There was a Problem Acquiring a Personal Certificate on Skype

Skype has become an essential part of a video calling app, but it faces specific problems. When you get a pop-up notification of Problem Acquiring a Personal Certificate on Skype, this mainly occurs when you are trying to log in, and due to this error, one cannot access the application.

If you are facing the same problems here is an easy guide which will help you to solve the problem, and you can do your task easily.

What Causes the Problem?

Before we come to the solution part, let us see some of the most common reasons why you are facing this problem. After you analyze your problem it will be easy for you to solve it, don’t you think so?

No. 1 One of the primary and most common reasons for the same is that your software is out of date.

No. 2 Due to malware attacks, your program may be damaged.

No. 3 Another common problem is that skype is not able to acquire the certificates from the server itself or the cache.

No. 4 If your DNS cache if junky then also it will become a cause for the problem.

No. 5 Your Microsoft sign-in assistant that is installed can also be outdated. You need to check it.

How Can We Solve Skype for Business There was a Problem Acquiring a Personal Certificate?

Now that we have gone through various causes of the problem lets us look into the easy steps that you follow so that this problem does not persist.

1. By deleting sign-in information to fix Skype Certificate Error

You can manually delete your sign in details by following the steps given below

Step:1 Open the run menu by pressing window+ R key and run list and type % AppData %

Step:2 Delete the files in the Lync directory by navigating local> Microsoft> office

Then  C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Lync\Tracing\ and make sure to delete all the data. 

Step:1 Then open Regedit by pressing window+R key and press enter. 

Step:2 And then delete all the entries that you see in the right section of the window.

Step:3 Now you can try logging in skype to see if the error persists. 

Problem Acquiring a Personal Certificate on Skype
Deleting sign-in information

2. Enable TLS 1.2

Step:1 Type internet option in the start menu.

Step:2 Go to use TLS 1.2 checkbox by switching to the advance tab.

Step:3 Tick the box and restart the system.

Step:4 Now try logging in again. 

Skype Certificate Error
TLS 1.2

3. Reinstall the app to fix Skype Certificate Error

Step:1 Open the setting option 

Step:2 Then in it go to program and feature option.

Step:3 Then here search the Skype Certificate Error and uninstall it.

Step:4 When the uninstall process is over restart your system and reinstall the app from the official site of skype.

Step:5 Now download the latest version of the app and log in to see if the certificate version persists or not.

Reinstall the application

4. Turn the antivirus off

If the problem persists, then you can turn off the antivirus as viruses can harm the skype system due to which you have the certification error.

Step:1 Open the control panel on your computer.

Step:2 In this type of firewall in the search box.

Step:3 Simply tick on the box which shows turn off the firewall.

Step:4 Press Apply to save the changes then open skype to check whether the error is still there or not. 

If you want to solve your sign in certificate problem then you can solve it by deleting your sign in information with the help of the following steps:

Step:1 On business sing in the window click on delete my sin in the information.

Step:2 Your password, certificates, and connections everything will be deleted by this process. 

Step:3 Now you can input your details again to see if it works or not.

5. Clear your DNS cache to fix skype Certificate Error

You can clean your DNS cache by typing command in config/flushdns in the command prompt. Allow the process to complete and then close CMD. 

You can also perform some troubleshooting steps by locating the app data folder and deleting all the files related to your email address. Then you can restart Lync and sign in your business account to check if it brings any changes in the problem or not. 

Skype Certificate Error
Clear your DNS cache

Eleggible’s Final Words

The above mention is some steps that can help you solve your Problem Acquiring a Personal Certificate on Skype. These steps are simple, easy to perform, and if followed step by step, you can solve your problem without any difficulty.

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