iTunes for Chromebook: How to Install (Step by Step)

First Thing First. iTunes for Chromebook doest exists but there are some ways through which you can access iTunes on Chromebook and in this article we will discuss this step by step.

However, Apple Company has been famous for so long with all of its features and novelty.

But other than Google is also on the top and is used widely over the globe. Both of them are miserably at its best shot and serve all around the world.

But have you ever thought about the integration of both these companies?

Yes! That can certainly be possible.

Many of us have used Chromebooks and is one of the best resources offered by Google. Also comparing to this leading generation, most of the have iPhone tremendously.

But can we use both of them?

Yes, why not?

If you are thinking about having your latest collection of iTunes on your Chromebook, You are specifically on the perfect page.

How to Install iTunes for Chromebook (Step by Step)

We are going to discuss; how to install iTunes for Chromebook. Also, if you are a Linux user and still wishing to collect your media and songs over Chrome, this article is super helpful for you.

Please read this article without missing any of the parts.

Using the Wine App

Here’s a way where you could have iTunes for Chromebook that may work smoothly. If you genuinely sought to put iTunes on Chromebook, you should try this hack out by trying Wine inside of Linux. Accumulation of Linux to your Chromebook can help you deal with particular security concerns.

Step #1 – Starting with the very first point, you need to enable Linux formerly and should set up Wine installation on your Chromebook.

Step #2 – Furthermore, you need to download iTunes for Chromebook. We prefer you to have a 32-bit version as compare to 64-bit. The reason to go for this option is, Chromebook displays a solid black window in a 64-bit version, whereas the one with 32-bit runs very smoothly. 

Step #3 – Now you have to rename this file with something that would be easy for you to find the file. You could name the file like “itunes.exe” and move this file to the Linux section.

iTunes For Chromebook Using Wine App Method
Linux file

Step #4 – Moving forward, you need to run this piece of the command given below:

WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=/home/yourusername/.wine32 winecfg

iTunes for Chromebook Wine App Method
Run the Command

Step #5 – Now without forgetting, confirm that your username, which is assigned with Chromebook, is similar to that of your email ID. For instance, if your email is “xyz@0123” then, your username will be “xyz0123” accordingly. After executing this command, a Wine window will pop-up with the ‘OK’ button. Click on the button and proceed further.

Step #6 – Now you need to execute another piece of command on your terminal to run iTunes on your Chromebook.

WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=/home/yourusername/.wine32/ wine itunes.exe

Run the Command WINEPREFIX
Run the Command

Step #7 – Again, make sure that you have made changes to the username according to your email ID. Within a window will open with the ‘Next’ button. Click on the ‘Next’ button.

Step #8 – The quick installation will be preceded after that, end it by the ‘Finish’ button, and click on it, and you are good to go with iTunes on your Chromebook. 

Import Your iTunes Library into Google Play

Since it is one of the hasty situations where all your music library is on iTunes, and you want them on your Google Play. Here’s a solution for it, you may go through the below steps to help you do so.

If your iTunes is not recognizing your iPhone then you can solve it through this detailed guide.

Step #1 – You need to Sign in your Google account directly over a browser and click ‘Upload Music’ to upload your songs library.

Upload Music to Import Your iTunes Library
Upload Music

Step #2 – Further, you get an option ‘Download Music Manager’; click on this option complete with the downloading process. You’ll get instructions for installation to have the Music Manager on your desktop.

Download Music Manager to Import Your iTunes Library
Download Music Manager

Step #3 – Once you are done with the installation process, it will show to have a music collection. Then select the iTunes option, and then the application will itself upload your songs and music playlists. 

Import Your iTunes Library
Upload your Songs

Step #4 – Lastly, you need to download the Google Music application on your android device and then connect it with your Google account.

download the Google Music
Google Music application

Now you can play your music and playlist over your android device and access it over anywhere through the browser.

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How to Copy Your iTunes Songs to Google Play

To copy your iTunes music and songs to Google Play, here are some easy steps to help you do this in a few minutes.

Step #1 – Open Google Play Music and select the ‘Menu’ option on the top-left corner of the interface (which comes with 3-horizontal lines). Make sure you are connected with your Google Account.

Step #2 – Click on the ‘Upload Music’ option, which shows you a drop-down menu.

Copy Your iTunes Songs to Google Play
Upload Music

Step #3 – Finally, an option ‘Add Music ‘will appear, where you have to add the music and playlist that you want to copy. Select the songs which you want to add and then click on ‘Open.’ Here you are done with copying your iTunes music to Google Play.

How to Access iTunes on Chromebook

Returning towards your Chromebook, you need to know how to access iTunes on your Chromebook. You have to perform a simple task that will access all your iTunes on your Chromebook.

Step #1 – Initially, open Google Play Music over a browser and then select ‘Music Library,’ a symbol of a musical note on the left side of the interface.

Access iTunes on Chromebook
Google Play Music

Step #2 – Then select the ‘Songs’ option, which is on the top panel of the interface. All the songs which you have added recently can be viewed over here.

Select the Songs
Select the ‘Songs’

Step #3 – Move your cursor over the list and click on the song you are willing to play over Google Music. The theme will be played instantly ad you can enjoy listening to it.

Play the Song on Google Play
Click on the Song

Here was how to access your iTunes songs over Google Play Music and play your favorite songs. Sound Effect Apps that you can try to create some good sound effects.

Is iTunes Available for Chromebook?

Here is one of the handy questions you have come across. Answering this question makes you know that, No!

Unluckily you cannot have iTunes for your Chromebook.

You cannot access any of the audio formats without having Apple’s exclusive.

But from these takedowns you can download or access iTunes on a Chromebook.

2 Best iTunes Alternatives that are Similar to iTunes

We have explained one of the best iTunes alternatives in this post. If you are not willing to have iTunes on your cell phone, we also have a backup plan. We are presenting you best of the two iTunes alternatives that will blow your mind.

1. WALTR 2

It is one of the flexible software applications when things get messed with iTunes. Any media file formats support it, and you can use it wirelessly to share your data with other devices.

The best part of this, if there is an interruption or loss of connection while sending files, WALTR 2 will instantly search and connect for other WiFi connection and resume sharing the files again. 

It is simple to use just by drag and drop options. Apart from this, WALTR 2 is available for both Windows and Mac users and is known widely. If offers you a free trial, but regardless of that, it costs $39.95.

Alternatives For iTunes

2. MusicBee

Other than WALTR 2, MusicBee is another software than can be quite a good alternative for iTunes. It is a free music player that helps you play your music irrespective of the file’s size. It enables you to add tracks and music from your desktop. 

Additionally, it is an automated software application that will make a meta-data by itself and arrange them according to albums, artists, genres, etc. It is well-suited with and SoundCloud and can be an excellent choice for an iTunes alternative.

iTunes Alternatives

Eleggible’s Final Words

This article was all about having iTunes over Chromebook and steps that were included to install it. We have used the Wine app for some security reasons. You may perform some different ways to install it. Furthermore, we have also discussed how to import the iTunes Library to Chromebook to describe the easy procedure.

Integrated with that, copying iTunes to Google Play Music has been explained with some necessary steps that would help you do it practically. Moving back to Chromebook, accessing iTunes was the other prevalent procedure that would hardly take you a few minutes.

The installation process of iTunes is not that easy and done in one single shot. Keeping that in mind, we have explained all of the necessary steps that you need to perform. Take this article as a detailed guide for you to do so all mandatory steps.

Follow each of the given steps precisely and make sure to match all things. Yet having iTunes on Chromebook is not so good aspect, but you can still go for it. We hope this article useful to you to deal with Itunes and Chromebook.

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