Unique List of Pen Pal Apps [Make Friends Worldwide]

In this article, Pen Pal App you will get to know about Pen pal and how it does still exist but in a different form. We have a list of the best pen pal apps from which you can try some of these apps and start making pen pal friends around the world.

Before we move further into this article, we have to understand what is actual pen pal app is? 

Pen pals are persons who write letters regularly to each other. This thing was done in the past via post mail. People do connect to strangers over these letters, and only they get into a relationship over these letters.

Sometimes pen pals know each other but do not meet in person. So to talk, they write letters. But all of this happened in the past, and nowadays, we have an excellent advanced method of sending our messages which is texting online

Pen pals still exist in a different form, and now you do not have to wait for days for your letters to get delivered or to wait for letters to reach; now, things can happen in seconds. All you have to do is create an account and start texting people around the world

You can also learn different languages from them, and more you can understand. But the best part is now you can chat with anyone who is available on this online community.

People try to find common bonds between them over text and get to know each other’s interests. There are a lot of applications online from which you can start your pen pal journey.

But some online pen pal communities are big enough in which you can easily find people to start texting. Sometimes, it can take some time to connect with people. But it does not mean that it is not worth trying or you should not go for it.

10 Best Pen Pal Apps to Make Friends & Learn Something New

#1. HelloTalk

Download – Android

HelloTalk app has a good user base, and most people use it to learn languages from native speakers around the globe. It is easy to connect with different pals at the same time, and you can quickly start texting each other over this app.

To start, you need to download this application, then you have to create your account, and now the last thing is to connect with people. The best part is you get to communicate with different people, but at the same time, you get to know about different cultures from around the world.

People on these platforms are super friendly; you can make friends easily here, and if you are worried that maybe it’s hard to use it, then definitely not. The user interface of this app is super smooth and engaging.

You can talk about different things from your native pal, and maybe you make your friendship or relationship too strong you want to visit your friends.


Download –  Android

Slowly is one of the best pen pal apps. This app has one of the most significant communities of pals. Having a big community of people from around the world has a lot of benefits.

You get to learn and know about a lot of things from different cultures of the world. You can practise learning new languages with native speakers and connect with them as a friend.

This app gives you a real pen pal experience. It offers you actual pen pal features; you can set in what time your letters should reach your pals. It can take a few hours to days for your letter to reach its final destination, which gives you the natural feel of a pen pal.

The user interface of this app is so exciting and engaging. Also, this app offers you privacy features using which you can go anonymous with your avatar and nickname.

You can also find pals based on similar interests using this feature given in the app. You can easily download this app from the google play store and create your account to start your journey of pen pal.

#3. Online PenPals

Download – Android

One of the most significant friend communities can be found on this app. There are several advantages to having a sizable global community. From various people around the world, you can learn and gain knowledge about a wide range of topics.

With native speakers, you can practise learning new languages and establish a friendship. Using this app is like having a real pen pal. It offers actual pen pal features that let you choose when your letters should be delivered to your friends.

Your letter’s eventual destination may take many hours to days to reach, giving you a true sense of being a pen pal. This app’s user interface is incredibly intriguing and captivating.

Additionally, this app provides privacy features that allow you to remain anonymous while using your nickname and avatar. Using this function of the app, you may also locate friends based on shared interests.

You can quickly register an account and download the app from the Google Play Store to begin your search for a pen friend.

#4. Interpals

Download – Android

If you love to chat with people and especially if they are from other countries or people from around the world, then this app is for you. Interpals connect you with people from different nations.

You can learn foreign languages, and also you get to know about cultures from other countries. This app has a large community of people who are connected through this app only.

This app offers you good filters which will help you to find a good pen pal for you with similar interests in between you. The best way to attract other pen pals to you is to set a good profile picture.

Then add some information about you and your interests. People with similar interests or people who will find your profile interesting will reach out to you to connect.

From there, you can start your pen pal journey with your new friends from around the globe. This app is available to download from the Google Play store.

#5. Dear you

Download – Android

There is a sizable community of users connected exclusively through this app. This is one of the most popular pen pal apps that provides you with valuable filters that will enable you to select a compatible pen friend who shares your interests.

A good profile picture is the best way to draw in new pen pals. After that, include some details about you and your interests. People will contact you for connection if they share your interests or find your profile interesting.

You can then begin your pen pal journey with your new international buddies. You can download this app from the Google Play store. Dear you offer you to get connected to the world and experience it through a pen pal.

Learning different languages can be a very easy job here because you will be getting guidance from natives, and apart from learning languages, you can also learn and get to know about different practices around the world.

Maybe you get to know something which is uncommon in your country, but it is common in your pen pal’s country. 

#6. Tripmate

Download – Android

If you are looking for an app that can give you the experience of a pen pal. Then this app is a good pick for you. Pen pal was all about sending letters and waiting for them in the past.

But now, it is more than that. Continuing the pen pal tradition, you can send a text to your friends from around the globe and wait for them to text you back. But taking the usual pen pal to another level is now you can learn languages from natives using Tripmate.

You can learn different languages, and with that, you can also get to have some knowledge of other cultures which persist today. You can make long-term international friends chat with and grow your friendship together.

All you have to do to start is to download Tripmate from the Google Play store and create your account. After this, a simple step is left, which is totally based on your preference.

In this step, you have to find a pal to connect with. You can find pals with similar interests so that you can easily connect with them and start sending your text messages right away.

#7. Penpal America

Download – Android

Penpal America is a good penpal app, but it targets only people from countries of North America and South America. This app has a small community of effective communicators as this app is restricted to people of the Americas only.

It will not offer a lot of options or things to explore. But still, the Americas have different languages and cultures, which can be explored through a pen pal. People can make friends and get to know about various things which may not be familiar or do not exist in their country.

You have to set up your profile and put your country name so that people get to know you. You can connect with different people and the same for them. They can connect with you too.

You can make friends from your country too, which increases the chance of your successful friendship as it will be easy to meet them in person.

#8. Tandem

Download – Android

If you think learning languages can be challenging or boring. Then it is Tandem that connects you to pals from around the world. These pen pals guide each other and teach languages.

The best part is you get to learn a different language from a native speaker. Also, getting connected to people from different world offers you new knowledge too. You will get to learn about new cultures and things which people do around the globe.

Believe it or not, this app offers you to learn more than 300 different languages from their natives. Tandem is one of the leading communities in the world of pen pals.

To start your pen pal profile, you have to download this app from the Google Play store. After downloading now, you need to create an account and then create a good profile with your picture on it. The last thing left is to connect to people now. Find suitable people for you and ask them to connect.

#9. Airstrip: Free

Download – Android

Making new friends and chatting with them has never been so easy. Airstrip offers you a great community of people from around the globe to get connected with. You can learn languages from them, which is very effective if you learn a language from a native.

You can ask about travel advice, you can also ask them about their culture. Many university students do use pen pal apps to interact with foreigners to do research about something.

Sometimes research includes a survey that can be answered by certain people from certain regions or countries. Pen pal helps them a lot in their work and study too.

You can set up your profile with the app and start looking for your pen pals to start chatting with. From the Google Play store, you can download this app. You will enjoy making new friends and interacting with them. Also, you do not have to wait for days which happened earlier in the past, to get your messages delivered

#10. LettyLy

Download – Android

If you’re looking for a mobile application that can simulate having a pen pal. Then you should choose this app. Sending letters and waiting for them were the main aspects of pen pals in the past.

But today, it goes beyond that. In keeping with the pen pal tradition, you can SMS your friends who are located all over the world and wait for their reply. But using LettLy, you can now study languages from native speakers, elevating the standard pen buddy experience.

You can gain some understanding of various cultures that are still in existence by learning different languages. You can make lifelong acquaintances abroad with whom you can converse and develop a friendship.

Simply download LettLy from the Google Play store and set up an account to get started. There is only one simple step left, and it is all up to you. It would help if you located a friend to connect with in this phase.

You can locate friends who share your interests so that you can quickly establish a connection and start texting each other.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Pen Pal is indeed a great tradition of sending letters or messages to people around the world. These pen pal apps are able to continue this tradition in this modern era too, which is great in itself.

Now people do not write letters to that extent; they write 30 or 40 years back. But these apps have features in which you can experience the wait for your messages to get delivered after days, or you may receive messages after days.

But if you do not like to wait or can become impatient easily, then you can send your messages in seconds and might get a response within seconds or minutes. All these apps are available to download from the Google Play store.

Many people do you these apps to have fun, and many use these apps to gain knowledge or for their work. If you ask us about our suggestion that with which app you should go, then it will be HelloTalk or SLOWLY. But you can explore on your own to know which app fits you.

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