Pinterest Video Downloader: How to Easily Download Images & Videos

If you are looking for some ideas, then the one platform where you will be able to find unlimited videos, pictures, and GIFs that would be Pinterest. Yes, the never-ending collection on Pinterest will definitely help you to get what you were looking for. Downloading those pictures, videos and GIFs is a little challenging. You just can’t save them like you save images from random websites and search engines

Don’t worry because we are going to talk about Pinterest downloaders and how you will be able to use for download videos from Pinterest whether you are an iPhone user or an Android user. You can also download them on your desktop system.

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Download Pinterest videos on iPhone: Things you need to do

There is a huge difference between iPhone and Android working styles. If you are using an iPhone, then downloading Pinterest videos will be different from downloading Pinterest videos on Android. So, if you want to download Pinterest videos on your iPhone, then here are a few steps that will help in doing so:

  • First of all, you need to download videos downloaded for Pinterest on your iPhone. 
  • Once you download the downloader, now open Pinterest on your iOS device
  • Now start searching for the videos you wanted to download
  • Once you enter your search, you will get many videos as the result of your search on the same page
  • Now choose the video that you would like to download by clicking on the three dots on the top left corner of the video, and many options will appear on your screen
  • You need to click on the Copy link option
  • Now, you need to paste the copied link on the Pinterest video downloader application that you downloaded in the first place
  • The download will start, and when it gets finished, you will find the downloaded link in your gallery

How Download Pinterest videos on Android?

Let’s talk about Android users now. If you want to download videos from Pinterest, then you need to download the Pinterest video downloader for your device so you can jump on further steps. So, the first thing that you need to do would be to download a video downloader for Pinterest. Now let’s jump onto the next step if you have downloaded the downloader:

  1. Now open the Pinterest application on your cellphone and search for the video that you would like to download
  2. Now select the videos from the search results and click on the three dots on the top left corner so a menu will appear with many options on your screen
  3. Now copy the link that you are going to download
  4. Paste the link in the video downloader for Pinterest
  5. The video will get downloaded, and it will appear in the gallery of your smartphone

How to Download Pinterest videos on your desktop?

If you use your Pinterest account from your desktop and you would like to download videos from Pinterest on your desktop, then here is a step to step guide for you:

  1. Open Pinterest in your browser and open the video you would like to download
  2. Now copy the link of the video from the three dots menu that appears on the top left corner of the video
  3. Now open video downloader for Pinterest in another tab of the browser and paste the link there
  4. Click on the green button and select the Save As an option
  5. Your video will start getting downloading

Eleggible’s Final Words

Now you might have understood how you can use Pinterest downloader for your benefit for downloading videos from Pinterest. Now you can download them on your iPhone, Android devices, and desktop as well.

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