Kinemaster for PC | How to Download on PC (2022)

If you belong to the one who is fond of several video editing with its prevalent features and efficient functions, then you might have gone through Kinemaster. Kinemaster is one of the best video editing applications widely used by many users. Makers launched it in 2002 and until now is the best and pre-eminent video editing application for your desktops.

If you guys already know this, then let us move forward. Have you downloaded and install it on your desktop? No, then what are you waiting for? In this article, we will discuss how you can download Kinemaster on your PC with ease. We have discussed different ways to download Kinemaster, and we have also described features and uses of Kinemaster, which one should know before actually downloading it. So let us start with this and have Kinemaster on your laptop or PC.

Features of Kinemaster for PC

This is the software that is initiated for Android, but now it does offer you several features on your PC and laptop. It is a whole heap of outstanding features which you should go through. We have listed several prominent features in the detailed structure; you should take a look at it.


  • You get an instant preview of the software.
  • It allows you to carry with different videos, images, video-clips, handwriting clips, stickers, texts, and others.
  • You can slice, trim, or cut & upload your video through Kinemaster.
  • You can even control the speed of the video according to the requirements.
  • Have control over brightness, contrast, saturation, font, and other effects.
  • It supports numerous video and image formats such as MP4, 3gp, and MOV, among others.
  • You can even alter the video and then separate it as a whole different element alike other video editing tools.
  • Before actually editing it live, you can get a preview of it, so you can get an idea before actually proceeding.
  • Apart from the stickers which are provided in the library from where you can also download more stickers online and use them.
  • You can add different animation, sound effects with ease.
  • It supports auto-optimization.
  • You can also add 3D effects and other transitions for better and more positive results.

These are the features that make Kinemaster stand-alone from other video editing tools and software with much-advanced options and features.

How to Download & Install Kinemaster for PC (Windows 7/8/10)?

As we have mentioned this fact earlier that Kinemaster was firstly initiated for Android only and not for PC. But now you can download and install it over your desktop or PC easily. We have provided the link to download Kinemaster for PC (Windows 7/8/10). Through this, you can download it for your Windows operating system.


Now before actually download this, you first have to download other components. Through this, you can make your Kinemaster run on your PC or desktop. To make it runs on your PC, you should download the emulator – Bluestack.

Bluestack is one of the powerful and most common android emulators that is used by many of the users. Here are the steps that you can follow step by step to download and install Kinemaster.

Step 1 – Download the Bluestack on your PC or desktop through the link given below.

LINK for downloading Bluestack –

Kinemaster for PC

Step 2 –Once you have downloaded the Bluestack, double click on it to install on your PC.

Step 3 –This will start a set-up wizard. You have to follow the on-screen instructions and continue with the installation process. It will take just a few minutes.

Kinemaster for PC

Step 4 –Now once it is installed successfully, click on the Bluestack icon to launch Bluestack on your desktop.

Step 5 –Now you can download Kinemaster, through the link provided or by directly downloading it from Google Play store.

Kinemaster for PC

Step 6 –Download and install Kinemaster successfully on your desktop, which will take just a few minutes.

Kinemaster for PC

Step 7 –Now once it is installed successfully, you have to click on Kinemaster from Bluestack home screen and launch it.

Kinemaster for PC

In this way, you can start Kinemaster through Bluestack and have in on your PC or laptop.

How to Download Kinemaster for PC without Emulator?

As you guys are familiar with the fact that Kinemaster is designed for Android and iOS operating system rather than the stand-alone version for PC (Windows and Mac). So talking about downloading the Kinemaster without bluestack sounds next to impossible.

The emulator is the tool which helps to run the android applications and software on your PC. But if you don’t have an emulator for downloading Kinemaster, then you are not able to run it on your PC.

Bluestack is one of the best emulators which is used widely, and you can download in on your PC through the link which was provided in the first segment. If you don’t want to download any of the emulators, then you should switch to other video editing applications which meant to run of PCs and Mac.

We recommend you to go with the software such as OpenShot or Shotcut which offers different means more features for more complex video editing on PC which generally dearth on any mobile video editor tool.

How to download Kinemaster for pc without watermark?

Now when it comes to a watermark, there is a way through which you can do so. You can download Kinemaster on your PC without any watermark on the exported files and documents. Nevertheless, for paying some premium version or by installing the application namely Full Unlocked KM app which will help you in that case.

You have to download any of the emulator (Bluestack is most recommended) on your PC and then launch the Kinemaster application through the Bluestack. You can use any other emulator of your choice. In this way you can launch your Kinemaster application and then launch it, this will not have any of the watermarks on it.

How to Use Kinemaster on PC?

Now once you are done with the downloading and installation process, you might be wondering about how to use it? Well, in that case, we will help you certainly. You can do it in two possible ways. Firstly you can launch Kinemaster by any of the shortcut created; if not, then you could probably go with the Nox Player.

But before actually launching it on Nox player you first need to add all the files which you want to edit and then launch it. Here are the steps that you can follow to use the Kinemaster on your PC.

Step 1 –Firstly open your Nox Player and then drag and drop the files that you want to edit from your computer folder to the Nox player.

Step 2 –Over there you will find a pop-up menu of File Transfer. Over there click on the Open Nox Player folder which is located under the Image File option.

Kinemaster for PC

Step 3 – Once you have transferred the files, you have to enable the check box which is corresponded to your file. Now click on the Parent Folder and copy the files that you want to edit.

Kinemaster for PC

Step 4 – Now on the top right corner of your screen click on the three dots where you can Copy Selection Here and paste the files.

Step 5 – Now go back to recent tab options which are located on the bottom of the screen or home icon.

Step 6 – Now launch the Kinemaster application and then click on the Clapper Board, which has a plus sign and located in the middle to start a new project.

Step 7 – You can select the ratio of your editing files according to your choice on the next page.

Step 8 – After then you will be directed to the main screen of Kinemaster. On the right of the screen, you can see the option of Media and then click on it.

Step 9 – Over there you can see all those files which you have dragged and drop earlier on the Nox Player. Now select the file which you want to edit and click on the tick sign on the top right corner.

Step 10 – You can add layers and other effects by clicking on to the Layer option. Also, you can go with the following option such as effect; overlay; text; and handwriting on the circular menu, and even you can add audio, and voice recording to it.

Step 11 – You can also add slow-motion and background colour to your edited file.

Step 12 – Once you are done with the editing part, you can check out your work by the Preview option and then can Share option on the left once you are done with the desired result.

Step 13 – Over there, you can adjust the video resolution and frame rate and then export it by clicking on the Export option.

Is Bluestack safe for your computer?

Yes, Bluestack is one of the secured emulators that you can have on your PC. It does not have any evidence for malware or any spyware. If you want a safe emulator Bluestack can be one of the safe choices.

Can I get banned for using Bluestack?

No not at all, you cannot get banned for using Bluestack as it is just an emulator which allows running android application on your PC and will not ban you for that reason.

Is Bluestack better than NOX?

When it comes to the performance, Bluestack is quite more preferable over Nox player. The benchmark performance test is pure evidence that shows that Bluestack can be way better than Nox and can run on many old systems with great performance.

Is Google account safe in Bluestack?

Yes, Bluestack is 100% safe and software application with no risk. You can use your Google account for downloading Bluestack, which does not risk you in any case.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Here coming at the point of conclusion, I hope that you might have gone through every segment. We have almost discussed every possible related segment that you can go over. We have also discussed some of the FAQs and common questions.

That you might have come across as you have reached to this article. Simply this article is to tell you guys about the Kinemaster and from the beginning by downloading the application to the way you can make use of Kinemaster. I hope this article was helpful and informative to you.

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