15 Best Screen Lock Apps for Android (2021)

Today, when almost every person has a mobile phone for different purposes, including communication, gaining information, entertainment, work purposes, studying, etc. We may have some confidential data stored in our device, which we don’t want others to see. We offer 15 Best Screen Lock Apps for Android for you.

For keeping such kinds of stuff away from someone who is using your phone for some reason, we have lock screen apps for Android mobiles to keep your data is safe. We may have to give our phone to help other people for calling or other purposes, but we might hesitate to provide it because of some private documents or other confidential stuff.

Top 15 Screen Lock Apps for Android (2021)

Lock screen apps work on this issue to secure your phone containing important information from strangers and children. As the year’s pass, lock screen apps are also evolving with different features and styles to lock the screen. Here we are listing the 15 best screen lock apps for Android, which stand high than others with their features. 

1. AcDisplay

AcDisplay is one of the most fantastic screen lock apps for Android devices. It is popularly known for its simplicity in function. Works well for those who want to lock their screen with no other features. Not that fancy like other screen lock apps.

You can close your screen and still can see the notifications easily without opening the lock. You can access your information also without unlocking your phone. For those who do not need to open the lock frequently, it is the best screen lock.

This screen lock app is free to download. You can also purchase it. The negative part about this app is, it does not provide you with many customizations. But it will again not drain your battery life quickly. 

Ac display

2. Go Locker

Go Locker is one of the oldest screen lock apps with good ratings on the play store. It has about 50 million downloads on it. Opposite to AcDisplay, it has a deep customization option available. You can choose plenty of themes available and download them.

This screen lock app is very fancy to see. But it may drain your battery percentage frequently and especially if you have older devices. This is available as both free and the paid versions. The paid version is of too high cost and is the most expensive app on the play store for $14.99. 

Go locker

3. Echo Notification Lock Screen

Echo Notification Lock Screen app is very cool. It has plenty of customization options available. Can change the lock screen and made it the way you want. Can have total control over your notifications. You can manage them even when the screen is a lock.

The problem of battery drainage, mostly with every fancy screen lock app, is not here. The battery draining problem is not with this app, which I like the most about this app. Another best thing is, you get all these features for free. Too much function might not be OK for first-time users and those who like simplicity.

Echo Notification Lock

4. Hi Locker

Hi Locker is simply a very excellent screen lock app. It provides the required amount of customization options by keeping it simple and easy to use. This makes it a flat-screen lock app for Android. Its pro version is not much costly as others. It also does not eat up battery life faster.

It also provides you fingerprint scanner to unlock the screen. But it does not have an iris scanner, so if you are OK with a simple screen lock app with a fingerprint,and photo scanner, go with thi one. It has a fair amount of features, neither too less nor too much, just sufficient. 

Hi Locker

5. Lok Lok

Lok Lok is a very different and unique type of screen lock app for Android. It is a combination of Snapchat and screen lock. When you unlock your phone, the camera will open. You can click photos and share them with others. There are not many customization options available in this app, but it works well with exciting features.

It has simple features that will help you with locking the screen. But if you want more customization other than the necessary one, you may go for other listed lock screen apps. This app is free of cost and lightweight. You can go with this unique lock screen app. 

Lok Lok

6. Next Lock Screen

Microsoft develops the next Lock Screen. It is the most decent and straightforward lock screen app. You can use this app on any device. It says that this app is for professional use only, but I think everybody can use it. It’s effortless to use and has a sufficient amount of features which are needed.

Everything works well and is organized with this app. It does not provide much customization. So if you want a customizable lock screen app, then this is not for you. It also not uses much battery to work. It is merely an excellent app with minimal features but also sufficient. 

Next Lock Screen

7. Locker Master – DIY Lock Screen

Locker Master is a DIY lock screen app for Android. It is a fantastic app as it allows you to control everything on it. You have access to every function of this app. You can do settings as you need. It has a large number of customization options.

It provides you with interactive themes and wallpapers that you can choose along with interactive weather, making it look more relaxed and exciting. This app is free, and with almost no ads. You can also add shortcuts to features like flashlights. It also provides different unlock methods like “pattern” and “slide open.”But as you know, nothing is perfect, so is this app. It has minor bugs around. Otherwise, it’s perfect. 

Locker Master

8. Picturerisque Lock Screen

Microsoft also develops a picturesque Lock Screen app just like Next Lock Screen. It is very different and exciting than the Next Lock Screen. It has more customization options than the earlier one. As the name Picturerisque, the screen is always changing and evolving.

The wallpaper of the lock is ever-evolving. So if you are bored with one wallpaper, then here you will not. Every time you will see a different wallpaper on your screen. But if you are expecting much more customization in this, you will not get it. It has good customization options available for you. This app is available free of cost. This app can run on any device.

Picturesque Lock Screen

9. Screen Lock Guardian

Screen Lock Guardian app provides excellent protection to your phone. It not only locks your phone with a password but if someone is trying to open your phone and attempts the wrong password, it will capture his / her picture along with the time of the phone being accessed by the other person.

So you can quickly see who is trying to open your phone without your permission and at what time of the day. This app is all free of cost. It works well as a typical lock screen app. But you will not get many customization options in this. 

Screen Lock Guardian

10. Semper

Semper is a unique lock screen app for Android. If we talk about the security it provides, it is not much good. When you lock your screen and then tries to open it, you have to solve a trivia, and if you answer correctly, then the lock will open.

Like this, anyone who tells the right answer can open it, so it’s not suitable for security purposes. But if security is not the problem, then this app would be entertaining. Don’t worry if you cannot answer correctly. You can’t open the lock. If you don’t know the answer or don’t want to answer, you can skip the question and enter your password to open it. 


11. C Locker Pro

C Locker Pro is a decent lock screen app with the goodness of other different lock screen apps. It works well for the security of your screen. Even though it is not at the top of the list, it is a better lock screen app.

It has required several customization options available, which would be sufficient for you. Provides you with a tap to unlock features, not in every lock screen app available. Works well with almost all the devices in the market. 

Screen Lock Apps for Android
C Locker pro

12. ZUI Locker

ZUI Locker is also a good lock screen app for Android. It is simple, yet works well. You will get plenty of themes and wallpapers for your lock screen. Decency is seen in the number of customization options. It also provides a fingerprint scanner for unlocking the screen.

But it is not officially present in the app. No bugs are seen here in the app. It is also a lightweight app and does not consume battery much. You will also get different unlocking methods here. 

Screen Lock Apps for Android
ZUI Lock

13. CM Locker

CM Locker is also not a lousy lock screen app. It has a sufficient amount of customization options available for use. It does not eat up the battery faster. Hence, it is a simple app but works well for security purposes.

Some of its features are unnecessarily given, which can be ignored, like battery saving options, as it changes your settings. But there are also many useful options available. Many ads are quite irritating. Apart from this, the app is a good one. 

Screen Lock Apps for Android
Cm Locker

14. Floatify

Floatify is also a great lock screen app on the play store. After locking the screen, you can see the time in front of the screen. If you want, you can add other things like notifications, weather, and other items up on the screen when locked. You can also add shortcuts on the locked screen by customizing it.

This app has modern features as it turns on the display when you pick up your phone, chat heads are also available, different themes are there for you. It works well for the security of your phone. You can go with this one again. 

Screen Lock Apps for Android

15. Solo Locker

Solo Locker is another DIY screen lock app. It provides you different customization options to make your screen. You can add things the way you want. It has various themes, wallpapers, and lock methods, which you can apply to make it more unique. This Screen Lock Apps for Android is all free. You can purchase it also.

Screen Lock Apps for Android
Solo Locker 

Eleggible’s Recommendation

In my recommendation, I would say they all are pretty good to keep your phone safe from strangers or children when you are not around your phone. They all have different features and abilities by which they help you lock the screen. If you want a lock app for tight security, you should go with Screen Lock Guardian.

If you’re going to make it fun, you can go with LokLok and Semper. Also, If you want a simple lock screen app, you can go with AcDisplay and Next Lock Screen. Moreover, if you want a lock screen with deep customization, you can go with Go Locker. 

Can I Customize my Android Screen Lock?

Yes, you can customize the android screen lock by following these steps :

Step 1: swipe down the notification bar and select the gear icon to go to “settings.” 

Step 2: Click on the “Lock Screen” option in the settings option. 

Step 3: Now select “Lock Screen Type.” 

Step 4: Now, you can choose the type of how you want to lock the screen. 

How to Add Widgets to your Screen?

Step 1: Touch and hold on a space on the home screen. 

Step 2: Tap on Widgets. 

Step 3: Now, touch and hold a widget. You will be directed to the home screen. 

Step4: Now, place the widget where you want to keep it. 

Which one is the Best Screen Lock App when it comes to functionality?

AcDisplay is the one I would suggest when it comes to functionality. It is simple, yet works well. 

Eleggible’s Final Words

These were the 15 best screen lock apps for Android in 2021, which stand high than others with their features. These apps will help you lock your screen to avoid peeking by others when you are not around your phone. This list included screen lock apps, from the simplest to the apps with many customization options.

They are all easy to use and free of cost. Every detail about each lock screen app is depicted here so that you can choose the right one for you and do not regret downloading it. I hope you would have enjoyed knowing about all these different kinds of lock screen apps and have chosen for yourself. 

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