Nox VS Bluestacks | Which Android Emulator is the Best?

If you are looking for the best Android emulators and confused between Nox and Bluestack, then this article is all for you. In this article, we are going to discuss all nox player vs bluestacks. This will help you know which one is the best and how well they perform and their properties.

We have discussed the basic features of both Nox VS Bluestacks and a brief description of the same. We have also been concerned about the essential components that will highlight it more and other requirements such as performance, user interface, and others.

If you are a gamer and want to know about them both, here we are to help you out in that case. We are also going to discuss the gaming performance and experience that you guys are waiting for. So without wasting any moment, let us move directly forward and check this out. Make sure that you never miss any segment from this article and keep on reading it for nox player vs bluestacks

What is Bluestack?

It is one of the widely used Android emulators launched in the year 2011 and structured and designed by the Bluestack Company. BlueStacks is an American technology company that creates the BlueStacks App Player and other cloud-based cross-platform products.

You can download this application for free without any purchase from its official website. All of the games that play on your Android device, you can easily play them on your PC with more advanced features and a better gaming experience over your PC or laptop.

bluestack vs nox

However, it is way faster than it is six times faster than an Android device. You can play any of your favorite games such as Clash of Clan (COC), Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG), Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), and many others, which does not support PC, but you can still play them through Bluestack emulator. You will have better gameplay and a more efficient gaming experience than just lying on an Android device.

Features of Bluestack

Bluestack comprises many of the features that you can take a view at. All the components are advanced and managed somewhat. You can go through the list of features of Bluestacks mentioned below:

  • It is a highly customized application in which you can change some settings and get comfortable with the one you prefer.
  • For gaming, you can even use input devices such as a keyboard and mouse to improve your gaming performance.
  • You can even change your profile with another and switch it with different users whenever required.
  • It allows you to play multiple games at a single time simultaneously with ease.
  • Bluestack enables you to lock the cursor mostly in shooting games.
  • Also, you can stream your gameplay by a screen recorder.
  • It also cleans up all the junk and obsolete files once when not in use.

What is Nox

A powerful emulator refers to as a head-to-head competitor for Bluestacks. It is another emulator that is manufactured and developed by the Nox Company. It released in June 2015 and which comprised of similar kind of feature as that of Bluestacks. Alike Bluestacks also does a free download without any purchase. You can download it from their official link as well.

bluestack vs nox

You don’t have any need to install most of the apps and games with Nox player as they’re pre-installed (already installed). This is often a somewhat manageable feature that it already comprises of most played games and applications often emulated so far.

It is designed separately for Mac users because Nox Player was for Windows. One of the Nox’s main unique features is that it comes with a rooted Android version out-of-the-box. So, you get an unlocked player to realize full access to the Android without performing it individually.

Features of Nox

Now let us move with Nox’s features, which are also incredible, and you should look at them. Here is the list of features for Nox that are:

  • It provides you smart keyboard control and keyboard mapping within some simple options for better gameplay.
  • Similar to Bluestack, you can even play multiple games at a single time.
  • You can even record your gameplay.
  • It offers you a virtualization experience that gives you a better gameplay experience.
  • The file size for Nox is just 344 MB.

Performance of Bluestack & Nox Emulator

Bluestack is one of the best performing emulators than Nox. In the benchmark performance test, it was clear that if you are up with one of the newest systems, then Bluestack can be the unbeatable emulator whose performance is more than enough for an individual. In the performance test, the latest version of Bluestack that is Bluestack 4, scored 165000, which cannot be overtaken by any of the other emulators.

Meanwhile, when it comes to performance, Nox emulator applications lack somewhere or the other while in comparison with Bluestack. Overall the performance is relatively smooth and efficient by consuming much fewer resources. Nox can be better in terms of usability and user interface, but when it comes to performance, not even Nox can beat Bluestacks.

User Interface of Bluestack & Nox Emulator

Bluestack has almost every powerful feature and, meanwhile, an interactive and intuitive user interface. You can customize all the controls through the keyboard by keyboard mapping feature. It will allow you to customize your user interface in the way you like.

Other than that, you can even add shortcut options to your game through keyboard shortcuts. Overall, it provides you almost everything for the betterment of the gaming performance, but it will treat the way you treat your system considerably when it comes to the interface. If your design is all clean and does not lag, the same goes for the interface of Bluestacks.

Nox VS Bluestacks

Now when it comes to the user interface in Nox, it is way too friendly and interactive. It can be suitable for both beginners and experienced ones, which uses Nox for an extended period. The user interface is simply and conveniently with all its advanced options.

Nevertheless, it also supports various customizing options that will personalize the interface the way to want it. You can set the mapping through a keyboard and use a mouse for playing games, which is more usable and structured than Bluestacks.

System Requirements of Nox VS Bluestacks

For Bluestacks, the following are the system requires that it requires:

  • Bluestack is available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Mac and operating systems.
  • All the drivers that your system comprises must be of the latest versions; if not, you can update them.
  • It runs on a multicore AMD processor or an Intel CPU.
  • You should probably have 2GB of free RAM and 4GB of drive space to run Bluestacks smoothly for storage.
  • Your computer system must have a service pack of 2 or higher.

For the Nox emulator, the following is the system that requires that it requires:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. OSX-10.8+ is the operating system on which it runs.
  • It needs at least a dual-core AMD processor or a multicore processor or Intel CPU to run.
  • 5 GB of RAM and 3GB of least storage space required, since it needs 1 GB for the installation process, and 1.5 GB of hard drive storage to run the Nox Player.
  • Supports OpenGL 2.0 or above than that.

Gaming Experience of Bluestacks & Nox Emulator

Bluestacks is for gaming purposes, which has a balanced amount of graphics, gameplay features, and experience gaming in advanced ways and what more. Bluestacks functions smoother and supports high graphic abilities. The software has a dense key mapping and system. You’ll manage critical controls with the all-new game controls windows.

However, it’s agreeable that your PC has good specs that are accomplished enough to handle the graphics. Nevertheless, the Bluestacks Emulator is the best and most trusted Android Client to play Android Apps and games on Windows and Mac operating systems.

However, when it comes to Nox, it can manage high FPS games without fluctuations with none clutter and supports keypad, gamepad, and scripts record (helps to record a sequence on screen for later play). And yet it’s going to take a while for you to urge familiar with the controls.

Once you get together with it, Nox Player would end up to be the humblest residence to run Android Apps and Games on Windows or Mac operating system. You can adapt the controls within the settings and optimize the standard just if you feel the graphics are above your PC morals.

Which is better, NOX, or Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is more preferred and better than Nox comparatively. However, the performance of Bluestacks is more powerful and efficient than Nox, which ultimately makes Bluestacks better than Nox.

Is NOX safe for PC?

Yes, it is safe to use Nox on your PC. You have to log in to the Android emulator, and it launches successfully on PC.

Is there anything better than Bluestacks?

When it comes to choosing an alternative for Bluestacks, Nox is the very first choice. But comparing both, Bluestacks is much more efficient than Nox.

Is NOX the best emulator?

Yes, it is one of the best emulators that you can have on your Windows operating system. It supports many features which are incredible apart from only gaming purpose.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Coming on to the conclusion, I hope that you might have gone through every segment. If you belong to the one who wants an exact comparison between Nox VS Bluestacks, this article is all for you. You can get your queries solved by this particular article.

We have discussed almost everything from its necessary punctual information to its performance, gaming experience, user interface, and many other things. If you have any related queries, you can also take a look at the most commonly asked FAQs that we have answered. I hope this article was informative and helpful for you guys.

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