5 Of The Best Mouse Jiggler Alternatives [2023]

What to Know?

Move Mouse automatically with these mouse jiggler alternatives.

⇒  Mouse jiggler software can be detected by your employer.

⇒  USB Mouse jigglers can’t be detected by the employer.

Mouse jiggler is software that, in simple words, help the user to keep the cursor movement active on the screen even when the work is not going on. There are many mouse jiggler alternatives that you can try if you don’t want to use it.

Think of it as a situation when you need to get up for some urgent work, but you don’t have the luxury to switch your screen off. In such a situation, the mouse jiggler helps you keep your cursor active and fool the system or the people you are still at the work desk. Well, not many people know about mouse jiggler devices in detail. A mouse jiggler stimulates the motion on the screen of your system.

These mouse jigglers can also be termed “Mouse movers”. Their name suggests what their exact function is. This mouse jiggler may come to your imagination as a fancy device. However, it is just a tiny USB device and is very handy.

Employees of various companies generally use these mouse jigglers. Generally, people have recently shifted from physical offices to work from home models. In these cases, there is a strict vigil on the employees whether they are active in the official meetings and chat groups or not.

You can also use your keyboard to move the mouse cursor if the mouse is not working.

Even getting up for even 5 minutes can cost them strict repercussions from their employers. This causes the employees to use this device to keep their laptop or computer screens active to prevent scenes like these.

Top 5 Mouse Jiggler Alternatives to Keep Your Computer Awake

#1 Caffeine.

Caffeine Mouse Jiggler Alternative

Caffeine is one of the best mouse jiggler alternatives for you if you don’t want to use a mouse jiggler to keep your desktop screen awake.  It prevents the desktop from going to sleep or locking up after a shorter duration as it regularly stimulates keystrokes on the desktop.

This program works continuously on your desktop and prevents the screensaver from letting the screen go down. This program helps you control the screensaver smartly without even forcing you to switch off the screensaver settings yourself.

According to this program, the desktop screen is prevented from going to sleep by stimulating a keystroke once every minute. This program is not very tricky or complex to use, but it is very basic and anyone can use it who has even slight computer systems know-how. However, in this program, Caffeine is freeware, and you will get it in the form of a compressed file.

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#2 XuMouse.

XuMouse Mouse Jiggler Alternative

XuMouse is a free Windows software available to users with the operating system Windows 95 and other prior versions. It belongs to the software utility category. Generally, the software which belongs to the software utility category is not very light, but this software is comparatively lighter and needs less space on your device.

This app is very popular in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It will act as a great substitute for the ordinary mouse jiggler.

#3 Free Mouse Clicker.

It’s time to free yourself from repetitive mouse clicks to keep your desktop screen awake. You can try Free Mouse Clicker right now and welcome the hassle-free automatic active screen.

It is an amazing software that will lessen the burden that keeping your screen awake puts on you. The best part of this software is extremely simple to use and free to use.

#4 Amphetamine.

Amphetamine Mouse Jiggler Alternative

If you are looking for a solution to your continuously turning off Mac display, then Amphetamine is the easiest solution you can ever find. All you need to work on is the on/off switch or the automatic easy-to-configure Triggers that this app offers. There is nothing typical or complex to understand, and the interface is really user-friendly.

The most interesting thing to note about this app is that it is easy and basic for the person who wants to keep it simple, and at the same time, it can be adventurous and full of exciting features for those who don’t want to keep it just simple and explore.

To begin with, you just need to quickly click on the keep awake session from the app’s menu, and that’s it. This app is very handy and customizable. Amphetamine is the best app you will ever need to keep your Mac awake from now. Moreover, this app also supports Retina displays and macOS dark mode. All these features force us to include it in our list of these mouse jiggler alternatives.

#5 Insomnia.

Insomnia Mouse Jiggler Alternative

Suppose you are looking forward to preventing your desktop screen from going to sleep repeatedly and without any excessive bulky features.

In that case, Insomnia is the one-stop solution for your problem. The main function of this app is to stop your computer from turning off. This app runs in the background and does the work for you.

The best thing here is that there won’t be any mouse or keyboard activity, which the physical devices such as a mouse jiggler generally offer. You can simply control this app remotely.

This app is most suitable when you have to keep your screen active for longer durations, such as an overnight download. In these cases, you cannot repeatedly keep on moving the mouse or pressing the keyboard to keep the screen active. This app provides you with the exact solution and offers nothing less or more.

Can a Mouse Jiggler be Detected?

The mouse jiggler can be detected or not is a completely subjective case. Some companies cannot detect the mouse jigglers, and their employees are continuously using them. The device fools them and keeps the screen on for long hours. However, on the other hand, there are a few other companies too.

These companies have installed special software and have security operations centers or network teams dedicated to detecting these fooling devices, such as a mouse jiggler. In cases where the company detects these mouse jigglers, they may fire you right away. Hence, you need to be very careful in using it.

Eleggible’s Final Words

You can not always resort to a mouse jiggler due to many reasons. Also, you will always be under the stress of getting detected by your company for using a mouse jiggler.

Hence, we have listed a few of the topmost alternatives you can opt for to substitute your dependence on mouse jigglers. They are mostly free to download and also easy to use.

You can simply download these apps or software, and you do not need to get any complex setups to operate these on your devices. Not very special knowledge is required for their use, and even with the basic knowledge, you can access them easily.

You don’t need to think of a mouse jiggler as your only solution to prevent your screen from getting down again and again because you have plenty of choices to pick from.

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