6 Learning Assistants: How to Improve Your Academic Performance

Digitalization of education is inevitable, and, fortunately, both students and teachers perceive it positively, except for certain individuals. Even teachers started to realize the difficulties students face while studying, and now they advocate for educational programs and learning assistants. We used to think that a learning assistant is a real person, a tutor whom we hire to help us explain complicated topics. If you prefer the traditional approach, you may continue having additional classes with tutors. But the bigger part of students worldwide has started to use online assistants long ago. They hire online helpers.

Please, admit that such thoughts as, “I want to ask a professional to write my college essay” come to your mind really often. It shows that you can’t cope with the academic load alone, and you need to get extra help. We don’t want you to think that there’s something wrong with you. To need help is okay, and we want to show you six good learning assistants you must use to improve your performance in college.

1. myHomework Student Planner

Have you tried to count how many low grades you got because you forgot to submit the assignment on time? Modern students have so many duties and responsibilities that it’s impossible to keep everything in mind. Well, you don’t need to do it — a huge number of planning ups solves this problem. It may seem that this software has nothing to do with academic performance.

Still, the notification about the deadline that approaches sometimes can save students from performing badly on exams or tests. MyHomework Planner is a planning app available for all operational systems. The free version is enough. If you want to get access to some premium features (ads-free, the opportunity to import homework and share your planner), pay for membership.

2. Mind Games

You’re probably surprised to see the game app here, but please, avoid snap judgment. Your academic performance largely depends on the quality of information retention, which in its turn, depends on your cognitive skills. Have you heard about the necessity to improve your cognitive skills? Most likely not.

Mind Games is available for IOS and Android devices and lets people improve their cognitive abilities while playing cool games. This app is free, so each student should download it at least to try brain training. Be sure your performance will improve.

3. Cite This For Me

Students start writing academic papers in school and continue doing it in university. And sometimes, even writing turns out to be not so complicated as formatting. Writing a bibliography is what students hate because each formatting style has its own rules and requirements for citing the sources.

In addition, many teachers significantly lower the final grade if formatting requirements aren’t met. Fortunately, Cite This For Me saves students from it and lets them deal with this problem quickly. You just choose a citation style, choose the source, enter the title, and the system formats it according to your requirement. 

4. Quizlet

This app is a perfect assistant for those who have difficulties with learning words and terminology. We used to think that flashcards are a technique that is used only in studying new languages. No doubt, it’s very effective for this purpose, but it doesn’t mean there are no other applications for flashcards.

Quizlet made people change their opinion about flash cards. This app is free and lets you upload your own content to it. We mean you may study whatever you need to learn with flashcards. Quizlet is a cross-platform assistant, so you may save your progress and access your set of cards from any device. Quizlet makes the process of learning difficult material easier and faster.

5. Coursera

To be a successful college student, an individual needs not only to memorize all information given by the professor but also to strive for knowledge. We mean that college students should learn additional information alone. It’s rather difficult to find a reliable source of relevant information among the dozens of websites.

That’s why it’s better to purchase a course on the educational platform, pass it and get a certificate that proves your knowledge. Coursera has hundreds of educational courses created by well-known colleges and universities. If you have difficulties with understanding a certain discipline, consider taking a course on it and improve your grades.

6. Office Lens

Students often need to take photos of text written on the blackboard by a teacher or the text of a presentation they see in class to take notes then. Since the educational industry goes digital, many professors allow students to use digital notes.

Office Lens is an app that lets students transform the text from the photo into the text document you can edit and transform. It can read all images, even if they were taken from a bad angle. If you see you have no time to take notes, just use Office Lens and create notes in 5 minutes.

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