Shakespeare Translator: 8 Best English to Shakespearean Tools

Today in this article, we are going to get a glimpse of Shakespeare and his writings and the Shakespearean translator into modern English.

Shakespeare or William Shakespeare was a famous English poet, playwright, and actor in the late sixteenth century. His writings are believed to significantly contribute to the English language’s history. He is even honored with the title of “England’s national poet”. He is said to be the greatest dramatist of all time. The contemporary English language is still thankful to Shakespeare for giving birth to so many English words and phrases that are used to date. Shakespeare wrote 39 plays in total. Where his first play was “The Two Gentlemen of Verona”, whereas his last play was The “Two Noble Kinsmen”. His quotes were exceptionally famous. One of his popular quotes is, “Live in thy shame, but die not to shame with thee!” As you can see, this sentence is definitely not one which you will use in today’s English language. It looks a little tougher than the sentences that we use today. However, it is tough only until you understand what it exactly means and how it can be translated into modern-day English.

Many people believe that Shakespeare used to write in the old or early English. However, this is nothing but just a popular misconception because Shakespeare used Early Modern English in his writings. This type of English is also known as Elizabethan English.

To our amazement, this style of English is even popular in the contemporary era. While this is true, the English that Shakespeare used was not as developed as it is today. For example, instead of “you,” Shakespeare used to say “thou.” As well as instead of “y’all,” he used to say “thee. Shakespeare used the term “mistress” to define ladies and “sirrah” to define women. These are a few of the fundamental differences between Shakespeare’s English and modern-day English.

Just a few days back, National Shakespeare day was celebrated on 23 April. This day is celebrated as his birth and death anniversary because his original birth date is not yet known.

By now, you must know that reading the plays written by Shakespeare in conventional English is not a cakewalk. Hence, you need some help to decipher them correctly. Without understanding the words, you won’t be able to take out the extract of his writings. This article mentions the details of some of the best Shakespeare’s English translator apps which can convert modern English into Shakespeare’s English and Shakespeare’s English into modern English as well. These apps will save a lot of your time, and you will consider them worth installing.

We have listed a few translation apps to the best of our knowledge for you and you can pick one out of them which is the most suited to you.

8 Best English to Shakespeare Translator Apps & Websites (2022)

We have created this list according to the most useful Shakespeare language converter with its popularity and features.

All the websites are free and easy to use like Google translate.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

#1. LingoJam


The first listed translator App is the best translation app for Shakespeare’s English into the modern one and vice versa. LingoJam is famous for its users’ versatility because it not only gives a translation of Shakespeare’s English but also gives Yoda translation, Morse code, old English translator, and much more.

It is entirely free to use and doesn’t charge even a single penny for its use. It is popular amongst its users, and we have encountered great reviews about it from its users. It gives a great understanding to its users of Shakespeare’s English which helps them become self-sufficient in the coming time in the knowledge of the same.

#2. Shmoop

Shakespeare Translator

Shakespeare’s English can help you get the gist and an in-depth understanding of what Shakespeare’s English exactly was. It is impossible to decode Shakespeare’s English all by yourself, and this translator is the best companion for you. Shmoop will give you not just a live translation of both modern and conventional English but will also give you a side-by-side summary so that you can understand the concepts more lucidly.

This summary will help you know exactly what Shakespeare meant in every line. This way, you will be able to avoid all sorts of confusion that generally arise while reading the plays and poems in Shakespeare’s English. This translator is very popular and has a hefty download history as well. It has an excellent user interface and is extremely simple to use.

#3. Fun Translations

Fun Translations

As the name suggests, Funtranslations is a translator app that offers translation in a fun manner to its users. It allows translation of the English language in both ways, the Shakespeare’s translation into modern-day English and the modern-day English translation into Shakespeare’s English. Fan translations offer users a clean user interface that is extremely simple to use. It is free to use, but the iOS application for the same is not free and must be paid before use. It would be best if you tried it at least once to get the overall idea by yourself.

#4. Shakespeare Translator App

Download – Android / iOS

Shakespeare Translator App is a fantastic translator app that is quick and easy to use. It can translate any sentence or paragraph from present-day English to Shakespeare English in just a few seconds. It has such a simple user interface that anyone can use it without getting into trouble.

With the Shakespeare Translator App, all the complex sentences of Shakespeare’s English will be jotted down into easier structures. So many people have downloaded the app and are using the same effectively. Using this translator brings a lot of fun as by using this, you can easily understand the complex English used by Shakespeare, and you can flaunt your classy English in front of everyone.

#5. Scan U Productions

Scanuproductions is a translator app that works on a real-time basis. If you are an English literature lover, then this translator app will surely feed your curiosity in the field of Shakespearean literature. This is an excellent yet straightforward language translator app in which all you need to do is follow some basic steps. First of all, you have to enter the text you want to get translated, and then it will automatically translate it to modern English and vice versa.

The user interface of Scanuproductions is straightforward to use. It is trendy among its users, and we are sure you will love it too. You don’t have to wait for very long durations to get the translation. The translation work is done faster in comparison to most of the apps running in the market. It is ideal for students if they want to learn the literature of Shakespeare. At the current time, there is excellent scope for learning the same. It is a great translation app, and you will surely get a flawless and smooth experience.

#6. Your Dictionary

Shakespeare Translator

Your dictionary differs slightly from other translation apps for Shakespeare’s English to modern-day English. This app is not just meant for translation but also as a translator cum dictionary for Shakespeare’s English. Its user interface is very organized and easy to use. It has witnessed plenty of downloads, and the reviews from its regular users are pretty impressive. You can try it once, and we are sure you won’t be disappointed. For users who want to flawlessly learn the translation of Shakespeare’s English into contemporary English, Yourdictionary is the best app ever.

#7. SparkNotes


Sparknotes is a one-stop shop for all your doubts regarding the challenging understanding of Shakespeare’s English. With SparkNotes, you can easily absorb the essence of what Shakespeare meant in his plays and poems. This translator app will erode all your confusion and will get you a great understanding of Shakespeare’s English.

After using this translator, you will never be confused between modern-day English and Shakespeare’s English. Sparknotes offers more than 500 guides for helping its users to get the perfect understanding of the concepts. Sparknotes has a good experience of working in this field as it has been operating for a long time. It has a great user base, and so many people rely on Sparknotes for the help it provides.

#8. Lit Charts

Litcharts is a fantastic translator app from Shakespeare’s English to modern English. What makes it different from other apps is that its particular focus is on making the users self-sufficient in learning the translation themselves. It is a dedicated app that provides its users with several books, gadgets, and even a variety of writing manuals so that the user can sincerely practice a lot and learn the translation effectively. Plenty of freely downloadable workbooks and literature materials are available for the users. Later on, if the users find these additional learning sources useful to them, then they can even buy more of them from the app.

How Is Shakespearean Language Different From Modern English?

It is the fundamental property of any language that it evolves. Almost all the languages we know today have changed over time and are not the same as they used to be in ancient times. Similarly, the English language has also evolved during all these centuries. Shakespeare was in the late 16th century, and almost five centuries have passed since then.

The English language was bound to change over all these years, and this is why we cannot understand the English language prevalent in Shakespeare’s time. Many new words have arisen in today’s English, and many words have stopped being used. The meaning of so many words has changed in contemporary times compared to Shakespeare’s time.

Is Shakespeare available in modern English?

Though Shakespeare didn’t write in modern-day English, many of his works are translated into contemporary English so readers can better understand his works. 

Does Google Translate Have Old English?

While most of us rely on Google translate to get our work translation done, unfortunately, in this case, even Google translate can’t help us. A large chunk of the old English can not be translated into the modern version by Google translate.

Eleggible’s Final Words

We sincerely hope that all your trouble is sorted by now and we have provided you with all that you were in search of. We all know that Shakespeare was undoubtedly one of the most talented writers of the late sixteenth century. He is popular amongst modern-day readers. He was one of the greatest playwrights, actors, and poets. He invented several words and phrases in his style and passed them to the coming generation of readers and writers.

But is there any point in all this if you are unable to understand what his writings meant?

Generally, Shakespeare’s writings are considered challenging to understand in today’s time because they mismatch with the contemporary English language. Actually, it is not the vocabulary or grammar that makes Shakespeare’s English tough but it’s the fact that his English is written as per the older version of English that makes it tough to understand.

These English language translator apps do precisely what you need by providing you with the exact meaning of the words and phrases that Shakespeare has used in his writings. We hope that you loved reading the article and are satisfied by now. We have worked really hard and have listed out only the best translation apps for you. We would love to see you again!

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