cloud feature. Coming to the pricing, you can avail the free call recording for 20 minutes/month after which you have to pay for the service. The call recording feature will cost around $10/month or $96/year and an amount of $423/10 hours for transcription. 

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7. Call Recorder Save & Listen

 Do you want an iPhone call recording app with an added encryption of face id or touch id? Call recorder saves & will do that for you. As an added benefit, you can also transcribe calls to text entirely with the first person and second person recognition. 

Call Recorder Save & Listen

You can also share the recordings with other apps and cloud storage services. This app comes to you with a three days free trial, and then you can subscribe according to your need.

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8. Call Recorder & Voice Memo

This iPhone call recording app has the characteristic feature of call recording by connecting on a conference with the other person by dialling the person from within the app. 

Call Recorder & Voice Memo

You will get a high-quality recording with the other features of storage and exporting. The app gives a visual message to confirm the user that his/her call is being recorded now. The service is brought to you at a pricing of $7.99/month or $4.16/month when you go for a yearly subscription.

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9. Call Recorder for iPhone calls

 Call recorder for iPhone is an easy to use iPhone call recording app which does not need a SIM card to operate. It uses its online services to connect with the call. It supports both national and international markets, and it also provides sharing options to social media apps and cloud storage services. 

The pricing is set at six coins/ minute, and you can buy several coins according to your requirement. The cost of the coins is marked at 99 coins for 99 cents to 10998 coins for $99.

Call Recorder for iPhone calls

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10. CallRec Lite

 It’s easy to use an iPhone call recording app that has similar features three-way call merge recording, exporting, and sharing on social media or uploading to cloud storage. But its pricing scheme is what makes the difference. With the app free version, you can record unlimited calls but allows you to listen to the first 60 seconds.

CallRec Lite

 It charges $8.99 for the pro version, and with it, you can avail all the features of unlimited calling and listen for a lifetime. This feature makes the app the cheapest among the paid call recording apps.

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11. iRec Call Recorder for iPhone

 Last but not least, this iPhone call recording app is similar to the other call recording app with an added feature of allowing cheap international calls using its services. It also allows transcribing. The app comes with a price tag of $9.99/month on a yearly subscription.

Free Downloadhttps://apps.apple.com/de/app/irecall-call-recorder/id1191605967?l=en 

iRec Call Recorder for iPhone

Eleggible’s Recommendation

I want to recommend the Rev Call Recorder as it’s free and will also be a pocket-friendly application. You will get a high-quality recording of both incoming and outgoing. There are no hidden charges or ads. These features top the list and also make it my personal favorite. 

You can avail of the full feature for free that you can generally avail of in the purchased app. And you also get the facility of transcribing your call with a payment of $1/minute. So considering all the points, this app turns out to be the best recommendation on the list.    

How can I Record my Call on my iPhone?

Typically apps use the third line to record your calls where you and the other caller will be connected over a conference with that line, and that line will record your call.

Which is the Best Application for Recording Calls on iPhone?

Taking into different features and prices, I would recommend the Rev Call recorder, but every app is best in its way and entirely depends on user preferences.

Can I Record a Call for Free on my iPhone 11?

Yes, you can with the Rev Call recorder or many other mentioned iPhone Call Recording Apps. 

Eleggible’s Final Words

All the iPhone Call Recording Apps cited have their unique features. If you want to avail a free app, then you can go for the Rev Call recorder. The Automatic call recorder provides great UI. notes is an excellent app if you want additional features of transcribing and dictation.

Some of the apps are region-specific, and you cannot avail them there. Moreover, some iPhone Call Recording Apps are priced high, and some are low. So you can always choose the best one according to your priorities. You will ever come across the requirement of a great call recorder app. In places where you need a long duration recording like that in case of a telephonic interview, you can go for a subscription. 

With the variety of choices and described features, choosing has been made easier for you. Most of the app mentioned does not hold any price tag on in-app purchases, and you can always try before subscribing the best. We have tried to make your work more comfortable, but the last call is still yours. So please choose the best one and stay with us for such exciting content.

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