8 Tips For Amateur Travel Vloggers to Get it Right in 2022

There’s a reason why travel vloggers receive four times the engagement on social media platforms. Be it in terms of views, shares, comments, and likes – vloggers are killing it these days. This is because travel videos are fun to watch. They’re inspiring, engaging, and not to mention, authentic to the T. Here, are some Tips For Amateur Travel Vloggers.

This article will endeavour to list out how you can enrich your vlogs, create a brand name for yourself, and ultimately make you stand out.

Right Video Equipment Translates to an Excellent Vlog

As a travel vlogger, it is incumbent on you to use video gear that is portable, sturdy, and easy to handle. Because your video output entirely depends on how well you can move about, capture the scenery around you, talk to your viewers, and the locals all the while handling your equipment.

Your video gear could include any one or more of the following:

  • DSLR camera
  • Action camera
  • Mirrorless camera (ideal for travel photography)
  • Point and shoot camera
  • Smartphone camera

In an ideal scenario, you could decide to use two cameras. One for taking pictures of the sites around you (the mirrorless camera works best in this case) and the other (a portable camera) for vlogging.

1. Audio Quality Matters

Best Tips For Amateur Travel Vloggers is audio quality. A good vlog rarely has audio distortions or background noise. To achieve the same effect, you can attach another individual mic to your camera. This way, the mic will be able to capture your voice while you are narrating as you move to different places.

Aside from this, you could also invest in a lapel mic. The only drawback to this sort of a mic is that you cannot set it up immediately (and travellers are always on the move so that it might pose a problem in that sense).

2. The Tripod is Your Friend

Although it is a given that travel vloggers need to keep their hands free of everything except their cameras, you can’t bank on that to be the case always.

Sometimes, when you’re eating at a restaurant, speaking to the locals, or trying a new skill, you might be forced to vlog, hands-free, and that’s when a tripod would come in handy. You can also purchase a Gorillapod as it is smaller and far more flexible than a tripod.

Tips For Amateur Travel Vloggers

3. Invest in a Laptop

Invest in a laptop is another Tips For Amateur Travel Vloggers. If you don’t already have one, purchase a laptop that is lightweight, has a good enough graphics display, and a processor that’s fast. This way, you’ll be able to edit and upload your vlogs on the move.

4. Make Promo Videos

At first glance, even the thought of making promo videos might seem like such a task. But if you are serious enough about building your brand and being recognized as a travel influencer, this could be your stepping stone to social media fame.

If you are thinking about uploading your vlogs on YouTube, Facebook, or even Instagram, promo videos are a great way to begin your engagement. This way, you’re giving your audience a glimpse of the great content that is to follow.

With a sophisticated, quick, and easy to use promo video maker, you can easily capture the interest of your audience and leave them wanting for more. You can either put up clips of one of your travel destinations, add insane graphics to it, an appropriate background score, and you’re good to go.

5. Capture, Edit, Repeat

The critical thing to remember when you begin your vlogging journey is to capture everything but don’t make the mistake of putting it all out there. You need to browse through, sort out, and then combine the clips you think would most interest your viewers.

Find an online video editor that has tools, filters, and templates that serves this exact purpose. This way, your editing experience is seamless, snappy, and easy, and you don’t have to waste the time you don’t have since you are moving around so much.

Tips For Amateur Travel Vloggers
Capture, Edit, Repeat

6. Your Videos Shouldn’t Run too Long

This may not come as a surprise to you, but recent studies have shown that the attention span of viewers who are frequently on various social media channels is only 8 minutes. This means that your audience does not have the patience to go over hour-long videos, travel videos, or not.

Therefore, it would be in your best interest to publish and share videos either on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube that are of short duration. If you think that’s too much of a hassle, break up your original video into several parts to make it more digestible. Keeping all your videos under 20 minutes would be ideal.

While you publish your videos, ensure that the titles you give them are crisp and to the point. The description as well should be clear in their meaning. Don’t forget to add relevant hashtags as this is a sure-fire way of attracting new audiences who are looking for the kind of content that you have to offer.

7. If You are Careful and Consistent, This Could Be Your Means Of Earning a Sizeable Income

Aside from being a way of showing your creative side, travel vlogging has become a source of income for most vloggers. Companies and brands are approaching such travellers and influencers to promote their products and services more than ever before.

So, if you’re serious enough about your craft, you’ll be able to create your own brand identity, attract sponsors, and increase your reach in the process. Stay consistent and commit to sharing videos regularly. Also, try to upload your videos on multiple digital platforms for more distance.

What Are The Takeaways?

If you’ve been weighing the odds of pursuing a career in travel vlogging, there’s no time like the present. The travel niche has much to offer, and many influencers are only beginning to see the positive aspects of it.

Should you choose to start now, you still stand a chance to explore this craft that is even now an exciting and worthwhile prospect for many fellow travellers.

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