11 Best Receipt Scanning & Organizer Apps (2022)

Receipt scanning is a modern yet efficient way of digitizing slips and receipts. The scanned receipts are exported in an online document form and saved for later use. This technique lets users add some pennies into the wallet. Also, convert the misplaced paper records into an electronic format. Various receipt scanning apps let users scan the paper receipts received in daily life. And in return, these apps put a fortune in their pocket. Yet, this technique does not return so much money. Scanning also allows users to sort the scanned receipts based on various attributes. These attributes can be the date, customer Id, amount of buy, etc.

There are various advantages of scanning receipts. This technique helps users in reducing the clutter that the paper receipts make. It also increases the sense of security as the scanned receipts lie in the hands of the owner itself. It also allows users to organize the logs of transactions better and in a more efficient way.

Friend groups and college students appreciate receipt scanning as it enables sharing of bills with ease. Nowadays, even small-scale businesses use this technology. It lets companies generate expense reports and handle sales without much hassle. And avoids the mistake of making a pile of paper and going through them for searching a record.

This technique also eliminates the possibility of errors made by the employees in putting the data from receipt. Thus decreasing the chances of human error. It also simplifies the time required to do the taxes. It eliminates the time spent sorting all the bills during tax calculation which replaces it with a few clicks together all the data in the digital form.

The global market for Document Scanners was evaluated at US$3.5 Billion in 2020.

The industry is expected to flourish to US$8.1 Billion by 2027. Having a CAGR of 12.7% over the period 2020-2027.

Flatbed Scanners are a leading type of scanner in the market.

It is expected to register a 13.3% CAGR and reach US$4.9 Billion by the end of 2020-2027. 

The U.S. market for the document scanner industry is assessed at US$939.7 Million in 2020.

Meanwhile, China will reach an estimated market size of US$1.8 Billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 16.7% over the analysis period 2020-202.

Other noteworthy geographic markets are Japan and Canada. Each market is forecast to grow at 8.9% and 11.1%, respectively, over 2020-2027. Within Europe, Germany is forecast to grow at approximately 10% CAGR.

Top 11 Best Receipt Scanning Apps to Keep Track of Receipts

#1. QuickBooks

Download – Android

QuickBooks is an easy-to-use cross-platform app made for mobiles and desktops. It is a recommended tool for small and moderate-sized enterprises.

Quickbooks comes in variants like Mac, online, and Windows. It works as a complete package in the desktop version. Quick Books works in a cloud-based accounting version called QuickBooks online.

It lets users register payment logs and track earnings and loss statements. This app allows users to organize monthly bills and expenditure budgets. The app will enable users to connect their bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks. Such attributes assist in allowing the companies to keep track of daily transactions. It also looks for generating invoices.

This tool also has its pay rule function, which allows users to calculate and payroll as often as needed. QuickBooks Online offers a free trial of 30 days to its users. After that, users must buy the premium membership to access the premium attributes.

#2. CoinOut

Download – Android

Coin out is one of the legit receipt scanning apps available for iOS and Android. It pays its users for uploading tickets and gains by shopping using the app for email tokens. The app focuses on providing online cashback and randomized gratuities. The rewards, as mentioned above, are redeemable by inspecting permits and satisfying the buy via the app.

It also allows tracking of expenditures and observing balances and perks.

The app lets users gain cashback by uploading the permits within 14 days of buy. Users can withdraw the cashback accumulated from the app using gift cards and even through PayPal. Yet, the app does not admit ATM bank statements; or credit card slips without products. It also does not permit coupons or handwritten store tickets.

The app seems promising because of its user-friendly interface. This app does not ask for financial accounts or financial information. This attribute increases a sense of security among users.

#3. Fetch Rewards

Download – Android

Fetch Rewards is a legit shopping and buying application on Android and iOS devices. The app cites its users with free bonuses and gift cards. To avail of these offers, users must upload their recent shopping receipts using the app.

The app accepts tickets from local grocery stores, gas merchants, and fast food places.

Fetch reward gives points for uploading the recent receipts within 14 days of buy. Users can redeem these points for widely accepted gift cards by many types of stores. It also allows for saving the points in sweepstakes entries. It also allows donating one’s point rewards to charity.

This app also bonuses its customers for making referrals to friends and family. 

The minor payment threshold is 3000 points, where 1000 points given is equal to $1. Thus, the app is suitable for frequent shoppers eligible to redeem special offers.

#4. Expensify

Download – Android

Expensify is an app designed for both IOS and Android. This app helps users get their business expenses done without hassle and in no time.

The company claims that the sales reports handled using the app takes less time than doing it by hand. Also, this app offers various attributes that make tracking expenditures easy.

It is a powerful tool for doing the pre-accounting job and saves many hours of hectic menial work.

The app is easy to use with great functionality to track all the reports. The ability of this app to encapsulate all the files and manage them grabs people’s attention.

Submission of receipts is easy with Expensify. Users need to email and forward the receipts. The app generates the report in the Expensify account after intelligent scanning of the delivered tickets.

The app saves countless hours spent in the menial work of entering data. It lets the user scan the receipts and automatically generates the report.

#5. Receipt Hog

Download – Android

Receipt hog is another one of the legitimate mobile receipt scanning apps for ios and Android. It allows users to scan everyday receipts and upload them through the app. For this, the app bonuses the users with real cash and gift cards. The amount of coins the user gets depends on the amount spent in the purchasing and mentioned on the ticket.

The app bonuses its users for receipts from grocery stores, pharmacies, discount stores, pet stores, wine shops, and convenience stores. The brand also takes into consideration receipts from brand-name stores. The app also allows users to submit e-tickets by connecting their email accounts.

This process of scanning and collection of data moves to another level. Generally, the receipt hog takes fewer than 24 hours to process the contents of receipts. Yet, it might take extra days if the receipt volume is large. Uploaded tickets must be within 14 days from the receipt transcription date. Receipts beyond this period would fail to get perks from the app. least threshold payment of the app is 1000 coins which in turn gives $5. the app also offers the opportunity to users to earn money through surveys.

#6. Coupons.com

Download – Android

Coupons.com is a free-to-use website and app that saves money on items of everyday needs and groceries. This app provides coupons for various everyday brands and rewards cashback for scanning the receipts after buying. 

Generally, the app takes upto 5 to 7 business days to test the ticket. Later, the app estimates and transacts the amount to the account using PayPal. The app verifies the contents of tickets to reward the respective amount in the account.

The app rewards its users in real cashback using the user’s account. Users need to select the appropriate offer from the app and make a buy from the store. After purchasing, the user must scan the itemized receipt to earn the monetary benefits. The users appreciate the app as there is no minor threshold to withdraw from the account.

#7. Ibotta

Download – Android

Ibotta is an American-based technology company. It aims to provide cashback and gift card rebates to its users. Users redeem offers by purchasing products and uploading receipts from the mentioned companies.

This app allows scanning receipts from more than 300 + preferred retail chains. These chains may include grocery stores, restaurants, movie theatres, and pet stores. This app accepts all the above mention receipts within 7 days of buy.

Ibotta pleasures its customers with real cash. Users can perform money transfers through PayPal or a bank account. It also allows its users you have gift cards in return for the earned points.

ibotta ensures to tip off its users for making referrals to friends and family to use the app. The minor payment threshold for the app is $20. The brand proves useful for users who shop brand-name items and are frequent shoppers of retail chain stores.

#8. Receipt Pal

Download – Android

Receipt pal is another free app available in the list of best receipt scanning apps. This app awards gift cards, coupons, and cash prizes. Users must scan the bill receipts and purchases made from brand stores and famous retailer chains.

The app promotes the digitalization of expenditure records. It also focuses on market research of purchases. Thus, the app lets users grab cash prices in their weekly sweepstakes. The app also admits receipts by letting users connect their email and Amazon accounts to earn more points. Yet, the app does not tip its uses in real cash using digital wallets.

The app permits receipts from almost any retailer. The retailers can be conventional stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and online retailers.

The users must scan and upload the itemized receipt within 10 days of buying to avail of the benefits. Beyond this period, the receipts will not be eligible to earn bounties.

#9. Shopkick

Download – Android

ShopKick is an American company that launched its app. the vision is to provide its users with cashback, gift cards, and gifts for shopping. 

The app awards reward points known as kicks for scanning the receipts. The users get these kicks for purchasing items from the stores mentioned. Users must walk into the store, scan the given barcode on the selected items, or make purchases. On average, 250 kicks make a dollar in real cash. This app is well promoted and appreciated by its uses and has a good rating, which makes it trustworthy. The app lets users scan the receipts of recent expenditures to grab perks. 

Shopkick supports many famous brands and offers coupons to make shopping effective. It also provides some kicks for daily turn-in, which usually makes users addicted to the app.

#10. TopCashback

Download – Android

Top cashback is a US-based cashback application that is free to use in the United States. It is an app that focuses on assigning cashback and coupons to its users for shopping using the app. The app invites users to shop for their favorite retailer or brand website using the app. It also claims that regular shopping users, on average, earn more than 400$ in a year by using the cashback offers.

The app offers services to over 5000 retailers, including Walmart, staples, and many more. This app allows users to browse various other options to shop. These include traveling home decor, garden equipment, fashion, and Technology equipment to shop. The app claims to extend its cashback services for these categories too.

The app has a wide network of users and an excellent rating. This attribute gives the app an essence of trustworthiness for its new users to join. The app also awards cashback to users for new referrals and for sharing the app with friends and family.

#11. Checkout 51

Download – Android

Check Out 51 is a legit and simple app that is free to use for its users. The app holds its reputation as a cashback app. It rewards its users for purchases like grocery, gas, clothing, and online shopping. It has an easy-to-use interface and is transparent as a company to its consumers. Users can browse through a wide range of offers from the app and select the best deal for them. After making the buy, users need to upload the receipt to verify their latest buy. 

The app also lets users withdraw money in the form of real cash once the account hits $20. After cashing out the amount, it usually takes 15 to 30 business days to receive the check. The app also lets its users earn a few extra pennies by filling out service on the app itself. Unlike other receipt scanning apps, this app also deals in medicines and prescription-related drugs.

Check Out 51; apart from giving $5 as a signup bonus, it awards 5 for every referral a user makes. Yet, the app considers only those receipts scanned within 24 hours of buying. The app doesn’t accept and fails to reward the receipts scanned after the mentioned period.

Tips to Maximize Cash Back in Relation to Scanning Receipts

In today’s world, almost every business or retail shop hands out a receipt for purchasing items. But people are so used to throwing them out and scrunching them up. Yet, these little pieces of paper are real cash in disguise and various gift cards for your shop brands. Students needing extra money can use this trick to lay their hands on a few extra pennies.

Here are some ways of maximizing prizes using these receipt scanning apps and scanning the receipts.

#1. Instantly Scanning the Tickets Before Throwing

Instead of throwing the receipts, users must develop a habit of scanning the receipt as soon as it gets into their hands. This habit would save the contents of the receipt before users miss the tickets.

#2. Using Social Networks for a Few Extra Pennies

These receipt scanning apps also pay users for bringing more referrals using their codes. Users can generate a handsome amount of money by adding more and more people to the chain. With thousands of followers and vast social networks, people nowadays can influence others. Users can share the app with friends, colleagues, and family to maximize the perks.

#3. Choosing the Suitable App According to the Expense

Utilizing the most appropriate programs makes it simple to make a sizable sum of money. The saving star app is a great one that offers prizes to users who scan receipts. Customers choose this app because it focuses a lot on necessities like food. The Shop Kick app is another software that awards reward points in the form of kicks for scanning the product codes of the featured items the app awards these points. On several branded websites, users may even use it for online purchases.

#4. Planning the Expenses in Advance as per the Coupons Available

An intelligent way to increase the profit is by planning the following expenses. It means shopping and planning meals as per the coupons and offers available on the apps. This attribute will let users save a great deal on almost every buy or expense.

#5. Using Loyalty Card and Rewards Credit Card

Users can also apply for a store loyalty or rewards credit card. These cards prove beneficial as they allow users to accumulate redeemable bounty points. Users can even apply for certain stores’ loyalty programs if they shop from that store.

The steps mentioned above are not only casual to adopt but also some best ways to earn through it. Generally, people throw out a lot of receipts thinking of them as trash, and these apps turn trash into money.

Eleggible’s Final Words

Through this article, we have tried our best to research the present situation of the documents scanner industry. We have worked to gather authentic information on the market strategy of the industry.

We have strived to find ways to earn by scanning the receipts and submitting e-receipts. After incorporating various receipt scanning apps that pay users to scan paper receipts. These apps also deal in cashback services from famous brands and retail chains.

In today’s digital world, these apps prove to be a boon when these apps prevent the entry of volumes of data. These apps also save countless hours spent on menial work. The apps mentioned above are safe to use and provide benefits for scanning receipts. Also, we have dedicated a separate section to maximizing profit by scanning receipts. This section focuses on developing a pattern to increase bus scanning receipts’ benefits.

Finally, we hope that this information helps you select the app that will work best for you. Some applications deal with daily expenses like petrol and grocery expenditures. Other applications, however, allow purchases from well-known retailers. Since we only provide the best for you, we hope you find this post to be the most useful.

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