13 Best Matrimony Apps to Find Your Partner (2020)

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“Marriages are made in heaven”. This saying might be right for those elderly people with conventional thinking, which consequently leaves you in the thoughts thinking, where is your match or life partner? Or has Rabb (God) forgotten about you while making Jodi’s (pairs)? So, here is Matrimony Apps India for you.

Why Matrimony Apps?

Well, not to mention, heaven made Marriages are valid or not is something controversial. However, in this modern era, what’s on-trend are Matrimony apps. That can, fortunately, bring your partner in your life, let you meet the kind of partner you would want, without any doubt.

He or She doesn’t leave nearby you indeed or is not a daughter or son of any known of your parents and concerned relatives. Further, the matrimony apps that we are going to enlist today keep your data secured and safe. Moreover, maintaining your privacy. 

Now, you might be excited to know about the top best Matrimony apps that can help you find your partner. Isn’t it? So, let’s get into it. In India, Matrimony apps have emerged as a boon supporting families in one of their most significant responsibilities – Marriage. After all, Marriage in India is a bond not only between two individuals but families. But, Matrimony apps solve this all very precisely.

What are the Best Matrimony Apps | 13 Best Matrimony Apps in India 2020

In addition to this, many of them are free. At the same time, others ask for a payment to offer premium memberships for their prime features. Nonetheless, Matrimony apps are relatively easy to use. One can effortlessly register, create a profile, state their specifications in detail, select filters, and even express their interests along with preferences.

These matrimony apps match your profile with suitable profiles that are appropriate with accuracy.

1. Bharat Matrimony App

One of the most popular, established and trusted matrimony apps all around India. Bharat Matrimony app ensures full security for the personal information of users. One can go and search through lakhs of matching profiles virtually.

The user can also check out the Matrimony messenger of this matrimony app. Further, this award-winning best of the best matrimony app has got the well-known Limca Book of World Records for having the most number of documented marriages online.

Features of Bharat Matrimony App

The app offers easy navigation. Further, it allows us to search, refine as well as save potential matches. This matrimony app also notifies it’s users instantly. The user can even view the profile information, photos, and interests for free.

Undoubtedly, the Bharat matrimony is an app that you can download on Android and iOS smartphones and other devices. Not to mention, the well-known matrimony app has over 5,000,000 downloads.

Matrimony Apps India
Bharat Matrimony

2. Jeevansathi

Jeevansathi, a matrimonial app among the prominent matchmakers with one and a half years validated record of healthy, loving, and prosperous matches. This matrimony app offers you one of the best matchings algorithms ever. This app features refined and advanced search filters.

You have that opportunity of finding your life partner from a million genuine profiles belonging from different communities, religions, professions all around the world. Besides, this matrimony app allows you to find your match worldwide.

Features of Jeevansathi Matrimony App

The Jeevansathi matrimony app Offers free messenger, voice, and video call service. It has almost everything you would ever expect in any matrimony app. You can upload your video profiles, indeed.

Further, it is the only platform that provides online and in-person verification. Moreover, it has strict and well-considered privacy rules along with security features. You can download this matrimony app on both platforms and have got over 5,000,000 downloads already.

Matrimony Apps India

3. Shaadi

An award-winning Shaadi.com matrimonial app. Just create a profile. Then, register yourself in the app. Afterward, get access to view profiles and photos to millions of potential matches with a free personalized award-winning messaging feature.

When users begin searching for a matching profile, they can save their favorites from shortlisting them further. It will make their job of finding a life partner pretty easy. Nevertheless, for more premium features, users will need to opt for a paid version.

Features of Shaadi

There are categories based on community, professional, and caste. Users can view full profiles with photos. Further, they can get match recommendations on an everyday basis with 100% security.

Matrimony Apps India

4. Life Partner

Life Partner is a matrimonial app that makes your matchmaking experience even more convenient and more straightforward. Here the user can search for a groom/bride from any Indian community and then filters them based on their preferences, i.e., qualifications and social backgrounds.

Register yourself free in this app and then view thousands of matching profiles absolutely on the go. Nonetheless, with premium versions come other benefits. And, start your wedding countdown with your partner.

Features of Life Partner Matrimony App

User-friendly app interface, along with the protection of personal information. Moreover, the special remarriage matrimonial section. Additionally, save your favorites in the shortlist section.

Matrimony Apps India
Life Partner

5. Muslim Matrimony

This Matrimony app is solely for the Muslim community. You can get partners for Nikkah or marriage matching their traditional and modern outlooks from any part of India and even NRIs also by registering in this app.

Easy, convenient, and 100% secure matchmaking matrimony service. It is what the Muslim Matrimony app offers its prospects.

Features of Muslim Matrimony App

Instant notifications. Filter the search based on different sects in the Muslim community. Moreover, shortlist the favorites and even get notified about who shortlisted you.

Best Matrimonial Apps
Muslim Matrimony

6. Sangam

Sangam.com is a family matrimonial matchmaking app presented by Shaadi.com. The concept behind this app relates to traditional Indian culture, as we mentioned above – ‘Marriage in India is about families & communities – not just two individuals.’ It gives equal importance to both personal information as well as family information.

Features of Sangam Matrimony App

Verified profiles, along with the available complete information related to the family. Additionally, over a million matches to select. It also offers 100% privacy to personal information.

Best Matrimonial Apps

7. M4marry Matrimony App

M4marry is a matrimony app centralized on South Indian communities from the great Tamil Nadu to Karnataka to Kerala to Andhra Pradesh to Telangana. This app is quick and easy to navigate; therefore, a convenient app for users.

Just like any other matrimony app, you can search by specific criteria or profile ID in this one too. There is a feature that you can use to request additional info, such as photo requests.

Features of M4marry Matrimony App

You can send interest and get notifications when someone sends you a claim. Further, Messenger service is available there for everyone. This matrimony app is Motion sensitive. Just shake mobile for ‘Surprise Me’- and get a match. Moreover, it offers advanced data analytics to recommend matches.

Best Matrimonial Apps
M4marry Matrimony App

8. Telugu Matrimony App

Suppose you search for a perfect companion and life partner from your mobile– Telugu matrimony app. This matrimony app is precisely for Telugu speaking people, mainly from Andhra Pradesh, worldwide.

Having a user-friendly, simple interface in this matrimony app makes it straightforward for you to search across thousands of eligible and suitable profiles. You can even sign up using your social media platform such as Facebook id.

Features of Telugu Matrimony App

One can search for profiles by matrimony id. This matrimony app filters the profiles based on your profile. It also gives real-time notification. Further, this sends interest and personal messages.

Best Matrimonial Apps
Telugu Matrimony App

9. Tamil Matrimony

Tamil matrimony is especially for people from Tamil Nadu or Tamilians. Along with a proven record of over thousands of successful marriages, this app can help you find your life partner. Users can use search filters and even find out a matching Tamil bride/groom within seconds.

The advanced matching algorithm will also give you daily recommendations based on your preferences and interests to make things simple for you.

Features of Tamil Matrimony App

GPS-enabled city search in this matrimony app can help you find matching profiles from a nearby location. Just send interest in your favorite profiles. Moreover, chat or message at any time to know more about the other person. Users can search based on specifications such as religion, caste, subcaste, profession, etc.

Tamil App
Tamil Matrimony app

10. Kannada Matrimony

An associate of BharatMatrimony all, KannadaMatrimony is specifically for Karnataka based individuals looking for eligible groom and bride. All you need to do is install the app and then register your profile in it.

You can also use your Facebook id to sign up or sign in this matrimony app. It also has a GPS-based search facility that helps you find profile matches from the closest and nearby cities.

Features of Kannada Matrimony App

This matrimony app gives you an NRI matrimony service. Further, massive data based on authenticated profiles, which means a lot to search. Moreover, the advanced search is on religion, profession, etc.

Kannada app
Kannada Matrimony app

11. Bengali Matrimony

BengaliMatrimony is also a subsidiary of BharatMatrimony developed, especially for Bengali individuals. With its advanced search filters and high-end match finding algorithm, this matchmaking app is one of India’s most downloaded matrimony apps.

Features of Bengali Matrimony

Enabled GPS powered searching in this matrimony app is a feature that most of the users love. One can sign up using Facebook ID also. Therefore, go through personal chats with strangers, connect with them as per your comfort. And then, shortlist your favorite profiles for joining in the future.

Matrimony Apps
Bengali Matrimony app

12. Kerala Matrimony

One more matrimony app powered by the Bharat Matrimony group. KerelaMatrimony is a matrimony app for the Malayalam speaking community or Keralites. To put it in another way, for natives of the state of Kerala.

This convenient and small app can help you do an advanced profile search based on your personal preferences. Hence, it ensures shortlisting likely profiles with a higher chance of becoming your future partner.

Features of Kerala Matrimony App

Compatible with almost all platforms. The search is based on interests or matrimony id, You can chat with potential profiles and you can find Keralites from all across the world.

Kerela app
Kerela Matrimony app

13. Community Matrimony

You can choose from over millions of verified profiles from numerous communities and religions, castes, sub-castes, professions, cities. Last but not least, in any case, the matrimony app, CommunityMatrimony can help you find your future life partner or say soulmate.

With an easy and convenient interface, it is the best matrimony app having matchmaking technology. This matrimony app sends you only the best matching profiles from its database.

Features of Community Matrimony App

Getting notified about who viewed your profile in an instant is a lovable feature of this app. One can shortlist and send interest to their favorites. Further, get instant notification when a potential match communicates. The best thing is that it has over 1000 NRI profiles.

Community Matrimony app

Eleggible’s Recommendation

After looking at the top 13 matrimony apps, wondering about which one is best is something obvious. But as we say always, you don’t need to worry. Not to mention, which one is best for you depends on you and your conditions and context and preferences.

For example, what might suit you, and you will find best if you are a Tamilian. Might not suit a person belonging from North India or some other part of the Country. So, as you see, it clears it, knows your preferences, and go with the one that suits you.

How Good are Matrimonial Sites?

Regardless to say, Matrimony apps have almost replaced the marriage brokers. More and less, taking everything to an online platform. Nonetheless, it’s worth it connecting individuals and their families all over the world.

How Can you Tell a Fake Matrimony Profile?

Firstly, look at the profile picture if the person has used something strange or even if he/she hasn’t used any profile picture. Then, please take a note of it.

Further, check their details and if you find something suspicious. You get it. Yes, it’s a fake profile. Nonetheless, the matrimony apps mentioned above do verify the profiles first before showing it to you.

How Can I Get My Mobile Number from Matrimony Without Paying?

Oops! There isn’t any way of doing so. You would need to be a paid member for viewing your mobile number.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Nonetheless, as mentioned above, the matrimony apps are free to download, and the sites are free to register. However, free registration gives access to a limited database, and any other additional service requires payments. Regardless, flexible features have developed actual success rates.

We hope this will help you in finding the best matrimonial app for yourself. Further, getting matched with your life partner. Get ready to show your dance moves on the floor.

Happy searching for your life partner!!